Newsquiz answers

Friday February 22 newsquiz answers

1. The Independent Group
2. Ann Coffey, Mike Gapes, Gavin Shuker and Chris Leslie
3. Scourge
4. Tinge
5. ERG and DUP
6. 84
7. Derek Hatton
8. £52 (€60)
9. Rachel Riley (Countdown co-presenter) and Tracy Ann Oberman (former EastEnders actor) 
10. Flybmi
11. Jarrah
12. Bangladesh
13. The Isle of Bute
14. Swindon
15. Sainsbury’s 
16. Pontins
17. 5km (3.1 miles)
18. The Monkees
19. Post-traumatic stress 
20. Conduct a service every Sunday 
21. Manchester City (he was attacked after the Champions League game against FC Schalke 04)
22. Amal Clooney
23. The 1975
24. The Greatest Show
25. His cat

Saturday February 16 newsquiz answers

1. 45
2. The European Research Group (ERG)
3. Partisan
4. Warships
5. 1.8 per cent
6. Tonypandy (the quelling of rioting in a south Wales town in 1910.
7. Bethnal Green
8. Do you like boys?
9. Albert Finney (who died at 81)
10. This Week
11. Royal Bank of Scotland
12. New Delhi
13. Opportunity
14. Duchess of Sussex (Meghan Markle)
15. To voluntarily surrender his driving licence
16. Chelsea (who lost 6-0 to Manchester City)
17. Exeter
18. Upskirting (taking an image or video of a victim's groin or buttocks under their clothing)
19. 73
20. Emergency
21. Rachel Johnson (journalist and Boris’s sister)
22. Ryan Adams
23. Seven
24. This year's Eurovision Song Contest
25. The Great Escape

Saturday February 9 newsquiz answers

1. Special place in hell
2. Owen Smith
3. Don’t Crash Out
4. X-Trail
5. A report of 'sexual touching’ was made to police
6. Erik
7. £154.50
8. 27
9. A cosh
10. If they fail to honour the £15 million fee owed to Nantes for Emiliano Sala, who died in a plane crash on his way to the club
11. 21 per cent (accept 20 per cent)
12. José Mourinho (when he was manager of Real Madrid)
13. Stafford
14. An oubreak of equine flu (found in three horses in a Cheshire stable)
15. WWII codebreaker Alan Turing
16. Paris
17. Maidenhead
18. National Enquirer
19. White
20. Speaker Nancy Pelosi
21. Quit presenting Radio 4’s Today Programme
22. Jeremy Kyle
23. She is Michael Jackson’s former housekeeper who claimed the singer abused ‘dozens' of children and filmed the encounters
24. A 10.5ft statue of Margaret Thatcher which is to be erected in her home town Grantham
25. Maroon 5

Saturday February 2 newsquiz answers

1. Fourteen
2. A colony
3. Germany
4. The (35-page) Good Friday Agreement
5. 29
6. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt
7. Tesco
8. Surtainville
9. Jamaica Inn
10. Roman
11. Brazil
12. Female genital mutilation (FGM).
13. Sports Direct
14. Gwyneth Paltrow
15. Egypt 
16. Rubba Rubba
17. Seven
18. Archie
19. Dame Helen Mirren
20. Bananas 
21. Jeremy Hardy
22. Keeping Up Appearances
23. Tickling
24. They were trapped in a lift that climbed and plunged repeatedly for 40 minutes
25. Harry Style’s face (which turned out to be fake)

Friday January 25 newsquiz answers

1. Border infrastructure (a hard border) in Ireland
2. Chancellor Philip Hammond
3. Tuesday (January 29)
4. £65
5. Bigger picture
6. Pointless
7. Prorogue
8. 13
9. Airbus
10. Santander
11. Nantes
12. Georgia
13. Singapore
14. Rapper Chris Brown
15. A photograph apparently showing James Bulger's killer Jon Venables
16. Scala Radio (owned by Bauer Media)
17. Euston station
Swimmer Ian Thorpe
19. Click to Pray
20. James Moore
21. He is a nurse who was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a vegetative state who later gave birth
22. £3million
23. Whispering Grass
24. Five
25. Best fish and chip shop

Friday January 18 newsquiz answers

1. 19 (325 to 306) 
2. Transport secretary Chris Grayling
3. Giving birth
4. Germany
5. Donald Tusk (European Council President) 
6. The FA Cup game between Southampton and Derby went into extra time
7. Sandringham
8. Kia 
9. Marks & Spencer
10. Paris
11. Roberto Bautista Agut
12. Preston Crown Court
13. £1
14. R Kelly
15. Being officially inaugurated as the 2019 European Capital of Culture
16. Supermac
17. Nairobi
18. An egg (overtaking Kylie Jenner's photo of her newborn daughter, which attracted more than 18 million likes)
19. Martin O’Neill (Nottingham Forest)
20. Gillette
21. Six months 
22. Miley Cyrus (denying rumours she is pregnant)
23. Become a terrorist in Northern Ireland
24. Grey
25. Hottest places on earth

Friday January 11 newsquiz answers

1. Three days
2. Seventeen
3. The Finance Bill
4. Referee
5. Called Tory MP Anna Soubry a Nazi and liar outside parliament and online
6. Dot, comma
7. Manston Airport in Kent
8. 4,500
9. Bye-bye
10. He was stabbed to death in London after his moped was hit by a black Mercedes in Leyton
11. 9-0
12. Debenhams
13. Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos 
14. $25
15. M6
16. Tennis player Andy Murray
17. Discovering his three grown-up sons were not his
18. Bars on prison windows
19. Murder … stabbing Lee Pomeroy to death on a Guildford to Waterloo train
20. Speed cameras
21. Rachel Riley (from Countdown)
22. Smart Works
23. Norman Scott in A Very English Scandal
24. The Favourite
25. Women in their 50s

Friday January 4 newsquiz answers

1. 40
2. Seaborn Freight
3. South Africa
4. HMS Mersey
5. The London Eye was lit up in the blue-and-yellow colours of the EU flag
6. Processed meats (bacon, ham, salami, chorizo)
7. Disarm a knifeman during an attack at Victoria station in Manchester
8. Michael Palin (broadcaster and former Monty Python member)
9. The Premier League
10. Kelso
11. Former England cricket captain Andrew Strauss whose wife died age 46
12. Apple
13. Comic actress June Whitfield who died age 93
14. Peter Pan 
15. Ben Nevis
16. The Great Belt Bridge 
17. The British Army
18. Nantwich
19. He was knifed to death in London's Mayfair trying to stop a mob breaking into a VIP party
20. Egypt
21. A snowman
22. £115 million (£114,969,775.70)
23. Telescope
24. Vegan sausage roll
Olivia Newton John

Friday December 28 newsquiz answers

1. Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan police commissioner
2. JK Rowling
3. 77
4. Jeremy (John Durham)
5. Sumatra and Java 
6. Sicily (Mount Etna)
7. They were questioned - and released without charge - over the Gatwick drone incident
8. On the streets (homeless)
9. Commercial whaling 
10. Iceland
11. 10p
12. Phones in cells
13. Kevin Spacey (after he was charged with indecent assault of an 18-year-old) 
14. A piano
15. Fraternity
16. Celebrity Big Brother (with 27,602 complaints)
17. Marginal
18. Richard III
19. HMV
20. Gatwick
21. The 75th anniversary of D-Day (it showed troops landing in Indonesia)
22. Beckett
23. Crystal Palace and Leicester City
24. Pizzas
25. US pop star Miley Cyrus

Friday December 21 newsquiz answers

1. Fire weapons
2. Lapland
3. Nebulous
4. Work and pensions secretary Amber Rudd
5. 3,500
6. (The Isle of) Skye
7. Pantomime
8. Peterborough
9. Donald Trump's announcement that the US intends to withdraw from Syria
10. Beefeaters (and jewel house wardens and other staff at Britain’s royal sites)
11. Chester
12. Slums
13. England’s netball team (The Roses)
14. Thomas Markle (Meghan’s father)
15. Shell
16. Asos
17. WW (Weight Watchers)
18. Alastair Cook
19. Falmouth
20. Lockerbie (it is 30 years since a Pan Am jet was bombed out of the sky and landed on the town)
21. Drunk tanks (alcohol intoxication management services)
22. José Mourinho (who was sacked by Manchester United)
23. He is the winner of the £76.3m EuroMillions lottery jackpot that went unclaimed for six weeks
24. Chris Evans
25. Watch the Disney film Bambi

Friday December 14 newsquiz answers

1. 83
2. Sir Graham Brady
3. He picked up the ornamental mace in protest over Theresa May's Brexit vote postponement
4. Downfall (about the last days of Hitler)
5. Sir John Major
6. Seven
7. Bonmarché 
8. Ankara
9. He killed three people in a Christmas market gun attack in Strasbourg and was later shot by police
10. Three
11. Smuggling (£2million worth of cocaine)
12. Banana skins
13. 71
14. Clint Eastwood
15. Sponsorship of the British Cycling Team
16. Got to Give It Up
17. Google
18. Hull
19. Fiona Bruce (who is taking over as host of Question Time from David Dimbleby)
20. A recycling scheme for crisp packets (including collection points and a free courier service)
21. Killed and imprisoned journalists (The Guardians)
22. Work begins to remove the toll booths (the route is going toll-free after 52 years)
23. Sir Paul McCartney
24. Blue
25. EastEnders

Friday December 7 newsquiz answers

1. In contempt (of Parliament)
2. Delusion
3. Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation (accept Universities Minister or Science Minister)
4. Kent
5. Tommy Robinson (former English Defence League leader) 
6. £52,000
7. Herbert Walker 
8. Gilets jaunes (accept yellow vests or yellow jackets)
9. Live sports broadcasts 
10. Ted Baker
11. Poland (
12. Ericsson
Former US first lady Michelle Obama 
14. Huawei
15. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool and Egypt), sixth; Eden Hazard (Chelsea and Belgium), eighth; Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City and Belgium), ninth; Harry Kane (Tottenham and England), tenth.
16. Twerk
17. An engagement ring (which fell down a subway grate in Times Square)
18. Pizza Express
19. She is a British yachtswoman stranded in the Southern Ocean after her boat was smashed up by a storm
20. Tesco

