Friday, 26 October 2018

Newsquiz: Can you do better than Lizzie's 16?

Philip Green dominates today's front pages
The Daily Telegraph editorial trainees finished their sixth week of training today. This week they did digital storytelling tools with Andy Drinkwater and podcasting with Christine Garrington and Suchandrika Chakrabarti. Today they have been looking at project work with Mark Wray. They finished, as usual, with the newsquiz. The top scorer this week was Lizzie Roberts with 16, just ahead of Tony Diver on 15. In last week’s newsquiz nobody online could match Telegraph trainee Mason Boycott-Owen’s score of 17. Those coming close were Janet Boyle on 16.5, Adam Batstone, Lucy Thorpe and Meg on 16 and Gavin Devine on 15.5. Here is this week’s quiz. As usual there are 25 questions about the week’s events. Give them an go and see if you can do better than Lizzie's 16. 

Today's Daily Telegraph
1. Prime Minister Theresa May told Parliament on Monday that a divorce deal with the EU is what per cent complete?
2. An anonymous Conservative MP faced cross-party condemnation after saying Prime Minister Theresa May should bring her own what to a backbencher 1922 committee meeting?
3. Prime Minister Theresa May survived a confrontation with her party at the 1922 committee, after which Brexiteer Michael Fabricant said the atmosphere was 'not a lion's den but a ____ ____’. What are the missing two words?
4. Sir Jeremy Heywood stepped down from which position, saying it was with 'great sadness' that he was retiring on medical advice?
5. Three Court of Appeal judges granted an injunction to stop which newspaper publishing details of harassment claims against a leading businessman?
6. Sir Philip Green was later identified in Parliament as the businessman at the centre of the harassment claims. Who identified him?
7. A suspect package, similar to those sent to high-profile critics of Donald Trump, was found at Tribeca Enterprises - including a grill and film production company - in Manhattan. Who were they addressed to?
8. Which two companies were fined millions of euros by Italian authorities over 'planned obsolescence’ of their products? Half a point for each.
9. Which High Street company announced the closure of 50 stores, putting up to 4,000 jobs at risk, after a £500million annual loss?
10. What was US President Donald Trump describing when he said 'the cover-up was the worst in the history of cover-ups’?
11. Which city said it would report the ‘unacceptable' racial abuse of a black woman on a Ryanair flight as a possible hate crime?
12. Who gave a speech saying: ’When girls are given the right tools to succeed, they can create incredible futures, not only for themselves but also for those around them’?
13. Which country has been accused of locking away around one million Muslim people in prison camps?
14. A study by the Institute of Cancer Research suggested that thousands of patients with what cancer could have their lives extended thanks to a ‘monumental’ breakthrough?
15. Which company revealed it will build electric cars in Singapore, launching them in 2021?
16. Who announced on Twitter 'that I am proud to have become a Muslim’ and said she had been give a new name, Shuhada Davitt?
17. One of the founders of which fashion brand, known for provocative ad campaigns and colorful knitwear, died age 77?
18. Which Premier League football team won twice this week to record 11 consecutive victories in all competitions for the first time since 2007?
19. A study by the Environment Agency Austria estimated that more than 50 percent of the world population might have what in their body?
20.Why was Great Tew in Oxfordshire in the headlines?
21. What is the name of the Egyptian-American actor who plays Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in new biopic Bohemian Rhapsody? 
22. Why was 56-year-old Alain Robert arrested in London?
23. Why has American TV presenter Larysa Switlyk been in the news?
24. Who said this week: 'Radio 2 has been a quite wonderful experience – my happiest in radio I think – but new adventures beckon and I cannot wait to get started’?
25. Actor David Schwimmer posted a spoof video of himself carrying beer cans in a New York supermarket after police issued a theft appeal for a lookalike who really did steal beer in which UK town?

Answers here

Friday, 19 October 2018

Mason scores 17 in the newsquiz

This week the Daily Telegraph trainees have been doing multi-platform writing and storytelling with Chris van Schaick, analytics, audiences and digital marketing with Aren Grimshaw, reporting statistics with Anthony Reuben and reporting science with Fiona Lethbridge of the Science Media Centre. Today they were with Nick White learning about reporting finance, companies and business. They finished, as usual, with newsquiz. The top scorer this week was Mason Boycott-Owen with an impressive 17
In last week’s quiz the top online solo scorer was Toby Brown with 18. The highest scoring team was Adam Batstone and Lucy Thorpe, also with 18. Liz Gerard scored 17, the same score as MailOnline trainee Jack Newman and Telegraph trainee Lizzie RobertsHere is this week’s quiz. Give it a go and see if you can beat Mason’s score. 

