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Revenue ideas for newspapers - Inpublishing magazine, March 2010

Design that sells - Inpublishing magazine, April 2006

Editing a leisure guide - Inpublishing magazine, October 2006

The future of print - Inpublishing magazine, June 2007

UGC: A new generation of story tipsters - Inpublishing magazine, December 2007

Community journalism - Inpublishing magazine, June 2008

The end of editionising - Inpublishing magazine, December 2008

The sub is dead. Long Live the sub - Inpublishing magazine, June 2009

Regional newspapers: The outlook for 2010 - Inpublishing magazine, December 2009

The skills needed by the modern journalist - Inpublishing magazine, September 2010


Press Gazette management column - redundancy

Press Gazette management column - managing change
Press Gazette management column - retaining staff

Press Gazette management column - recruitment

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PG: Redesign 3

PG: Women's coverage

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