21. The Buzzcocks
22. Make You Feel My Love
23. Hosting next year’s Oscars 
24. Baby It’s Cold Outside
25. Bagels

Friday November 30 newsquiz answers

1. 30 per cent
2. December 11
3. 38 minutes (accept 40)
4. Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England
Buenos Aires
6. HIV positive
7. Bring a Border Force cutter back from the Mediterranean to rescue migrants
8. Her husband Matthew Hedges was pardoned by the UAE after being jailed for life
9. Huddersfield
10. Knocking people off mopeds (after the Met Police announced last week it has cut moped crime)
11. Sri Lanka
12. Chess
Thomas Cook
14. Tear gas
15. Have a cervical smear test
16. 3.1 per cent
17. Baroness Trumpington (Jean Alys Campbell-Harris) who died age 96
18. Rapists gaining access to children conceived through rape
19. Brutally Honest
20. Diana
21. InSight  (Interior-Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport)
22. Rebel 
23. Picked up a crate full of drinks bottles and threw them to the ground
24. Leigh-on-Sea
25. Knickers
Friday November 23 newsquiz answers

1. Stephen Barclay
2. Captain Mainwaring (from Dad’s Army)
3. Spain (over Gibraltar)
4. Mars bars
5. A second referendum
6. This Morning
7. Kicking a football in the Commons chamber
8. £265 million
9. Rainbow laces
10. Kabul (Afghanistan)
11. IKEA
12. 55,000
13. He said he still loved his wife even though she was jailed for life for plotting to kill him three times
14. Paul Gascoigne (former England footballer)
15. Johnston Press
16. Durham
17. Martin O'Neill (Ireland)
18. Richard Baker
19. Saddam Hussein
20. Nissan
21. North Sentinel Island
22. The Tulip
23. Wool (Peta have suggested changing it to Vegan Wool)
24. Anne Hegerty (the Governess from the Chase) on I’m A Celebrity
25. Little Mix 

Friday November 16 newsquiz answers

1. 585
2. Work and Pensions Secretary
3. 48
4. Geoffrey Boycott (cricketer)   
5. Michael Gove (Environment Secretary)       
6. White flags
7. Jo Johnson
8. The maximum bet on fixed-odd betting terminals (to be reduced from £100 to £2)
9. The Premier League
10. Lord Lester (of Herne Hill)
11. Danny Boyle (Oscar-winning director) 
12. Forest management
13. Paradise
14. Asia Bibi
15. Fulham
16. National Action
17. Learn German
18. A cat
19. He was the first German representative to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday
20. The Fantastic Four
21. Crossbow
22. 120  
23. French Queen Marie Antoinette
24. To promote the John Lewis Christmas advert (featuring Elton John)
25. In the jungle (On I’m a Celebrity Get me Out Of Here)

Friday November 9 newsquiz answers

1. Dominic Raab (Brexit Secretary)
2. The burning of an effigy of Grenfell Tower
3. Ten 
4. Firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions
5. Jim Acosta
6. Meddling
7. Borderline
8. Melbourne
9. Woking
10. Seven
11. Persimmons
12. The United States Congress (House of representatives and Senate)
13. A robot (a Da Vinci robot-assisted heart valve operation)
14. Michelin
15. He is the war veteran fighting for his life after a robbery at his home in Bounds Green, London
16. Poet Wilfred Owen
17. Swim around the coast of Britain
18. Iceland
19. Diabetes
20. Manchester's Etihad Stadium
21. Becoming
22. United States
23. Single-use
24. His age (he wants to change it from 69 to 49)
25. Rolling her eyes at Nigel Farage on television

Friday November 2 newsquiz answers

1. £20.5billion (accept £20 billion)
2. £12,500
3. Austerity and discipline
4. Sports Minister
5. Sara Thornton
6. King Power
7. Eric Swaffer
8. Tree of Life
9. Vegans
10. Christian Democratic Union (Christlich Demokratische Union)
11. Lion Air
12. Mr Kipper
13. Jaywick Sands
14. Mexico
15. Gone fishing
16. That medicinal cannabis products can now be legally prescribed
17. Welly wanging
18. 89
19. Huddersfield
20. Venice
21. Google (Sundar Pichai)
22. Winning the Great British Bake Off
23. Heathrow
24. Abu Dhabi
Grimsby and Edinburgh

Friday October 26 newsquiz answers

1. 95 per cent
2. Noose
3. Petting zoo
4. Cabinet Secretary
5. The Daily Telegraph
6. Lord (Peter) Hain
7. Actor Robert De Niro
8. Apple and Samsung (smartphones) 
9. Debenhams
10. Saudi Arabia's response to the murder of the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi
11. Barcelona
12. The Duchess of Sussex
13. China
14. Prostate cancer
15. Dyson
16. Singer Sinead O'Connor
17. Benetton (Gilberto Benetton was one of four siblings who set up the company)
18. Arsenal
19. Plastic
20. It is the village where David and Victoria Beckham’s home was targeted by burglars
21. Rami Malek
22. For climbing the Heron Tower - one of London’s tallest buildings
23. She was photographed with goats and other animals which she shot in Scotland
24. Simon Mayo (announcing he was leaving Drivetime)
25. Blackpool

Friday October 19 newsquiz answers

1. Matter of months
2. £36 billion
3. Dame Laura Cox
4. Seventh and eighth
5. Pasta (and ribbon)
6. Prostitution
7. On a £50 note
8. Five-and-a-half years
9. Joining a mass march through London demanding a People’s Vote referendum on Brexit
10. Seville
11. Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt and Gerald Ford
12. Fracking
13. BSE (accept bovine spongiform encephalopathy or mad cow disease)
14. Manchester Oxford Road
15. Kleenex
16. It was in response to the death of Welsh chef Marc Sutton, who was killed by a hunter while mountain biking
17. M40
18. Milkman
19. Hitachi
20. 60th
21. Folic acid
22. BTS
23. Usain Bolt
24. Cinderella and Little Mermaid
25. PapooseS

Friday October 12 newsquiz answers

1. Sir John Major
2. Minister for Suicide Prevention
3. M26
4. Bellingcat
5. Love Is In The Bin
6. Nine
7. Jack Brooksbank 32; Eugenie 28
8. Patisserie Valerie
9. Kazakhstan
10. He was killed by a sea snake in Australia
11. Istanbul
12. Bulgaria
13. Steptoe and Son
14. Plumstead
15. Rafael Nadal
16. She died after eating a Pret a Manger flatbread
17. Barcelona (with Freddie Mercury)
18. Make America Great Again
19. Ambassador to the UN
20. £40
21. Sydney Opera House
22. Cardiff
23. New York
24. Doug Ellis, former chairman of Aston Villa, who died age 94
25. The cat

Friday October 5 newsquiz answers

1. Dancing Queen (by Abba)
2. Opportunity
3. Hugh Gaitskell, Barbara Castle, Denis Healey and John Smith
4. James Duddridge
5. That Boris Johnson will never be prime minister
6. Scary
7. The Hague
8. Sulawesi 
9. Las Vegas
10. He was killed by a falling window pane in South London
11. Swaziland (also known as the Kingdom of Eswatini)
12. The Nobel Prize In Physics
13. Unilever
14. (The Republic of) North Macedonia
15. Brooks Koepka
16. Cumbria
17. Leapt out of the dock and went on the run
18. She
19. Due to an infestation of venomous spiders
20. Geoffrey Hayes
21. A cabbage
22. Olympic diver Tom Daley
23. A sit-down protest in a Senate building against the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh
24. Dancing on Ice
25. Bottle of whisky

Friday September 28 newsquiz answers

1. Humiliation
2. Mary Poppins (he described it as supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Canada) 
3. Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry 
4. So he could hate Margaret Thatcher an hour longer each day
5. Brussels
6. Contaminated blood
7. Colonel
8. Brett Kavanaugh (the Republican Part's nominee for Supreme Court Judge)
9. Arnhem
10. Sesame seeds 
11. He is a round-the-world sailor who was rescued from the Indian Ocean after injuring his back
12. 81
13. Loughborough
14. Michael Kors
15. Thomas Bjorn 
16. Sandwich Cream
17. Two consecutive holes in one at Richmond golf course
18. Venice
19. Manchester
20. David Hockne
21. Chas (from the musical duo Chas and Dave)
22. Postman Pat and Rosie and Jim
23. He ran on to the runway and tried to flag down a Ryanair flight
24. Boxer Anthony Joshua 
25. Scrabble

Friday September 21 newsquiz answers

1. 'Down the Irish Sea'
2. Hold a second referendum on EU membership
3. Ruth Davidson
4. Jeremy Hunt
5. Erotic spasm (he said exotic spresm)
6. The Prison and Probation Service
7. Brighton
8. Tobias Ellwood
9. Brecon Beacons
10. Together (Our Community Cookbook)
11. Tailgating
12. Bronagh
13. Mangkhut
14. Panics
15. Denis Norden (the comedy writer and TV presenter best known for hosting It'll be Alright On The Night, who died this week)
16. The Crown (She played The Queen)
17. Jack’s
18. In her book, Stormy Daniels made an unflattering comparison between the mushroom-headed character and President Donald Trump’s penis
19. Lake Victoria
20. Cathay Pacific (Cathay Paciic)
21. Visions of a Life
22. Be the first private passenger to fly around the moon
23. Boo and Walt
24. Valencia

25. 112

Friday September 14 newsquiz answers

1. £5.50
2. Gorilla
3. Carrie Symonds
4. A demonstration outside the home of Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg where a protester shouted at his children
5. The dogs (referring to hardliners who he said are threatening to run moderates out of the party)
6. A punch on the nose
7. Old Sarum
8. Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark
9. John Lewis (Partnership)
10. 147
11. Frances O'Grady
12. He designed the Victoria & Albert museum in Dundee
13. Blue Slide Park
14. $17,000
15. Fraudulently claiming a £2.5million jackpot nearly ten years ago
16. Former US president Barack Obama
17. North Carolina
18. Q U X Y Z
19. Zante/Zakynthos
20. Fenella Fielding
21. Monkeypox
22. Greggs opened a store in Cornwall - home of the Cornish pasty
23. Giving birth
24. The first baby to take a seat in the House of Commons
25. Land’s End 

Friday September 7 newsquiz answers

1. GRU
2. 16:22:43
3. The City Stay Hotel
4. British Airways
5. Bob Woodward (the former Washington Post journalist who broke the Watergate story)
6. New York Times
7. Marina Wheeler
8. A hole (that was drilled into a module on the International Space Station)
9. TSB
10. The Costa Coffee chain
11. A visit by US president Donald Trump
12. Halogen lightbulbs
13. Saint Tropez
14. Jebi
15. Jeremy Vine
16. His Facebook password. He is suspected to have murdered schoolgirl Lucy McHugh
17. Loophole
18. Alastair Cook
19. Toupees
20. A giraffe
21. A (white) squirrel
22. Declan Donnelly
23. Virgin Radio
24. Prince Harry
25. Fluff