Today's Telegraph
1. After the Brussels summit on Wednesday Prime Minister Theresa May said an idea had emerged on Brexit 'to extend the implementation period for a ____ ____ ____’. What are the three missing words?
2. Chancellor Philip Hammond claimed that Britain will still have to pay the EU up to what amount if it fails to agree a trade deal?
3. An independent report said bullying and harrassment had been allowed to thrive in the House of Commons. Which former judge is the report’s author?
4. The baby born to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex next spring will be ____ in line to the throne and the Queen's ____ great-grandchild. What are the two missing numbers. Half a point for each.
5. A six-year-old boy called Gavin presented the Duchess of Sussex with a necklace made from what during a visit to Melbourne?
6. Frank Field, the chairman of the Commons Welfare Committee, said that women were turning to what because of Universal Credit? 
7. A campaign, started by Zehra Zaidi and backed by historian Dan Snow, MP Tom Tugendhat and Baroness Warsi, has called for the Muslim Second World War heroine, Noor Inayat Khan, to be commemorated where?
8. Radical preacher Anjem Choudary was released from jail after serving half of his sentence. How long was his original sentence?
9. Chef Delia Smith, Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden and actor Steve Googan, along with 100,000 others, are expected to be doing what tomorrow (Saturday)?
10. England won a football match in Spain for the first time since 1987. In which city did this week’s game take place?
11. A new portrait was unveiled in the White House showing Donald Trump with eight other ex-presidents including two George Bushes, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Name any two of the other four. Half a point for each.
12. What happened at Little Plumpton for the first time in the UK for seven years?  
13. An outbreak of what was confirmed for the first time in ten years in Scotland?
14. An investigation by consumer group Which? found which UK railway station is the worst for delays? Full name needed.
15. Which company is scrapping its Mansize brand and replacing it with Extra Large after concerns over sexism?
16. Why did the mayor of the French town Montriond order a temporary ban on hunting?
17. Three people were killed when a car towing a caravan drove the wrong way in the fast lane of which motorway?
18. Anna Burns became the first female author from Northern Ireland to win the Man Booker prize. What is the name of her winning novel?
19. Paddington station in London suffered major disruption after a test train built by which company hit overhead cables?
20. Britain’s longest running children’s TV show Blue Peter celebrated which anniversary this week?
21. The Government, following recommendations from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition, is expected to announce that what will be added to all flour to stop thousands of children being born with birth defects?
22. ‘The biggest boy band on the planet’ from South Korea have been playing in the UK as part of a sell-out world tour. What is their name?
23. Which 32-year-old sportsman turned down a two-year deal with Maltese champions Valletta FC?
24. Actress Keira Knightley has banned her three-year-old daughter from watching two Disney films whose portrayal of women she disagrees with. Name either one of the films.
25. Comedian Harry Hill slapped a cream pie in Piers Morgan’s face on Good Morning Britain and yelled 'that's for the guys that wear ____’. What is the missing word?

Answers here 

Monday, 15 October 2018

MailOnline recruiting trainee journalists

I said goodbye to ten MailOnline trainees on Friday. After four weeks training at the Mail offices in Kensington they are starting their placements on regional newspapers and at agencies this week. They will return to the Mail in February.
We are now looking to recruit the next set of trainees who will begin their training in March. If you are interested please send your CV, covering letter and three examples of your work to by October 26. The details are on Hold the Front Page here and Journo Resouces here.

The current crop of MailOnline trainees who started their
regional newspaper and agency placements today

Friday, 12 October 2018

Jack wins the newsquiz Champagne

MailOnline trainees Jack Elsom, Harry Howard, Peter Rutzler, Luke Andrews, Milly Vincent, Emer Scully, Jack Newman (with the Champagne), Izzy Nikolic, James Gant and Will Cole
The MailOnline trainees are heading off on their placements after four weeks training in Kensington. In the last week they covered a breaking news story in real time, wrote a personality profile, tackled video headlines, covered a showbiz story and prepared newslists for next week. They also had sessions on video with Lisa Snell, social media with Chris Lawrence and Femail with Siofra Brennan. 

