Friday, 28 December 2018

Time for the last newsquiz of 2018...

The top solo scorer in last week’s newsquiz was Janet Boyle with 19, just ahead of Toby Brown on 17. The top team score was 20 by the Penmans and by Adam Batstone and Lucy Thorpe. It has been quiet over Christmas but still busy enough for 25 news questions. I trust you took some time off from the partying to keep up on top of it all. Here’s the chance to test yourselves. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

The Boxing Day papers

1. Who warned that a no-deal Brexit, the loss of access to European intelligence agencies’ databases and agreements on arrest and extradition could put the British public at risk?
2. Who mocked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's position on Brexit in a biblical-style series of Twitter posts called 'The Visitation of The Corbynites’?
3. Former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown died this week. How old was he?
4. Ashdown acquired the nickname Paddy because of his Irish accent at school. What was his real first name?
5. A tsunami engulfed the coastal towns on which two Indonesian islands leaving at least 430 dead and more than 150 missing? Half a point for each.
6. A 4.8-magnitude earthquake injured at least 28 people on which island?
7. Why were 47-year-old Paul Gait and 54-year-old Elaine Kirk in the headlines?
8. According to the Office for National Statistics almost 600 people living where died in England and Wales last year - a rise of 24 per cent over five years?
9. Japan faced condemnation after confirming it will resume what for the first time in more than 30 years?
10. Three British tourists were killed in which country after a Land Cruiser plunged off a bridge?
11. The fee for plastic carrier bags in England will be doubled to what figure under plans set out by the environment department? 
12. An additional £10million has been allocated by the Government to ensure the number of prisons with what will rise to 50 by March 2020?
13. Who released a three-minute video in which he went into character and railed against damaging ‘headlines' while vowing that the full truth will soon come out?
14. The Queen gave her Christmas speech in front of an item that was bought by Queen Victoria in 1856 but caused a reaction on the internet? What was it? 
15.  The Pope said in his Christmas Day address: 'My wish for a happy Christmas is a wish for ____. ____ among individuals of every nation and culture. ____ among people with different ideas, yet capable of respecting and listening to one another. ____ among persons of different religions.’ What is the missing word?
16. What was the most complained about television programme of 2018 according to Ofcom?
17. In a Christmas Eve call Donald Trump asked seven-year-old Collman Lloyd: 'Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at 7, it’s ____, right?’ What is the missing word?
18. Cabinet papers, released by the National Archives, revealed that Margaret Thatcher discussed diving with the England World Cup squad at a reception in 1990 and told them: 'Our players did not immediately seek the Oscar for best actor for impersonating the death scene from ___ ___’ What is the missing play?
19. Which high street retailer collapsed into administration for the second time in six years, putting more than 2,200 jobs at 125 UK stores at risk?
20. A majority stake of 50.01 per cent in which UK airport is to be sold to French operator Vinci for £2.9billion?
21. Royal Mail withdrew a stamp marking what event after it was pointed out it used a picture from a completely different place?
22. A Carmelite nun who presented television programmes including Odyssey, Sister Wendy's Grand Tour and Sister Wendy's Story of Painting died age 88. What was her surname?
23. Premier League Champions Manchester City lost both of their games on either side of Christmas. Which teams beat them? Half a point for each.
24. Plans being considered by Public Health England include restricting main meals in restaurants to 951 calories, sandwiches to 550 and all convenience meals to 544. Under the proposals, what would be restricted to 1,040 calories?
25. Who confirmed she had married Australian actor and her long-standing partner Liam Hemsworth?

Answers here

Friday, 21 December 2018

Last newsquiz before Christmas

The top solo scorer in last week's newsquiz was Janet Boyle with 20. The top team was Adam Batstone and Lucy Thorpe with 21. Ginger Elvis did well too with a score of 18. Here's this week's quiz. I intended to give it more of a festive  feel - but it wasn't that kind of week. Anyway, take a break from the parties and last minute shopping and give it a go. Let me know how you get on. Thanks for taking part and posting your scores this year. Have a great festive break and let's hope all the news stories are good ones.