Friday August 31 newsquiz answers

1. £50,000
2. Frank Field’s resignation
3. French President Emmanuel Macron
4. 30 years
5. Cape Town and Nairobi
6. 150mg
7. Scallop 
8. Phoenix (Arizona)
9. Google
10. Knock
11. Bread
12. The halo
13. Solihull
14. Swimming the length of the Channel 
15. Hugo Lloris
16. Rise Up
17. Neil Simon, who died this week age 91
18. 144
19. Fibromyalgia
20. She is the French tennis player who was penalised for removing her shirt on court
21. Wonga 
22. Neil Young and Daryl Hannah
23. Primark
24. Loose Women (after Kim Woodburn walked off the show in tears)
25. £22.50

Friday August 24 newsquiz answers

1. Chuck Chequers
2. £80billion
3. Superdry 
4. Eighteen
5. Alex Salmond 
6. Ghana
7. Norwegian Star
8. Scott Morrison
9. Gabriella
10. Impeach
11. Sense of English irony (accept sense of irony)
12. Dawn Butler
13. Mill Hill
14. Daft old fart
15. Birmingham Prison
16. Odyssey
17. Aqua Magic Hotel in Hurghada  

18. She was one of the two women who Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, admitted passing money to.
19. Sir Norman Bettison
20. Measles
21. Zinedine Zidane
22. Thriller (by Michael Jackson)
23. 25
24. In a coastguard helicopter (above Penzance in Cornwall) 
25. Staff adopted a stray cat

Friday August 17 newsquiz answers

1. Morandi Bridge
2. Ford Fiesta
3. 1985
4. George Michael
5. E-cigarettes
6. 3.2 per cent
7. Unhinged
8. £50million
9. Rough sleeping
10. 32 (for the 31 lives lost and an extra peal in remembrance of others who died in the Troubles)
11. A baby boy was born at the scene
12. Turkish Lira
13. Paul Pogba (for Manchester United after three minutes from the penalty spot)
14. Seatwave and Get Me In
15. Ranger Rovers
16. Stormzy
17. Roundup (weedkiller).
18. Russia
19. The longest sea swim (after more than 74 days swimming around Britain)
20. Cricketer Ben Stokes (they are the gay men who said he intervened to protect them during a brawl in Bristol)
21. Rotherham (Barry Chuckle who died last week at 73 was honorary vice president of the club)
22. Appearing on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing
23. St Helier, Jersey
24. Scarlett Johansson
25. It was Left Handers Day (and they are all left-handed)

Friday August 10 newsquiz answers

1. Letter boxes
2. Dominic Grieve
3. #ResignWatson 
4. A purple sex toy
5. A no-deal Brexit 
6. Sri Lanka
7. Pakistan 
8. Affray
9. Self-harming
10. Lombok
11. She won the Women's British Open at Royal Lytham
12. Homebase
13. Monaco
14. The Battle of Amiens
15. 100 metres
16. Staithes
17. The heatwave
18. Estonia
19. 32
20. British Gas (Centrica)
21. Jonathan King (disgraced DJ)
22. Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City
23. Wonga
24. Elliott
25. $8million

Friday August 3 newsquiz answers

1. Emmanuel Macron (French president)
2. Geostrategic
3. He said his Chinese wife was Japanese 
4. 2010
5. Peter Willsman 
6. The Supreme Court
7. Nuclear waste
8. 0.75 per cent
9. Groceries
10. House of Fraser
11. Six
12. Athens
13. Tony Bullimore who died age 79
14. HMP Onley (in Northamptonshire)
15. Yorkshire
16. Geraint Thomas after winning the Tour de France
17. Durex (non-latex durex which the company fears may split)
18. Barcelona
19. Apple
20. 2030
21. Incognito (real name Siddique Kamara)
22. Stoke
23. Have the groom’s name tattooed on his forehead (Jamie Blake, North Shields, NE28)
24. They won £58m in the Euromillions draw (despite the winning ticket being mistakenly ripped in two)
25. Paul Knops and Laura Anderson

Friday July 27 newsquiz answers

1. Austria
2. Blank cheque (or a series of blank cheques that the EU can continue presenting at their own discretion)
3. The death penalty
4. Cushions
5. Imran Khan (former international cricketer)
6. Home Bargains
7. $119billion (£90.8billion)
8. Heinz (baked beans)
9. Win a golf major/win the British Open
10. French president Emmanuel Macron (talking about his sacked bodyguard)
11. Thurrock (M25)
12. Mars
13. Toronto
14. Wear black (and leave their Hawaiian shirts and pink helium balloons at home)
15. A KitKat 
16. Drusillas in East Sussex
17. Mati
18. She was refused a divorce by the Supreme Court because 'a joyless marriage is not adequate grounds for a divorce' if one spouse refuses to agree
19. His star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
20. 7pm
21. Paul McCartney (at The Cavern in Liverpool)
22. YouTuber Logan Paul (who filmed the body of an apparent suicide victim). 
23. Rightmove
24. Sir Alex Ferguson
25. East Fife 4 Forfar 5

Friday July 20 newsquiz answers

1. Would and wouldn’t
2. Montenegro 
3. Sue the EU
4. Lancaster House
5. Statesman
6. Anna Soubry
7. He (and Vince Cable) missed the votes on two Government-backed Brexit amendments that passed with a majority of three
8. Margaret Hodge
9. £210,000 (£190,000 plus £20,000 in aggravated damages for the BBC's decision to nominate the story for the Royal Television Society’s scoop of the year)
10. Sunningdale
11. Luka Modric (Croatia)
12. Four
13. Debenhams
14. Burberry
15. Omega-3 (fish oil)
16. Germany (Angelique Kerber became the first German to win since Steffi Graf in 1996)
17. Magaluf (Mallorca)
18. A 330ft-high iceberg drifted close to the settlement in Greenland, prompting fears of a tsunami
19. He was jailed for life for murdering his wife at their home in Stowmarket, Suffolk
20. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk
21. Butterflies
22. Rudyard Kipling
23. Carnoustie
24. Husband and wife Robbie Williams and Ayda Field and Louis Tomlinson
25. Stig of the Dump

Friday July 13 newsquiz answers

1. Dominic Raab
2. Colony
3. Culture secretary (Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) 
4. Stansted
5. Putin
6. An inflatable pig
7. Ketamine
8. Juventus 
9. An ambulance in London’s Borough Market
10. Socks (the players wore branded ankle support socks over official Nike socks)
11. The invasion of the Falklands Islands by Argentina
12. 1. Jeremy Hunt (they are the top five longest serving health secretaries in history)
13. They were among the British divers who helped bring the boys out of the Thai caves
14. Prince George
15. 22
16. Gallantry
17. Angelique Kerber
18. £500,000
19. Tottenham Hotspur
20. Talcum powder
21. Richard Bacon
22. Sacha Baron Cohen
23. Sardinia
24. William Dunlop who was killed practising for the Skerries 100 in County Dublin (his father and uncle also died in similar accidents).
25. AA Milne’s Winnie-The-Pooh

 Friday July 6 newsquiz answers

1. Esther McVey, Penny Mordaunt, Andrea Leadsom
2. Heart, soul
3. Universal Credit
4. Nick
5. A giant balloon of a Donald Trump baby in a nappy to mark the US president’s visit
6. Amesbury
7. Wild Boars FC
8. Eric Dier
9. American
10. She was arrested and bailed over the deaths of infants at the Countess of Chester Hospital
11. With A Little Help From My Friends (by The Beatles)
12. Frozen vegetables (including sweetcorn and mixed veg)

13. A bottle of Lucozade (she has Type 1 diabetes)
14. Isle of Bute
15. Sheffield
16. The Clangers
17. 20 years
18. Kyle Edmund
19. Eating bugs
20. Cheryl's marriage break-up with Liam Payne (she is Cheryl’s mother)
21. The Bay City Rollers
22. Zante (Zakynthos)
23. Eddie Mair, presenter of Radio 4's PM programme
24. Love Island
25. Bikers (126 from the support group Bikers Against Bullies)

Friday June 29 newsquiz answers

1. The Capital Gazette
2. Afghanistan
3. £60 billion
4. The CBI and TUC
5. Environment
6. She said she was on her period (which had so far cost her £25 this week)
7. Colombia
8. 1938
9. Absurd
10. 30C (86F)
11. She was selling water outside her home without an official licence
12. They are the heterosexual couple who have won their legal bid at the Supreme Court for the right to have a civil partnership
13. Harley-Davidson
14. Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly
15. 25
16. She was his great-grandmother
17. John Lewis (Partnership) 
18. Joe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson, who died age 89
19. Dr Jane Barton (the doctor implicated in the deaths of at least 456 patients at Gosport War Memorial Hospital)
20. The fires on Saddleworth Moor in Greater Manchester
21. Jamaica
22. Natasha Kaplinsky
23. Ticketmaster
24. Fund a week's trip to Jamaica for university cleaner Herman Gordon and his wife to visit family
25. Let's Get It On

Friday June 22 newsquiz answers

1. 16 (319 to 303)
2. Ireland
3. Airbus (Commercial Aircraft)
4. Separation (the original title was Affording Congress an Opportunity to Address Family Seperation)
5. Ursula
6. I really don’t care. Do U?
7. Gosport War Memorial Hospital
8. Tory MP Sir Christopher Chope (who blocked the ‘upskirting’ bill)
9. Senegal
10. Manager Gareth Southgate
11. Give birth while in holding office of Prime Minister
12. Murder (of a German taxi driver)
13. In the House of Commons. (She was in a wheelchair with a sick bucket in her lap to vote on the amendment to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill)
14. Loughborough Junction
15. 79
16. England's opening World Cup game against Tunisia
17. Carbon dioxide (C02)
18. Glasgow
19. Rapper XXXTentacion
20. Its windows were smashed when a horse drawn carriage crashed into the shop 
21. Twenty-five
22. Marijuana/cannabis
23. He crossed the line at the London Marathon with a lost race number he found around three miles from the end of the race
24. Miss Newcastle
25. Sign language 

