Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Exposure: An insight into how the media works

At the end of last year I was contacted by a former trainee, Felicity Cowie, who I had not seen since the mid-90s when she was on the Editorial Centre journalism course in Hastings. 
At the time she was a reporter for the Kent Messenger Group but soon moved into broadcasting, mainly for the BBC. Twelve years ago she set up her own company, the Media Relations Coach, which helps business leaders work with the media. 
Felicity contacted me out of the blue because she was writing a book. Her aim was to offer business leaders an insight into the way journalism really works.

She wanted to explain, with clarity and using her experience on both sides of the fence, what journalists are looking for, how to pitch attention-grabbing stories and to help businesses benefit from 'powerful exposure.
She wondered if I would be prepared to contribute, to offer an insight into how journalists think and what stories interest them - and those that don’t. I was more than happy to help and wrote a Q&A for chapter five.
Today Felicity’s book, Exposure, is published. If you are running a business it is a must-read - insider secrets, a practical toolkit and wise advice on how to get your company noticed.
And if you are a journalist it is also worth a read, and not just for chapter five, as it offers a reverse insight into the world of PR. Exposure is available in paperback at £14.99 or on Kindle. The details are here.

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