Drone chaos at Gatwick: Some of today's front pages

1. Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, explaining the Government’s reaction to drones shutting down Gatwick, said it wasn’t possible to do something 'haphazardly in a built-up area around an airport’? What is the something?
2. After the drone disruption at Gatwick the first plane to take off at 6.33am today (Friday) was a Norwegian Airways plane taking families to which destination?
3. European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker clarified that he used which word to refer to the 'overall state of the debate in Britain’ and not to Theresa May in person?
4. Which Cabinet minister appeared to break ranks by saying: 'I don’t want a people’s vote, or a referendum in general, but if parliament absolutely failed to reach a consensus, I could see there would be a plausible argument for it’?
5. Defence secretary Gavin Williamson said there would be how many troops 'held at readiness, including regulars and reserves, in order to support any Government department on any contingencies they may need’ after Brexit?
6. During a Commons exchange over Brexit Tory MP Sir Nicholas Soames told Ian Blackford, the leader of the SNP at Westminster, to go back to where?
7. Making a statement to Parliament insisting he did not call the Prime Minister a stupid woman, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: 'I referred to those who I believe were seeking to turn a debate about the national crisis facing our country into a ____ as stupid people’. What is the missing word?
8. Labour MP Fiona Onasanya, who was found guilty of perverting the course of justice by lying to police about speeding, is MP for which constituency? 
9. US Republican senator Lindsey Graham said it was 'a stain on the honour of the United States’ and Marco Rubio, another Republican, said it was 'a major blunder'. What were they referring to?
10. Which London-based workers are to go on strike over Christmas for the first time in 55 years in a dispute about pensions?
11. A blaze killed frogs, fish, snakes and small birds in the Monsoon Forest area of which zoo?
12. F1 champion Lewis Hamilton apologised to his home-town Stevenage, saying he chose the wrong word. What was the word?
13. Who won Team of the Year and the Greatest Sporting Moment of the Year at the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year awards?
14. In an interview with Good Morning Britain, who said: 'I've apologised 100 times - I don't feel that's worthy of being shunned or ghosted, that's ridiculous’?
15. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was criticised by environmentalists for his £5million deal with which company?
16. Which online fashion retailer’s shares fell nearly 40 per cent after it warned of weak profits following ‘unprecedented discounting’ which hit its trading in November?
17. Robbie Williams, Oprah Winfrey and Kate Hudson were revealed as brand ambassadors for which organisation?
18. Who is to become the first cricketer in more than a decade to be knighted?
19. A 16,000-ton Russian cargo ship with 18 crew ran aground on a beach in which British town?
20. The Queen sent 'prayers and good wishes’ to the people of which town that held a service of commemoration and wreath laying today (Friday)? 
21. NHS England is making £300,000 available to fund dozens of what in areas including Soho, Exeter, Bristol, Oxford, Hereford, Norwich, Blackpool and Southampton over the festive period?
22. Who left the Lowry Hotel after staying for 825 days and running up a bill of more than £500,000?
23. Why was self-employed builder Andrew Clark, of Boston in Lincolnshire, in the headlines?
24. Strictly Come Dancing only finished on Sunday but one person has already said they have signed up for next year. Who?
25. Poacher David Berry was ordered by a court in Missouri to do what once a month as part of his sentence for illegally killing hundreds of deer?
Answers here

Friday, 14 December 2018

Been keeping up with the news ... try the quiz

There were some high scores in last week's newsquiz. Toby Brown scored a 'storming' 22 - a personal best. On any other week Simon O'Neill with 20 would have been a worthy winner. The top teams were The Penmans with 19.5 and Adam Batstone and Lucy Thorpe with 18. Others worth a mention include Damon Wake on 18.5, Gavin Devine 18, Liz Gerard 18, Steve Silk 17.5, Hannah Tomes 16, Philip Hutchinson-May 15 and Matt Piper 15. Here is this week's newsquiz. As usual there are 25 questions about the week. Give it a go and let me know how you get on. 

Thursday's front pages are dominated by
Theresa May winning the vote of no confidence  
1. Theresa May won the vote of no confidence by what majority?
2. What is the name of the 1922 Committee chairman who read out the vote of no confidence result?
3. Why was Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle escorted off the Parliamentary estate?
4. Tory MP Nadine Dorries said: 'The Prime Minister is in a bunker, she's starring in her own episode of ____, and we all know how that story ends.’ What is the missing film title?
5. Who, in a speech in Dublin, said: 'Whether you are a Remainer or Leaver, no one can welcome chaos. The clock must be stopped without delay. We need the most precious commodity of all - time’?
6. European spokeswoman Natasha Bertaud said that British holidaymakers will be charged how many euros for a three-year visa if there is no Brexit deal?
7. Which fashion chain warned it could slip to a full-year loss of up to £4million saying ‘we believe that uncertainty surrounding Brexit is a significant factor‘?
8. A high-speed train crashed and hit a pedestrian overpass at a station killing nine people and injuring 40 in which city?
9. Why was 29-year-old Chérif Chekatt in the headlines?
10. Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former lawyer, was sentenced to how many years in prison for crimes including lying to Congress and illegal payments to silence two women?
11. British couple Susan and Roger Clarke, 70 and 72, were arrested in Portugal on what charge?
12. Speaking about Raheem Sterling's racist abuse at Chelsea, ex-footballer John Barnes said invisible what were thrown at black players every day?
13. Harry Redknapp became the oldest ever winner of I’m A Celebrity. How old is he?
14. Sondra Locke, who died age 74, co-starred in six films with her one-time partner but later sued him for fraud? Who is he?
15. Sky chief executive Jeremy Darroch announced that what would end in 2019?
16. Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were ordered to pay $5million in a copyright case over the song Blurred Lines that Marvin Gaye's family claimed copied which 1977 hit?
17. New Zealand's justice minister said which company could face prosecution for sending a mass email which included the name of the man accused of murdering backpacker Grace Millane?
18. A video went viral of a man running and jumping two-footed on a tent containing two homeless people in a shop doorway in which city?
19. Who said she was 'thrilled and not a little daunted' to be stepping into the shoes of one of her heroes?
20. What was been launched by Walkers Crisps after it was targeted by protesters? 
21. What group of people were named as Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year?
22. Why will westbound routes into Wales across the Severn Bridges be closed for the next three nights?
23. Police in London investigated a break-in at the £10million St John's Wood home of which musician?
24. Stars including Emily Blunt and Colin Firth graced what colour carpet at the premier of Mary Poppins Returns at the Royal Albert Hall?
25. A BBC project to replace and expand the external set of which television programme is £27million over budget?