Sports trainee Peter Rutzler had four stories published on the site, including the sports banner. Read them here, here, here and here. Luke Andrews was also published ... his exclusive on an antibiotic found in a sponge in the Atlantic was a top story on the science channel. Read it here.

Izzy Nikolic was caught up in the Tube chaos in west London on Thursday and supplied pictures and video. The story is here

We all enjoyed farewell drinks with former trainees and senior staff in the Greyhound last night. I enjoyed the trainees' company over the last four weeks. They are a bright, likeable and funny group who now head off to newspapers and agencies in London, Bristol, Cambridge, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Newcastle for the next stage of their training. I will follow their success stories with interest and I wish them well.
The Daily Telegraph trainees in Howden enjoyed two days of social, mobile and viral video filming and editing with Dean Arnett and two days of advanced data journalism with Paul Bradshaw. Today they were back in London where they looked at production skills and tools with Telegraph head of production, Laurie Allsopp, and trauma awareness with Kate Riley

We finished the week, as usual, with the newsquiz. This week's top scorers were Jack Newman from the Mail and Lizzie Roberts from the Telegraph, both with an impressive 17. Jack narrowly beat Peter Rutzler, who scored 16.5 points, to claim the Champagne for being top MailOnline scorer over the four weeks. Overall, he just pipped Peter by 1.5 points.

In last week’s quiz the top online scorers didn’t come close to the 19 and 18.5 scored by Jack and Peter. They certainly set the bar high.  

Here’s this week’s newsquiz. As usual there are 25 questions about the week’s events. Give them a go and see if you can beat Jack and Lizzie’s score of 17.

The Standard gets the first kiss: Questions 6 & 7
1. Who warned that universal credit could hurt Theresa May in the same way the poll tax hurt Margaret Thatcher in 1989 and 1990?
2. What is Jackie Doyle-Price’s new role?
3. Which motorway will be closed through the night until next week for surveys on turning it into a potential lorry park to deal with a no-deal Brexit?
4. What is the name of the investigative website that claimed the second Salisbury spy suspect Alexander Petrov is a military doctor working for Russian intelligence?
5. The Banksy artwork Girl With Balloon, which was shredded as it sold at auction, was given a new name and was granted a certificate by the artist’s authentication body. What is the new name?
6. Princess Eugenie's wedding to Jack Brooksbank took place at Windsor today. What number in line to the throne is the princess?
7. How old are the bride and groom at today’s Royal wedding? Half a point for each.
8. Which cake and coffee shop chain faces liquidation unless it pays its £1 million-plus tax bill?
9. A Soyuz space capsule heading to join the ISS had to be aborted shortly after take off. In which country did it land?
10. How did 23-year-old British backpacker Harry Evans die?
11. Journalist Jamal Khashoggi went missing, believed murdered, in the Saudi consulate in which city? 
12. Investigative journalist Viktoria Marinova was murdered in a park this week. In which country? 
13. Ray Galton, who died aged 88, created sitcoms with partner Alan Simpson. One, about a father and son who lived together, ran on the BBC from 1962 to 1974. What was it called?
14. Model and TV personality Katie Price was held overnight at which police station after crashing her pink Range Rover?
15. Which tennis player donned wellies to help clean up after flash flooding and tweeted ‘sad day in Majorca’? 
16. Why was 42-year-old Celia Marsh in the news? 
17. Spanish soprano Montserrat Caballe, who died this week, famously sang which song at the 1992 Olympics?
18. Kanye West visited the Oval Office, swore and said 'Trump is on his hero’s journey right now’? What did the slogan on West's hat say?
19. One of the few women in Donald Trump’s cabinet, Nikki Haley, resigned this week. What was her position?
20. A one-off test - The Genomic Risk Score - that tells from birth who is most likely to develop heart disease was announced. The scientists who created it said it would sell for less than what price?
21. A horse race advertised on which World Heritage-listed building prompted a backlash over its promotion of gambling?
22. Two runners died after collapsing at the finish line in which city’s half marathon?
23. Twenty people - including newlyweds - were killed when a limousine crashed in which American state?
24. He sacked 15 managers - a record that earned him the nickname ‘Deadly'. Who is he?
25. Seann Walsh’s girlfriend Rebecca Humphries reacted to his smooch with his Strictly Come Dancing partner in a letter on Twitter which ended saying she was not sorry she took what?

Answers here

Friday, 5 October 2018

The newsquiz: Can you beat Jack's 19?