Friday June 15 newsquiz answers

1. 75
2. Junior shadow cabinet office minister Laura Smith and parliamentary private secretaries Ged Killen, Ellie Reeves, Tonia Antoniazzi, Anna McMorrin and Rosie Duffield
3. Dominic Grieve (one of three Tory MPs who voted for the Lords amendment)
4. 35
5. Take over the Brexit negotiations
6. 72 seconds - one for each victim
7. Grenfell is an adaptation of 'green field’. The area was a green space before it was built on
8. Sentosa Island
9. Historic
10. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau
11. Five (5-0 against Saudi Arabia)
12. Canada, USA and Mexico
13. Postal workers (working for Royal Mail). Also accept taxi drivers.
14. Rolls-Royce
15. Oxford
16. Aquarius
17. Central African Republic
18. Poundworld
19. Actor Rupert Everett
20. Chester
21. JD Wetherspoon
22. Scotland beating England at cricket for the first time ever
23. Glenda Jackson
24. Love Island
25. A racoon

Friday June 8 newsquiz answers

1. The Treasury
2. The Galileo satellite navigation system
3. Contest
4. Northern Rail
5. Quebec
6. Six-and-a-half-hours
7. 31
8. The Mandarin Oriental
9. Kate Spade, fashion designer
10. She died after being mugged on the way to church near her home in Normanton, Derbyshire 
11. Qatar Airways
12. Sheffield
13. 26 years (since July 1992)
14. Andrew Newton (aka Hann Redwin)
15. Deliveroo 
16. Windows
17. Munchkin (in the original Wizard of Oz film) 
18. Shepherd's Pie 
19. 102
20. Fuego
21. Amazon
22. Lost Voice Guy (winner of Britain’s Got Talent)
23. Comedian Michael McIntyre (who had his watch taken by moped robbers in North London)
24. Families caught up in the Manchester terror attack
25. 85,000

Friday June 1 newsquiz answers

1. 66.4 per cent
2. Viagogo
3. Caroline Lucas, as co-leader of the Green Party
4. Contempt of court
5. Mutiny Festival
6. Lush, Savers and Smyths Toys
7. For faking his own death
8. Right foot
9. Pret A Manger
10. Steel and aluminium
11. Four
12. Dartford
13. Liege 
14. The Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes
15. Serena Williams at the French Open   
16. He was the fourth man to walk on the moon
17. Loris Karius, Liverpool’s goalkeeper after his Champions League’s errors
18. Kylie Minogue
19. Mr Scissors
20. 200 hours community service
21. (An underground) swimming pool
22. Two lions, two tigers, a jaguar and a bear broke out of their cages at the zoo
23. Cereal boxes (and advertising them)
24. He soaked them with four water cannons

Friday May 25 newsquiz answers

1. Givenchy
2. 190518 (the date of the wedding)
3. Michael Curry
4. Lord (Peter) Mandelson
5. General Data Protection Regulation
6. The eighth
7. Stansted 
8. Armenia
9. Anger and hostility
10. The Grenfell Tower Inquiry
11. Transport secretary Chris Grayling for his handling of the East Coast Rail franchise
12. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich
13. 24
14. Bacteria/germs
15. Ken Livingstone, announcing he was quitting the Labour Party
16. Removing their 'best before’ labels
17. Kiev (Boryspil) 
18. US film star Morgan Freeman 
19. Marks and Spencer
20. Boyzone (Mark Walton)
21. He was found guilty of the attempted murder of his wife by tampering with her parachute
22. Philip Roth, who died aged 85 this week 
23. A cycling triathlon (Snowdonia Slateman Triathlon)
24. The Tyne in Newcastle
25.  A bee (in tribute to the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing on the anniversary of the atrocity) 

Friday May 18 newsquiz answers

1. Mother of the bride
2. Eight

3. Myrtle
4. 60
5. Red line

6. Sure Start 
7. London North East Railways (LNER)
8. Twelve
9. Chechnya
10. Indonesia
11. An outright ban on cladding
12. Dennis Nilsen who died age 72 this week
13. Menopausal
14. Lois Lane (in Superman)
15. None of the 62 nominated books were judged to be funny
16. Corfu
17. An undertakers
18. The British Red Cross
19. Israel
20. England’s World Cup squad
21. Club 18-30
22. Peaky Blinders
23. 100
24. Two spaces after a full stop
25. Turning off mobile phones (and other technology)

Friday May 11 newsquiz answers

1. Severe consequences
2. The Golan Heights
3. Worms and ants
4. Singapore
5. 83
6. £10,000
7. Wet wipes
8. The second phase of the Leveson inquiry into Press standards
9. Sir Alex Ferguson (his first words when awaking after brain surgery)
10. 1978
11. Wolverhampton Wanderers and Cardiff City
12. Andrew Marr, announcing he had kidney cancer
13. Selfies
14. Oxford
15. British Museum
16. BMW
17. A bouncy castle
18. 104
19. He announced his wife, Barbara Windsor, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease 
20. Her arm had been bitten off by a crocodile?
21. Monica Lewinsky (after Bill Clinton accepted an invitation to the same event)
22. Be Best
23. Aidan Connor
24. Storm
25. A towel (accept that he was naked)

Friday May 4 newsquiz answers

1. Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government
2. Defence
3. 68 and 71
4. 60
5. Migration
6. Papers on the Windrush migrants
7. We're In The Money
8. John Woodcock
9. Speaker of the House of Commons
10. They are among four Windsor Grey horses who will pull Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding carriage
11. 50p
12. Choice 
13. 7-6
14. Delicious
15. Hawaii
16. Gibson (guitars makers)
17. John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons
18. EduBirdie
19. George Michael
20. The TV licence fee for communities wanting to watch the Royal wedding
21. The Nobel Prize for Literature
22. To cover for Chris Evans, whose mother had died
23. He claimed a letter signed by him, saying Donald Trump's health was ‘extraordinary, was in fact dictated by Trump himself
24. Peppa Pig
25. The Royal Dyche (after Burnley manager Sean Dyche led his team into Europe for the first time in 50 years)

Friday April 27 newsquiz answers

1. Louis Arthur Charles
2. Fifth
3. A human shield for Theresa May
4. Yvette Cooper
5. Friday 13 July
6. Unite leader Len McCluskey
7. Misdiagnosis
65 years
9. Ten
10. Involuntarily celibate
11. TSB
12. Verne Troyer who died age 49
13. Murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence 
14. He was injured by Roma fans before Liverpool’s Champions League match
15. Leader Ruth Davidson announced she was expecting her first child
16. Voltaire
17. A robot (which allowed mascot Jack McLinden, 14, who is ill, to have a panoramic view of the experience)
18. The Cumbria-based Brathay Trust
19. Millicent Fawcett (Suffragette)
20. Fulham
21. Oman
22. US comedian Bill Cosby, who was found guilty of sexual assault
23. Martin Lewis (Money Saving Expert)
24. Dragon 
25. Analogue clocks  

Friday April 20 newsquiz answers

1. Landing cards of Windrush migrants
2. After the ship that brought them to the UK, the Empire Windrush
3. The Government’s plan for avoiding a hard border in Northern Ireland
4. 105
5. Ruth Smeeth
6. Morally
7. Cotton buds
8. Emeli Sande
9. Southampton
10. 1996  
11. She is the pilot who landed safely after an engine exploded on her Southest Airlines 737
12. Barbara Bush (former first lady who died age 92)
13. £86,000
14. Accrington Stanley
15. Trainspotting
16. A rise in interest rates
17. Dan Johnson
18. eSwatini
19. JD Wetherspoon
20. India
21. Chris Evans
22. Willow
23. She netted in the final seconds to give England's netball team a 52-51 victory over Australia to win Commonwealth Games gold
24. 1949
25. A banana

Friday April 13 newsquiz answers

1. Douma
2. Gas Killing Animal
3. French president Emmanuel Macron
4. An abduction (or forced isolation)
5. 'Senator, we run ads' (accept any answer with ads or advertising)
6. Bollocks
7. Enoch Powell (rivers of blood speech)
8. It is the street in Hither Green where a memorial to Henry Vincent, killed by a pensioner who he tried to burgle, has been torn down several times
9. Very and Littlewoods
10. A lion tamer (he is Britain' last)
11. They have been invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding
12. What goes around comes back around
13. Bristol
14. Alder Hey in Liverpool
15. Blood on their hands
16. Eleven
17. In a fire in an apartment at Trump Towers in New York
18. Sir Peter Hall
19. He is the referee who awarded a last minute penalty against Juventus (and sent off goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon) which saw Real Madrid go through to the Champions League semi-finals
20. Palm oil 
21. Cliff Richard
22. The Overtones
23. Ultimo
24. Bell End
25. Pink 

Friday April 6 newsquiz answers

1. The Hague
2. Spin machine
3. Jewdas
4. Director of Public Prosecutions (in England and Wales)
5. 250
6. 55
7. Walter Brown (or Walter the Softy) by the Beano
8. Vivaro
9. San Bruno
10. Actor Bill Maynard who died age 89
11. £25,000 a year (instead of £21,000)
12. He is the 78-year-old who was arrested in Hither Green, London, after a suspected burglar was stabbed to death
13. Fighting Islamic State in Syria
14. Ray Wilkins, who died age 61
15. Winnie Mandela
16. Kennedy Space Centre
17. Their flags at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony (Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland)
Bad Guys
19. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh
20. The RAF  (Per Ardua ad Astra means 'through adversity to the stars’)
21. Its supporters attacked the Manchester City team bus with bottles, cans, flares and firecrackers ahead of their Champions League tie
Eric Bristow
23. Sugar tax (on soft drinks)
24. Malaysia
25. Have I Got News For You

Friday March 30 newsquiz answers

1. The NHS and schools
2. Emily Thornberry
3. Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary
4. Anti-Semitism
5. Midwifery
6. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)
7. 60
8. One
9. Crohn's disease
10. They overturned the decision to free Black Cab rapist John Worboys on parole
11. He was the French policeman who was shot dead in Trebes while trying to protect hostages
12. Australian cricket captain Steve Smith
13. March For Our Lives
14. Germany and Denmark
15. 17 hours (and six minutes)
16. Facebook
17. Porn actress Stormy Daniels on her affair with Donald Trump
18. Lord (Bob) Kerslake  
19. Kemerovo
20. Video Assistant Referee 
21. Deposits on plastic bottles
22. Rubber ducks (and other bath toys)
23. Conviviality
24. Her denim dress and whether it shrinks in the rain
25. Tickling sticks (in a tribute to Ken Dodd on the day of his funeral)