Answers here

Friday, 7 December 2018

Give this week's newsquiz a go ...

The top scorer in last week's newsquiz was Liz Gerard with a hugely impressive 21. Toby Brown scored 19, the same score as The Penmans who were the top team. Here's this week's quiz - as usual 25 questions about the last seven days. Give it a go and let me know how you get on. 

Thursday's front pages
1. After a vote of 311 votes to 293 the Government, for the first time in modern history, was found to be what?
2. Chancellor Philip Hammond told MPs: 'This deal is the best deal to exit the EU that is available or that is going to be available. The idea that there is an option of renegotiating at the 11th hour is simply a ____.’ What is the missing word?
3. Sam Gyimah, who quit the government over Brexit, held which ministerial position?
4. Which county council, in a 17-page report, warned that a no-deal Brexit could cause gridlock on the roads, rubbish not being collected, children unable to take exams, rubbish piling up and bodies piling up in morgues?
5. Two former UKIP leaders, Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall, quit the party this week giving as one of their reasons the appointment of who as a party adviser? 
6. MP Boris Johnson apologised to parliament over the late declaration of how much in outside earnings?
7. America’s 41st president George H.W. Bush’s state funeral was held at Washington National Cathedral. What does the H and W stand for? Half a point for each?
8. The French government abandoned the fuel tax rise that led to more than three weeks of violence. What name was given to the protesters?
9. The Remote Gambling Association which includes most major bookies has agreed to stop TV adverts during what?
10. It was announced that a senior non-executive director will lead a 'professional and impartial' investigation into allegations that which company’s founder and chief executive forced hugs and kisses on staff?
11. David Attenborough told the UN climate change summit in which country that the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon?
12. O2 and its mobile network equipment supplier issued a joint apology to the millions of customers hit by disruption to its data services. What is the name of the supplier?
13. Who told students at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School, London, that she had a little bit of imposter syndrome ’that never goes away'?
14. The chief financial officer of which telecoms giant was arrested in Vancouver over suspected violation of sanctions? 
15. Croatian footballer Luka Modric won the Ballon D’Or, for being voted the world’s best footballer. Four Premier League players were named in the top ten. Name any two of them. Half a point for each. 
16. French DJ Martin Solveig apologised to women's Ballon d'Or winner Ada Hegerberg for asking her if she knew how to do what?
17. New York police found British couple John Drennan and Daniella Anthony through Twitter and returned what to them?
18. Former Peterborough United FC owner Peter Boizot, who died age 89, founded which restaurant chain?
19. Why was 29-year-old Susie Goddall in the headlines?
20. Two former directors of which company were formally cleared at Southwark Crown Court of fraud and false accounting in relation to a £250million overstatement of profits?
21. Pete Shelley, who died age 63, was the singer in which band?
22. Nick Knowles’s appearance on I’m A Celebrity led to him reaching The Official Big Top 40 and No 1 in iTunes with which song?
23. Comedian Kevin Hart announced he was stepping down from what after posting an apology for homophobic comments and tweets?
24. Which Christmas song was banned from a Cleveland radio station in America, which cited #MeToo and said the lyrics felt 'manipulative and wrong’?
25. Animal rights campaigner Peta has offered guidelines for stopping using animal-hate phrases. One of its suggestions was to replace the phrase 'bringing home the bacon' with 'bringing home the ____'? What is the missing word?

Answers here