Theresa May dances across Thursday's front pages
The MailOnline trainees are going great guns as they head into their final week before their placements. This week they had a day with Amy Marley, the former head of the Mail’s global news gathering team and with Mike Watson who went through Mail style in detail. 
Former trainee Rod Ardehali told them what to expect at the next stage and Natalie Glanvill, from the managing editor’s office, went through the practical stuff. 
There were also media law sessions with the company’s lawyers and a run through the editor’s code and IPSO with Editor Emeritus Peter Wright. They all pitched stories to travel editor Ted Thornhill
Well done to trainee Jack Elsom who brought in a news story which was published. You can read it here

Story by trainee Jack Elsom on MailOnline
Meanwhile The Daily Telegraph trainees covered storyfinding and storytelling skills with Chris van Schaick; production skills, including InDesign and Photoshop, with Chris Gregory and longform, narrative and digital journalism with Giles Wilson. 
We finished the week as usual with the newsquiz. This week’s Mail winner was Jack Newman with a high-scoring 19, narrowly ahead of Peter Rutzler on 18.5. The highest scoring Telegraph trainee was Mason Boycott-Owen. Last week’s highest online scorer was Janet Boyle with 16. The top team was John and Lucy Penman with 16.5, ahead of Adam Batstone and Lucy Thorpe on 15. I was in Seville where my friends scored a reasonable 14, the same score as Liz Gerrard. Here is this weeks’ quiz. As usual there are 25 questions about the week. Give it a go and see if you can beat Jack's score. 
Thursday's Telegraph

1. Prime Minister Theresa May danced on to the stage to deliver her party conference speech to which song? 
2. Which single word was displayed on the front of the rostrum at the Tory party conference? 
3. In her conference speech, Theresa May said that the heirs of four former Labour politicians were not on the frontbench. Instead, she said, 'their faces stare blankly from the rows behind while another party occupies prime position: the Jeremy Corbyn party.' Name any two of the four politicians she mentioned. 
4. What is the name of the Tory MP who revealed he had sent a letter to the chairman of the Conservative 1922 backbench committee calling for a leadership contest? 
5. Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson told a fringe meeting in Birmingham that a prediction made by Chancellor Philip Hammond 'was the first Treasury forecast in a long time to have a distinct ring of truth’. What prediction was he referring to? 
6. US president Donald Trump said this week that ‘it's a very ____ time for young men in America’. What is the missing word? 
7. Four ‘bungling’ Russian spies were caught trying to hack into the Salisbury novichok investigation at a building which houses the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in which city? 
8. On which Indonesian island did a tsunami kill more than 1,400 people?
9. Kathryn Mayorga, a 34-year-old former model, filed a lawsuit claiming that footballer Cristiano Ronaldo raped her in a hotel in which city?
10. Why was 53-year-old Mick Ferris from Kent in the headlines? 
11. Teacher Eleanor Wilson, 29, appeared in court accused of having sex with a pupil in the lavatory of a plane travelling to the UK from which country? 
12. Donna Strickland became the first woman in 55 years to be awarded what
13. Britain’s third biggest company abandoned plans to move its headquarters to the Netherlands after opposition from investors. What is the name of the company?
14. A European country voted in a referendum to change its name. What is the new name? 
15. What is the name of the Ryder Cup golfer who hit a wayward tee shot which blinded 49-year-old Corine Remande? 
16. A 58-year-old suspected modern slavery victim has been rescued from a shed where he has lived for more than 40 years. In which county? 
17. What did 20-year-old Bradley Tout do when he was sentenced for rape at Worcester Crown Court? 
18. French crooner Charles Aznavour, who died aged 94, had one No 1 hit in Britain in 1974. What was it called?
19. Why were four schools in East London evacuated and closed? 
20. What was the name of the presenter who hosted long-running children's television show, Rainbow, who died this week aged 76?
21. Manager Steve Bruce was sacked by Championship club Aston Villa. What had been thrown at him by a fan at a game just days before his departure? 
22. Lauren Laverne’s first castaway guest on Radio Four’s Desert Island Discs described the moment he held his dad's hand as he took his final breath. Who was the guest? 
23. Why were comedian Amy Schumer and model Emily Ratajowski arrested this week? 
24. Brian McFadden will not be joining Westlife on their reunion tour next year. What has he announced he will be doing instead?
25. The world's most expensive what was sold for £848,000 at auction in Edinburgh? 

Answers here