Friday March 23 newsquiz answers

1. Kingston
2. BMW and a Mini
3. Christine Woodhall
4. 25 million 
5. Trèbes
6. Haddock
7. Cambridge Analytica
8. #deletefacebook
9. She was hit by a driverless Uber in Arizona
10. 29 per cent
11. Manslaughter (by gross negligence) 
12. Wales
13. Anglesey 
15. Ireland
16. 76.67 per cent (accept 76 or 77)
17. 58
18. Guernsey 
19. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding cake
20. Syria, while fighting alongside Kurdish forces
21. Ringo Starr (ex-Beatle) on receiving his knighthood
22. Teacher
23. New Look
24. Northern white rhino (accept white rhino)
25. They spent their honeymoon in a college classroom after getting trapped in snow on the A30 in Devon

Friday March 16 newsquiz answers

2. Novichok
3. Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson
4. US, Germany and France
5. McCarthyite 
6. With a fist bump
7. Knotty Ash
8. Tears
9. Rotterdam
10. Rex Tillerson, former US Secretary of State
11. Florida International University
12. 21
13. Shadow work and pensions secretary 
14. Telford
15. Seventeen (the number of people shot dead at a Florida high school a month ago)
16. Jim Bowen of Bullseye who died age 80
17. Nottingham 
18. Ruby Walsh
19. Topman
20. 1p and 2p coins and the £50 note
21. Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher after spitting at a car 
22. Edinburgh
23. The Financial Times
24. Tease (a whippet)
25. Cheese fondue (1970s), chicken tikka masala (1980s), BBQ ribs (1990s), and sweet chilli (2000s)

Friday March 9 newsquiz answers

1. Zizzi
2. Nick Bailey
3. A boycott of the World Cup in Russia
4. The Silent Child
5. The kettle
6. Frances McDormand's
7. May
8. Tariffs on steel and aluminium imports
9. 1954
10. Nottingham Trent
11. Martin Lewis
12. Nationwide
13. Bradley Wiggins
14. Vanya (Roache)
15. New Musical Express (NME)
16. Give up a day's holiday each year
17. Britain First
18. Hampton Court Palace
19. Davide Astori, the Fiorentina captain
20. 47
21. 62
22. Crufts
23. Amelia Earheart’s skeleton
24. M.A.S.H.
25. Ghostly laughter from Alexa (on the Echo and Dot)

Friday March 2 newsquiz answers

1. Emma
2. A red warning for snow
3. She was born on the storm-battered A66 near Stockton-on-Tees
4. She swerved her double-decker bus around a car that had skidded into its path
5. The Congestion Charge Zone in London
6. Phantom
7. In a caravan
8. Dacre and Murdoch (Paul Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail and Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman of News Corp)
9. The Daily Mail
10. Petrified
11. 25 per cent on steel and 10 per cent on aluminium
12. Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
13. France
14. Thirteen works of art by Pablo Picasso
15. The Royal Foundation
16. Maplin
17. Prezzo
18. By an explosion in a shop below their flat in Hinckley, Leicestershire
19. A Qatar 2022 World Cup stadium building site (Khalifa International Stadium in Doha)
20. Elton John (her son)
21. Emma Chambers, who died age 53
22. On his bicycle
23. Angel of the North
24. Eddie Jones (England’s rugby coach)
25. Randy old bastard

Saturday February 24 newsquiz answers

1. Mad Max
2. Chequers
3. He was a Communist spy whose contacts allegedly included Jeremy Corbyn while in London during the Cold War.
4. Video footage showed him hiding outside and not entering the school (he was its armed guard)
5. BS (bullshit)
6. DHL
7. £150.50
8. University and College Union
9. Devil incarnate 
10. Matthew Falder, who was jailed for 32 years
11. She left a note on an ambulance attending an emergency which said ‘move your f***ing van’.
12. Vogue
13. The Rev Billy Graham
14. Lizzy Yarnold, who won gold medal in the women's skeleton
15. Men’s Big Air (snowboarding)
16. Frances McDormand (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) and Gary Oldman (Darkest Hour)
17. Wearing a skimping Versace dress in freezing temperatures in London
18. Unicef 
19. Gang Signs & Prayer
20. Bilbao
21. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
22. Stephen Fry
23. Russell Hume (meat suppliers)
24. Pole dancing
25. A ’scruffy’ haircut - shaved sides and a long tousled top with a floppy fringe.

Saturday February 17 newsquiz answers

1. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School 
2. Curious
3. The cliffs of Dover
4. 17,000
5. Lynched
6. Thirteen
7. Jon Venables (James Bulger's killer) in a Merseyside secure unit in 1994
8. A helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon
9. Profumo Affair
10. A tribunal ordered she must pay more than £400,000 in taxes
11. Gary Speed
12. The Skeleton
13. Jennifer Aniston 
14. South Africa, following Jacob Zuma’s resignation
15. Prince Henrik of Denmark
16. A house behind garage doors
17. A taxi
18. Jamie Oliver
19. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
20. A Second World War bomb weighing 1,100lb was found near the runway
21. Cambridge
22. Ambassadors for Oxfam
23. Manbags
24. Plastic (straws and bottles)
25. London St Pancake (instead of St Pancras)

Friday February 9 newsquiz answers

1. University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE)
2. Brexit
3. Reverse Brexit
4. The Suffragettes (on the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 1918 Representation of the People Act which gave women the vote)
5. Nick
6. Virgin Trains and Stagecoach
7. Bitcoins 
8. Hillary Clinton and Laura Kuenssberg
9. 40 months
10. Remove 'anti-homeless' bars from public benches
11. Mankind (he said she should say peoplekind)
12. High-fiving children in the road
13. Stella McCartney
14. Bird flu
15. The Beatles (part of Isis)
16. The Freemasons
17. The Manic Street Preachers
18. SuRie
19. Bournemouth (0-3) and Watford (4-1)
20. A Tesla roadster
21. Durham
22. Marty Crane (Frasier’s father)
23. Trinity Mirror
24. The Great Britain flag at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang
25. Flushed it down the toilet

Friday February 2 newsquiz answers

1. DVDs of Blue Planet (including a personal message from David Attenborough)
2. Golden era

3. Michael Bates, minister at the Department for International Development 
4. Joe Kennedy
5. Fireplaces
6. 45
7. Hannah Hauxwell
8. Cambodia
9. Six
10. Twitter followers
11. A (lovely) frame
12. A van (which he drove into a crowd of Muslims near a Finsbury Park mosque, killing Makram Ali)
13. Miami 
14. A woman he said was speaking loudly on her phone 
15. Grid girls
16. African football players 
17. Glee
18. Quiksilver
19. Twenty
20. Prostate cancer
21. The Duchess of Cambridge 
22. She is the world-renowned harpist who was convicted of sexual assaults against a 14-year-old boy in the 1980s
23. IKEA - Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd  and Agunnaryd
24. Brendan Cole
25. Elizabeth, Charles, William and George (the Queen and the three next in line to the throne)

Friday January 26 newsquiz answers

1. The Financial Times
2. Bank of England governor Mark Carney (tea), and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (lunch)
3. Modestly
4. Confederation of British Industry (CBI)
5. £100 million
6. Drain the swamp
7. General Sir Nick Carter
8. Take a pay cut (in the wake of the BBC gender equality revelations)
9. Blackpool
10. Baroness (Tessa) Jowell
11. It is the meat supplier at the centre of an investigation by the  Food Standards Agency
12. Propose to Princess Eugene
13. Stormy Daniels
14. She became engaged to singer Ed Sheeran
15. Venice
16. 49
17. Bristol
18. American actor James Franco (referring to the Time's Up pin he wore the Golden Globe Awards)
19. Parkinson's disease 
20. Phil Neville (on his appointment as England women’s football coach)  
21. Tinky Winky (the Teletubby)
22. Sainsbury’s 
23. Monkeys
24. Bradley Walsh
25. Front cover of the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack

Friday January 19 newsquiz answers

1. Carillion
2. 48
3. Personal Independent Payments
4. Royal Oak (in Littlefield Green near Maidenhead)
5. Bonkers
6. The baguette 
7. The Bayeux Tapestry
8. Haiti
9. 29.9
10. She is the former girlfriend of UKIP leader Henry Bolton, who has been suspended from the party for racism
11. The Cranberries
12. Actor Jim Carrey (after a warning of a ballistic missile attack was made)
13. Turpin
14. Grace
15. The Pope  

16. A Year In Provence
17. Shelter
18. Southport
19. Jason King
20. Cyrille Regis
21. A biscuit tin
22. 11
23. Ryan Giggs on his appointment as Welsh football coach
24. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
25. Shave Prince William’s head

Friday January 12 newsquiz answers

1. 68
2. Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
3. Justin Greening (formerly Education Secretary)
4. The Blairs (Tony Blair) and the Adonises (Lord Adonis)
5. China editor
6. Recy Taylor (who had been abducted by six armed white men, raped, and left blindfolded by the side of the road in Alabama in 1944)
7. Le Monde (French daily newspaper)
8. A £45 Marks & Spencer jumper 
9. Barcelona
10. Former Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron
11. Nottingham 
12. John Lewis
13. Access pornographic websites
14. Army recruitment
15. He posted a video of himself laughing next to a suicide victim in Japan
16. Manchester City and Crewe Alexandra
17. The Ritz
18. The Californian mudslides
19. 116mph
20. The Moody Blues
21. Daily Mail
22.  Commentator on Dancing on Ice
23. She was accused of murdering her father and burying him in their garden 12 years ago
24. Nico, a silverback gorilla (at Longleat)
25. Cauliflower steak

Friday January 5 newsquiz answers

1. In ambulances (waiting to enter an A&E unit)
2. The National Infrastructure Commission
3. Toby Young
4. 2022 (the 2022 election)
5. Henry Bolton (UKIP) 
6. Compass Group
7. A nuclear button
8. 100
9. Heather Knight and Sam Warburton 
10. Barry Gibb (Bee Gee) on being knighted
11. The Liverpool International Horse Show
12. Plastic waste
13. Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House 
14. Norwich
15. Andy Murray (after withdrawing from the Austrlian Open with a hip injury) 
16. Windsor
17. Iran 
18. The Brontë Society
19. He is a black-cab driver, convicted of rape and sexual assaults, who is to be released from jail
20. (Patas) Monkeys
21. An electrician
22. A terrorist
23. Virgin Trains
24. 'Spiked' a diner's vegan meal
25. Irn Bru

