Friday, 30 October 2015

Telegraph Sam collects the newsquiz Champagne

Trainees Harry Yorke, Cristina Criddle, Tom Ough and Sam Dean at the Telegraph offices in London yesterday
I said goodbye to The Daily Telegraph trainees this week. Their final task was to work long and hard at their project on how the Telegraph would cover London’s Olympic legacy in the run in to Rio 2016. They did an amazing job, creating a new website, a mobile app, an iPad app and a tabloid supplement. There were interactive games, 'then and now' sliders showing the transformation of London, videos, graphics and some great stories including an interview with diver Tom Daley. It was all put together over three days and condensed into a 20-minute presentation which they delivered in the Telegraph’s London newsroom yesterday. Well done to Cristina Criddle, Sam Dean, Tom Ough and Harry Yorke on a first rate job. We finished with drinks and tapas - but before that they had to do their final newsquiz. They claimed that their project meant they had been too busy to read the papers (tsk, tsk) ... and so it proved. Harry won for the second week in a row. The scores weren’t as high as usual though. If you get into double figures, you will have beaten them. 

Quiz champion: Sam with the Champagne

Sam collected the Champagne for consistently good scores over the eight weeks. The four of them are off to their placements now and I wish them well. Watch out for their names ... they are destined for great things.

Trainees and trainers: The four trainees with Mike Watson (far left), Tony Johnston (second from right) and me
Last week’s best submitted scores were by Mike Lowe and @subedited with 15 and the Batstone Collective on 13 … so it must have been a toughie. The trainees reckon this week’s is tougher. Judge for yourselves … as usual 25 points is the target. Let me know how you get on.

1. How much was the Government seeking to save with its controversial tax credit cuts?
Bonus: The House of Lords voted by ____ votes to ____ to delay the cuts pending an independent analysis. Fill in the gaps (half point each).
Bonus: Which Lord, who has not voted in the House since 2013, flew in from New York to vote in favour of the Government?
2. According to the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer, just how many grams of processed meat a day increases the chance of developing bowel cancer by 18 per cent?
Bonus: Food analysts Clear Food Labs found what in 2 percent of hot dog samples?
3. In a candid interview with CNN, Tony Blair admitted mistakes were made during the Iraq war. What was the name of the documentary he was speaking on?
4. What was the name of the whale-watching boat that sank off Vancouver Island killing five people?
5. The premiere of Spectre, the new James Bond film, was attended by the cast and royalty at which London venue on Monday night?
Bonus: One of the guests was the Duchess of Cambridge who wore a semi-sheer blue gown designed by whom?
6. Which two songs did Katy Perry sing at Hillary Clinton’s election campaign rally in Iowa? (half point each).
7. A woman who sang 'loudly and badly' was ejected from a Nottingham theatre after she became aggressive to people who told her to shut up. What was the musical?
8. Peter Baldwin, who died aged 82, played the accident-prone husband of Mavis in Coronation Street. What was his character’s name?
9. Princess Diana's niece says she is pleased her younger brother will inherit the Althorp Estate as it means it will stay in the family name? What is her name?
10. Lewis Hamilton won the F1 World Championship for the third time. Only four drivers have won more than three Championships. Michael Schumacher is one, name one of the other three,
Bonus: What did second placed Nico Rosberg throw at Hamilton in frustration after the race in Austin on Sunday?
11. Why was Tara Hudson in the headlines?
12. Following the TalkTalk hacking, two other UK companies had log-in problems this week. Name them (half point for each).
13. Which company recorded the biggest annual profit  - $53.4billion (£35.5billion) - in corporate history?
14. According to Country Life who understands when to use an emoji, can prepare a one-match bonfire, undo a bra with one hand and avoids lilac socks?
15. What is the name of the mountain range in Afghanistan where a magnitude 7.5 earthquake killed more than 300 people?
16. Name the school where a 16-year-old pupil was stabbed to death.
17. The number of officers investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has been reduced to four from how many?
18. Tickets for the first four months of the Harry Potter play sold out in hours. What is it called?

19. Which veteran singer says he is 'no longer officially retired'?
20. According to an AA charitable trust survey what are one in ten female drivers too nervous to do? 

Answers here


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