Friday December 29 newsquiz answers

1. The Bow Group
2. Rectification 
3. £200 
4. Bishop of Liverpool (Paul Bayes)
5. Kabul (Afghanistan)
6. Tesco
7. Egypt 
8. Six (eight in all competitions)
9. Serenity
10. Prince Charles (the Prince of Wales)
11. Drunk tanks (booze buses)
12. The marriage of Jamie and Louise Redknapp
13. The Bronx
14. Sheffield
15. Mrs Brown's Boys 
16. Racing driver Lewis Hamilton
17. Global warming
18. £600
19. Tokyo (accept Japan)
20. Liberia
21. Good Morning Britain receiving the most Ofcom complaints (1,142)
22. She took a picture of Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle, at Sandringham Church which was used on the front pages of newspapers all over the world 
23. Carry his bat (the term given to an opening batsman who is not dismissed when the innings ends) 
24. Leon (Bernicoff), one of its armchair critics who died age 83
25. An aardvark (called Misha)

Friday December 22 newsquiz answers

1. First Secretary of State (and Minister for the Cabinet Office)
2. Yvette Cooper
3. Twitter’s blue tick system of verification
4. Mutineers and traitors
5. Nigel Farage
6. The African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa
7. The Cameron House Hotel
8. Toys R Us
9. 80mph (130km/h)
10. Blue passport  
11. Chesterfield
12. Jessica Ennis-Hill
13. Avon and Somerset Police
14. The Daily Telegraph
15. He was charged with 12 counts of rape and sexual assault but his trial collapsed after police were ordered to hand over phone records
16. Bishop of London
17. Togo, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Marshall Islands, Guatemala and Honduras
18. 20 
19. Score more than 100 runs in the Ashes series
20. Aldi 
21. A leak on the HMS Queen Elizabeth – the UK's new £3.1 billion aircraft carrier 
22. Jacob Rees-Mogg
23. Scooby-Doo
24. Fitted spikes to trees (in an attempt to prevent birds perching and creating a mess on cars)
25. Her 12-hour shift at the care home where she works

Friday December 15 newsquiz answers

1. Eleven
2. Dominic Grieve
3. Frictionless
4. (More than) Three million
5. 21p
6. Perpignan
7. They were charged with murdering four children in a petrol bomb attack on a house near Salford 
8. Being born with her heart outside her body
9. Alabama
10. Grenfell
11. 15
12. Former celebrity publicist Max Clifford 
13. Russian submarine drones (that can cut underwater cables)
14. Soap actor Jamie Lomas and Radio DJ Iain Lee
15. Dr Brown Bear (from Peppa Pig)
Christmas posters
17. Keith Chegwin, who died age 60
18. 21st Century Fox
19. May 19 2018
20. Slithering reptile
21. An eighth planet around a distant star, making it the first alien solar system known to host as many planets as our own 
22. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
23. Wine glasses
24. Minus 13C
25. Save the Children 

Friday December 8 newsquiz answers

1. Sir Keir Starmer (Labour's Brexit spokesman) 
2. Red line
3. 850
4. Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage 
5. Stanley Johnson (Boris’s father) after being voted out of the jungle in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here
6. Dead terrorist
7. The recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by the US
8. Bitcoin
9. Secretary of State for War
10. Panama and Tunisia
11. Train fares
12. The X Factor
13. Reversing around a corner and the three-point turn (turn in the road)

14. 10p
15. Caroline
16. Seven
17. Johnny Hallyday who died age 74
18. They were threatened by wildfires in California
19. Theresa May. 
20. South Korea (Pyeongchang)
21. Twirling pizza dough and baking it in a wood-fired brick oven (pizzaiuolo)
22. Dancing on Ice
23. Lead us not into temptation (as God would never do such a thing)
24. Calvin Klein pants
25. Ben

Friday December 1 newsquiz answers

1. Nottingham
2. Botswana
3. Rachel
4. Britain First
5. Brendan Cox, the widower of murdered MP Jo Cox
6. Morrisons
7. Plastic
8. His alleged headbutt on Australia batsman Cameron Bancroft
9. NatWest 
10. Five
11. Donald Trump tweeted her when he meant to tweet the Prime Minister, Theresa May
12. His dog collar (ending his symbolic protest over Robert Mugabe's leadership of Zimbabwe)
13. Tenerife
14. The amount of pornography viewed on a computer seized from Tory MP Damian Green’s office
15. Leo Varadkar
16. The shortlist for BBC Sports Personality of the Year
17. He drank poison in court in the Hague after his 20-year jail term had been upheld
18. Vice-chancellor of the University of Bath (over complaints about excessive levels of pay)
19. Stormzy
20. The Chennai Six (who were acquitted of weapons charges after four years in prison in India) 
21. Former England manager Sam Allardyce on taking over at Everton
22. Mount Agung
23. The Ice Bucket Challenge (which raised millions for research into motor neurone disease/ALS)
24. They ate strawberries and cream (won in the Dingo Dollar Challenge) that they were supposed to share with their I’m a Celebrity campmates
25. A police car

Friday November 24 newsquiz answers

1. £300,000
2. (High-strength) white ciders
3. Uncaring and uncouth
4. European Capital of Culture 
5. A member of the audience suddenly fell ill
6. Unemployed
7. The Free Democratic Party (Freie Demokratische Partei - FDP) 
8. £50m (£50.1m) 
9. Getlink
10. The Crocodile
11. Black Friday
12. They were all fired from The Apprentice - only the second time in the show’s history there has been a triple-sacking
13. 1998 
14. Aled Jones (who stood down from Songs of Praise after a complaint of inappropriate behaviour)
15. Centrica (British Gas’s owner)
16. Uber
17. The Hague
18. San Juan
19. Robinho
20. The Partridge Family (David Cassidy) and Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads (Rodney Bewes)
21. He is the former British public schoolboy who is dating Malia Obama
22. Brisbane
23. Gerry Adams (outgoing Sinn Féin president) 
24. Platinum
25. Sleeping Beauty

Friday November 17 newsquiz answers

1. Prosperity
2. A Brexit mutineer
3. Goldman Sachs 
4. Information
5. The Queen did not lay the head of state's wreath (Prince Charles took her place)
6. 71
7. Short and fat
8. Daisy Goodwin
9. Grace
10. Leonardo da Vinci 
11. 77
12. John Lewis (for its Moz the Monster advert)
13. Bob Geldof
14. He put a note on an ambulance which read: 'You may be saving lives, but don’t park your van in a stupid place and block my drive'
15. 1958
16. 61.6% (accept 61 or 62)
17. Duty Free
18. Female Spitfire and Hurricane pilot
19. The Church of England
20. Wakefield prison
21. He was found guilty of  throwing acid in a London nightclub (wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm and assault occasioning actual bodily harm)
22. Mali
23. Papua New Guinea
24. Taking their own lunch to work rather than buying it on the high street
25. A sausage roll 
Thursday November 9 newsquiz answers

1. Penny Mourdant 
2. 12
3. Teaching journalism
4. Carwyn Jones
5. John Paul Getty 
6. Isle of Man
7. Bono
8. Sutherland Springs
9. Enniskillen
10. Samoa
11. She gave Donald Trump the finger as she cycled past his car
12. Coronation Street
13. 63
14. 18
15. Keira Knightley
16. George Orwell (Eric Blair)
17. Venice
18. Two Greedy Italians
19. Chinese, Japanese and Korean
20. David Moyes, on taking over as manager of West Ham
21. He refused to rent to Indian or Pakistani tenants ‘because of curry smells’
22. 28.5 percent (accept 28 percent or 29 percent)
23. Dementia (ahead of heart disease for the first time)
24. (Uncastrated) wild boar
25. Naked photos and videos of themselves

Friday November 3 newsquiz answers

1. Chief Whip
2. A Tarantula spider
3. Kneegate
4. Kelvin Hopkins
5. 2011
6. House of Cards
7. Death of a Salesman
8. Uzbekistan
9. Argentina
10. Sedition
11. 2007
12. Bhutan
13. Fake News
14. He died, along with five of his children in a fire in Wales
15. Mercedes
16. Falsely claimed his family had died in the Grenfel Tower fire 
17. Scotland
18. Six
19. Nippy Bus
20. Stand for Russian president against Vladimir Putin
21. Spain
22. The maximum stake on betting machines
23. Saved her mother's life by phoning 999 and describing her symptoms when she collapsed and her breathing stopped 
24. Fields of Gold
25. Disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein

Friday October 27 newsquiz answers

1. That he leaked details of the meeting between Jean-Claude Juncker and Theresa May (he is Juncker’s chief of staff)
2. The women and equalities committee
3. Kill them
4. 70 million
5. Trumped it
6. Mariano Rajoy 
7. Goodwill ambassador (envoy)
8. Ronald Koeman (Everton) and Claude Puel (Leicester)
9. Whitbread
10. Nuneaton (at the MFA bolwing alley)
11. Rosemary Leach, who died age 81
12. Mexico
13. Photographer Terry Richardson (in the wake of sexual abuse allegations)
14. 60mph speed limit
15. Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller 
16. New Zealand
17. Blueberry Hill
18. Lloyds Pharmacy
19. He attached 100 helium balloons to a camping chair and travelled 16 miles across South Africa
20. Rosie Cooper
21. Cambridge (Evening) News
22. Dr Who actress Jodie Whittaker (after her companions were announced)
23. Venice
24. Butter
25. Crete

Friday October 20 newsquiz answers

1. Peanuts
2. Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond (after calling the EU the enemy)
3. 299 to 0
4. Three
5. With an hour-long bath
6. Lysette Anthony
7. Shakespeare in Love
8. Prostitution ring 
9. Merlin
10. Spain (the article would allow it to take over the running of Catalonia)
11. Eniola (Eni) Aluko
12. Malta
13. 31
14. She was taken to hospital with a broken toe
15. Lincoln in the Bardo
16. St Paul’s Cathedral (the Whispering Gallery)
17. Sexual orientation
18. Scrap Crimewatch (after 33 years)
19. Comedian Sean Hughes, who died of cirrhosis aged 51
20. Newcastle United
21. Malala (Yousafzai) 
22. White poppies
23. Ed Sheeran
24. Morrisons (in Lowestoft)
25. Sahara Desert

Friday October 13 newsquiz answers

1. Georgina Chapman
2. His honorary CBE 
3. Cannes Film Festival 
4. Rose McGowan
5. Deadlock
6. All flights between the EU and the UK
7. Former chancellor Nigel Lawson
8. Reading
9. The British Lion
10. The Christian Union
11. The old pound coin ceasing to be legal tender on October 15
12. Sally (Sally-Anne) Jones
13. Wick
14. Iceland
15. Slovenia 
16. A Dove advert in which she removed a skin-coloured t-shirt to reveal a white woman
17. The Black Swan
18. Ophelia
19. 1988
20. Pigging (Pulling a Pig)
21. By taking shelter in their neighbours’ swimming pool
22. Samsung Electronics
23. Great Ormond Street
24. Seven Sisters
25. A stag (male deer) in Richmond Park

Friday October 6 newsquiz answers

1. F and E
2. Simon Brodkin
3. Eight
4. The number of black males being stopped and searched
5. (Gordon) Brown and (John) Major
6. Sirte 
7. 32nd 
8. A white truck that he commandeered to take victims of the Las Vegas shooting to hospital
9. Bump stock
10. Wiltshire 
11. Seven
12. Carles Puigdemont
13. Fracking 
14. Tesco
15. Martin Skrtel (own goal for Scotland) and Harry Kane (England)
16. Monarch
17. 66
18. Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas of Myra) 
19. Her parachute
20. Motor Neurone
21. Luxembourg
22. He was jailed for life for the murders of 'Good Samaritan' Tracey Wilkinson and her 13-year-old son Pierce
23. Wrapping two children in cling film
24. Winning the 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature 
25. Celebrity to leave Strictly Come Dancing

Friday September 29 newsquiz answers

1. Mainstream 
2. Private Finance Initiative
3. Piers Morgan
4. Prince Harry (for saying he 'can’t fly a helicopter’)
5. Manchester
6. 94
7. Frauke Petry
8. 5pm, Friday September 29
9. Chicken livers
10. Ten months
11. Cut herself (with scissors)
12Vera Duckworth
13. 633
14. Playboy’s Hugh Hefner who died age 91 this week
15. Eight
16.Stealing popcorn from Prince Harry at the Invictus games
17. Amadeus Altea
18. 2 Sisters Food Group 
19. Australia and New Zealand
20. Mbargo
21. NFL protesters who knelt during the US national anthem  
22. Women being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia
23. Maluma
24. Breakfast at Tiffany's
25. Otter

Friday September 22 newsquiz answers

1. 21
2. Greyball
3. Santa Maria Novella
4. Nest of singing birds
5. Two hours
6. Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary
7. Sex and sleep
8. Germany
9. Rocket Man
10. Dotard
11. Sunbury-on-Thames
12. Tessa Jowell
13. Harry and Amelia
14. His Michelin Guide three stars (because he can no longer stand the pressure)
15. Romalu Lukaku (Manchester United)
16. Jake LaMotta
17. The River Amazon
18. L’Oreal
19. 120 (some newspapers reported 100, so both answers are acceptable)
20.  He was the Queen’s private secretary who was allegedly forced out of his job in power struggle with Prince Charles
21. 15 to 1
22. Archie
23. A 12-year-old girl trapped in the rubble of Mexican earthquake
24. Bristol Academy, (since renamed Bristol City Women)
25. John Lemon (they changed it to On Lemon)

Friday September 15 newsquiz answers

1. 36 
2. Seven
3. European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker
4. Libya
5. 32 per cent
6. A pay rise for NHS staff and scrapping the hike in student tuition fees
7. Parsons Green 
8. Crystal Palace and Frank de Boer
9. Sir Peter Hall (who died age 86)
10. Hodgkin Lymphoma
11. Aileen
12. Serena Williams
13. Paris and Los Angeles
14. Great Yarmouth High School
15. ‘Allo ‘Allo!
16. A ‘monster’ fatberg discovered in an east London sewer 
17. Bestival
18. Win the Tours of France and Spain (La Vuelta)  
19. Colombia (in the city of Cartagena)
20. A kidney (Selena Gomez)
21. Portugal
22. Cassini
23. They removed their six-year-old son from school after a male classmate was allowed to attend the primary school in a dress 
24. A macaque monkey (called Naruto)
25. Theresa May chopped up and in bags

Friday September 8 newsquiz answers

1. Begging
2. Thomas’s Battersea
3. Hyperemesis Gravidarum
4. Richard Branson
5. Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands
6. Monstrosity
7. The Guardian
8. Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury
9. Abortion
10. #MoggMentum
11. Laura Simpson
12. Vanity Fair and Closer
13. Mary Berry
14. Mo Farrah
15. A pint of beer
16. 14 seconds
17. Birmingham
18. A Scorpion
19. Palmerston
20. Steely Dan
21. Dreamers
22. DNA tests on Salvador Dali’s exhumed body proved she was not his daughter
23. He ran into a massive fire at the Burning Man festival in Nevada.
24. All new pupils must wear trousers which he described as 'gender neutrality nonsense’.
25. Self diagnosis through online searching
Friday September 1 newsquiz answers

1. Quitter
2. £1,000 Bank of England note
3. Michel Barnier
4. Kezia Dugdale, leader of the Scottish Labour Party
6. Charlie Hebdo
7. The White Garden
8. They are lorry drivers who have been charged following a crash on the M1 in which eight people died
9. Frankfurt
10. Beachy Head near Eastbourne
11. Winchester and Radley
12. The Oval
13. British citizen
14. 888
15. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal to Liverpool) and Danny Drinkwater (Leicester City to Chelsea)
16. Green
17. Sir David Tang who died this week age 63
18. Uber driver
19. Tenth
20. Gone With the Wind
Wayne Rooney
22. Turkish Airlines
23. Doncaster Sheffield
24. The computer hard-drive containing the unfinished books of Sir Terry Pratchett (it is the name of a steamroller)
25. Nemo
Friday August 25 newsquiz answers

1. 2009 (October)
2. British Supreme Court
3. Blessed
4. Finland
5. 8,400
6. The chimes of Big Ben being stopped
7. Prince William talking about being told of the death of his mother
8. Cheshire
9. Mumsnet
10. Ebola
11. Budapest
12. He was arrested in Turkey after trying to take home some ancient coins found on the seabed while snorkelling during a family holiday
13. Wanton or furious driving
14. 119
15. Comedy actor Jerry Lewis
16. Blacked up
17. On stamps (launched by Royal Mail to commemorate playthings from the last 100 years)
18. A tick bite
19. Bad Wolf
20. Tooting
21. Sunday Politics
22. Singer Sinead O’Connor
23. 18
24. Grade 9

25. Change

Friday August 18 newsquiz answers

1. Cambrils (on the Costa Dorada)
2. Moussa Oukabir
3. Heather Heyer
4. Magnified
5. A statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee
6. Fantasy
7. James Chapman
8. North East Somerset
9. Bruce Forsyth, who died today age 89
10. The Garden Bridge
11. Freetown
12. 3.6 per cent
13. Vancouver
14. Fanny Hill
15. For his efforts to protect MP Jo Cox as she was attacked by right-wing extremist Thomas Mair
16. Workers who will be refurbishing Big Ben, causing it to be silenced for four years
17. Tom Cruise broke his ankle during a stunt
18. Bond 25
19. 26 per cent
20. Alexandre Lacazette (Arsenal)
21. He was the American investment banker arrested by police seeking a jogger who pushed a woman into the path of a bus - but released because he could prove he was in the U.S.
22. Madeira
23. Nearly 20mph
24. OurMine
25. Primark (Pr-eye-mark is correct)

Friday August 11 newsquiz answers

1. Fire, fury

2. Senator John McCain
3. Sanctuary (accept Operation Shelter)
4. XY
5. Taylor Swift
6. Royal Bank of Scotland
7. Lucifer
8. Botswana
9. Fipronil
10. Mollie King 
11. Guam
12. Marxism 
13. Putney Bridge 
14. Cadiz
15. Arsenal (Stan Kroenke)
16. Theresa May
17. Glen Campbell
18. Game, set and match
19. Paris
20. He was the Google engineer who wrote an internal memo which said women were too 'neurotic' to cope with top jobs
21. Tesco
22. Brazil
23. She was the British model allegedly kidnapped during a modelling assignment in Milan
24. 83
25. He wasn’t prepared to lose his hair

Friday August 4 newsquiz answers

1. Secretary of State for International Trade (President of the Board of Trade)
2. 0.25 per cent
3. Prince Philip who retired from solo royal duties this week
4. (The battle of) Passchendale
5. Ten
6. He is the actor and voice coach who recorded the Diana Tapes which will be broadcast on Channel 4 on Sunday? 
7. Torch Tower (the Marina Torch)
8. Checking the passports of departing passengers
9. 10
10. Calculation and rationality
11. The AA 
12. He was an IRA bomb maker - amassing bomb materials intended for use in attacks by dissident Irish republicans
13. Win a cricket Test match with a hat-trick
14. Hywel Bennett, who died age 73
15. Six empty bus seats
16. Portugal
17. The Three Musketeers 
18. Staff thought they were on a stag do
19. The Netherlands.
20. Tunnels covered with pollution-absorbing material 
21. Winston Churchill
22. The Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland
23. Their own language
24. A gold medal for the 2011 heptathlon title (following the disqualification of the original medalist for doping)
25. Celebrity Big Brother

Friday July 28 newsquiz answers

1. Ruth Davidson
2. Italy, Belgium and Switzerland
3. 2040
4. Transgender people 
5. Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDS) 
6. Fox hunting
7. Acid attack response kits 
8. Always finish a course of antibiotics
9. The Walkie Talkie
10. 23
11. Sperm counts 
12. Mike Ashley, CEO of Sports Direct
13. Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy
14. Bulimia (nervosa)
15. Tom Chambers (from Casualty)
16. She was found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct and banned from teaching after having had drunken sex with a pupil on a flight
17. Penguins
18. Thanet
19. Planet Earth
20. Primark
21. A life-changing operation to remove BGT dancer Julia Carlile's severe back pain
22. Dame Joan Collins
Love Island 2017
24. A sticker with the words ‘My tooth fell out today’
25. Aldi

Friday July 21 newsquiz answers

1. 96
2. Claudia Winkleman
3. #notonthelist
4. Woman's Hour
5. Charlie Gard
6. Stutthof
7. Roll out the red carpet
8. David Davis, the Brexit secretary
9. Driving trains
10. 74
11. HS2
12. He is head of France's armed forces who resigned over military budget cuts planned by President Emmanuel Macron
13. 2037
14. South Yorkshire
15. John McCain
16. Thailand
17. Eight
18. Royal Ascot
19. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
20. Game of Thrones
21. Xanda
22. Test cricket?
Former England captain Michael Vaughan
23. Duchess of Cambridge
24. Mercedes
25. 13th

Friday July 14 newsquiz answers

1. Vince Cable (Lib Dem)
2. Go whistle
3. She used the N-word during a discussion about Brexit
4. Bath 
5. Territories (specifically Gibraltar) after the Spanish King hinted at 'new arrangements' for the Rock
6. 56 per cent 
7. Robert Goldstone
8. Bridgette Macron, wife of the French president 
9. 2,400
10. Equal pension rights for gay couples
11. Arsenal season tickets.
12. Sam Querrey
13. Nine
14. Keep washing machines in the kitchen
15. The Hyde Park bombing in 1982, which killed four soldiers and seven horses
16. First Man in Britain to have a baby
17. Bournemouth striker Jermain Defoe
18. Thomas Cook - for fraudulent sickness claims
19. He offered £5,000 on Facebook for someone to ‘accidentally' run over anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller
20. Footballer Rio Ferdinand (accept Anton Ferdinand)
21. Mad Cool 
22. Six
23. The Bill
24. She was blown off her feet by a jet blast while watching an airliner take off on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten
25. Eddie, a 15-year-old work experience boy 

Friday July 7 newsquiz answers

1. David Davis (Brexit Secretary)
2. Leader of Kensington and Chelsea council (after the resignations following the Grenfell Tower fire)
3. Warsaw 

4. Welcome to Hell
5. Bambino Gesù
6. Sixtus
7. Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley
8. Topshop heiress Chloe Green
9. Barry Norman, BBC presenter and film critic, who died age 83
10. He wrestled a towel from a young tennis fan that had been thrown by US tennis player Jack Sock
11. Heather Watson, Aljaz Bedene and Johanna Konta
12. 1937
13. Mel Brown (Scary Spice)
14. 2019
15. France
16. Be sent off for the All Blacks during a test match
17. Grotbags
18. CNN
19. He was sentenced to life for the murder and manslaughter of two ex-girlfriends
20. The Henley Regatta
21. 56
22. Peter Sagan
23. Glistening
24. Smoking
25. Morrissey

Friday June 30 newsquiz answers

1. The 'confidence and supply' agreement between the Conservative Party and the Democratic Unionist Party
2. 14 (323 votes to 309)
3. For voting against the Labour Party by supporting an amendment to the Queen's Speech to stay in the single market and customs union
4. Access all medical services including abortion without charge
5. Reset
6. Sir Martin Moore-Bick
7. Venus Williams  
8. The Masque of Anarchy
9. Jon Snow

10. David Denton (former chief superintendent), Alan Foster (former detective chief inspector), Peter Metcalfe (solicitor), Graham Mackrell (former Sheffield Wednesday club secretary)
11. Wear a tie
12. €2.4 billion

13. He was the policeman who told his story of how he was attacked and stabbed by three terrorists on London Bridge
14. Spain’s
15. Angelique Kerber (Germany)
16. Writer Michael Bond, creator of Paddington Bear, who died age 91 this week
17. Reading
18. Command troops guarding the Queen at Buckingham Palace
19. HMS Queen Elizabeth
20. South Korea

21. ATM cashpoint machine (which celebrated its 50th anniversary this week)
22. To see his newly born twins (by a surrogate mother)
23. Having sex by pretending to be a man
24. Iain Duncan Smith
25. Morrisinghs
Friday June 23 newsquiz answers

1. 27
2. They were Tory manifesto pledges that weren’t included in the Queen’s Speech
3. Movement for Justice By Any Means Necessary
4. Five
5. Two Ronnies  
6. David Lidington, Justice Secretary
7. Kensington Row
8. Bridge Over Troubled Water
9. Darren Osborne
10. He shielded the Finsbury Park terror suspect from attackers
11. Brussels Central Station
12. Newsweek
13. Australia 
14. Brian Cant (the Playschool presenter who died age 83)
15. He was the 22-year-old American college student who died after being released by North Korea in a coma after more than a year in captivity
16. The victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy
17. Barclays
18. Skirts … after being told they weren’t allowed to wear shorts in the hot weather
19. Big Orange
20. Portugal
21. Ant McPartlin
22. Crewe
23. Cricket comentator Henry Blofeld (who is actually 77)
24. Operation Stovewood
25. Johnny Depp

Friday June 16 newsquiz answers

1. Kensington and Chelsea 
2. Singer Lily Allen
3. Reynobond
4. Mini-mafia
5. Wednesday (June 21)
6. Environment Secretary
7. Owen Smith
8. The Good Friday agreement
9. Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy
10. Faithful Christian
11. 262
12. 2.9 per cent
13. Berliner
14. Mayweather’s father 
15. Switzerland
16. Keith Richards (Rolling Stones)
17. An IRA bomb on exploded on the family boat in Sligo
18. Venezuela 
19. A tram
20. Four years
21. A baseball game 
22. Sweden
23. She hung by her teeth from a helicopter over Niagra Falls  (and broke a world record) 
24. DFS
25. Adam West (who played Batman in the sixties TV series) who died age 88

Friday June 9 newsquiz answers

1. The Democratic Unionist Party
2. Confidence
3. Kensington
4. Female Sikh MP
5. Alex Salmond 
6. 69 per cent (68.7).
7. UKIP leader Paul Nuttall
8. Newcastle Central
9. Running through fields of wheat
10. Shadow Home Secretary (replacing Diane Abbott 'for the period of her ill health')
11. The Wheatsheaf
12. Eight

13. Issuing parking fines to drivers who abandoned their cars in Borough High Street
14. Saudi Arabia
15. Notre Dame in Paris
16. Parrs Wood High School
17. Somewhere Over the Rainbow 
18. Qatar
19. Phil Collins
20. Turin (they were Juventus fans watching the Champions League final in Piazza San Carlo) 
21. Magician Issy Simpson, aged 8
22. Peter Sallis who died this week at 96
23. Children’s laureate
24. Meddlesome priest
25. Ella and Alexander 

Friday June 2 newsquiz answers

1. Amber Rudd (Home Secretary) and Angus Robertson (deputy leader of the SNP)

2. It claimed the audience had a Left-wing bias
3. Abolish the monarchy
4. Blowhard 
5. She said 'We’ve not yet shot anybody’ while campaigning for the seat formerly held by the murdered MP Jo Cox
6. Boris Johnson (Foreign Secretary)
7. The Paris Agreement (Accord de Paris) on climate change
8. Covfefe
9. Person of Interest
10. 15 years
11. Kabul (Afghanistan)
12. Hamerton Zoo Park in Cambridgeshire
13. Go an entire season undefeated in all domestic competitions 
14. International Airlines Group
15. Former Blue Peter presenter John Noakes
16. So it does not clash with Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester benefit concert 
17. Ingenious Media
18. Ladbible
19. Florida
20. Beards - so that workers could 'wear appropriate dust masks effectively’
Alec Gilroy

22. £5.56
23. The Parker Solar Probe (named after astrophysicist Eugene Parker) 
24. Seven
25. 21

Friday May 26 newsquiz answers

1. Ariana Grande
2. Libya
3. Critical
4. This Is The Place
5. Jason Manford
6. The New York Times
7. Royal Manchester Children's Hospital 
8. Paul Pogba
9. BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg
10. Half-baked
11. Five
12. Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams
13. Theresa May (She also admitted making bomb threats to Harrods, London's Kings Cross Station and Edinburgh Airport)
14. Rolf Harris
15. Sam Allardyce (Crystal Palace) Marco Silva (Hull City) and David Moyes (Sunderland)  
16. A diamond ring (with a 26.27-carat, cushion-shaped, white diamond)
17. Twin Peaks
18. Martin Luther King
19. Montenegro
20. He designed Pippa Middleton’s wedding dress
21. Charlie Gard
22. Seven
23. M6
24. This Morning
25. Gary Lineker (as part of a Walkers crisps advert that was hijacked)

Friday May 19 newsquiz answers

1. Mayism
2. £100,000
3. The National Health Service
4. One year
5. Four (on national saints days)
6. At a reception celebrating the re-election of President Assad in Syria
7. Danny DeVito
8. 1p
9. Ashworth Hospital
10. Saddleworth Moor
11. He drove a car into New York's Times Square, killing a teenager and injuring 22 people
12. WannaCry
13. Bitcoins
14. Marcus Hutchins 
15. 30 
16. Plymouth
17. Portugal
18. Édouard Philippe
19. James Matthews
20. Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
21. White Hart Lane
22. Casino Royale (You Know My Name)
23. Rolf Harris
24. Joanna Lumley
25. The pinny, hair curlers and headscarf of Coronation Street legend Hilda Ogden

Friday May 12 newsquiz answers

1. The railways
2. £80,000 a year
3. Capping household energy bills
4. Take the bins out

5. His left foot was run over by a car driving Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to a meeting in London
6. 2.8 per cent
7. 56
8. Terminated
9. 66.1 per cent (accept 66)
10. Le Touquet 
11. Splash Canyon
12. 82
13. France and Argentina
14. Geoffrey Bayldon
15. David Beckham
16. They appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court charged with the preparation of a terrorist act and conspiracy to murder
17. Emma Watson
18. Australia
19. Dappy (Costadinos Contostavlos)
20. £453 million
21. Paul Pogba (for his £89 million transfer from Juventus to Manchester United last summer)
22. Never Give Up on You
23. Children
24. The menopause
25. Llamas

Friday May 5 newsquiz answers

1. Tony Blair
2. Brussels gossip
3. 10,000
4. They are all councils where the Conservatives gained control in the local elections
5. En Marche!
6. Lords cricket ground
7. The Sun
8. Fourth
9. Closer (French edition)
10. Eleven
11. The bank of mum and dad
12. Cufflinks
13. The Co-op
14. Everton
15. Missing children (it is the local church of Kate and Gerry McCann who attended)
16. Jubilee
17. She was proposed to by former US president Barack Obama
18. He was shot by intruders at his home in Dorset 
19. Westport (on the Kintyre peninsula)
20. Bear
22. Bryan Adams
23. Strictly Come Dancing
24. £40 million
25. The Fidget Spinner 

Friday April 28 newsquiz answers

1. Strong and stable
2. Mugwump
3. The Liberal Democrats
4. 61 per cent
5. Richard Branson (Virgin)
6. Jewish people
7. Mahatma Gandhi
8. He is 39 and she (Brigette) is 64
9. St James's Park 
10. Lee Charnley
11. Colston Hall 
12. Arsenal and Chelsea
13. The penguin
14. Actor Tom Hardy
15. Blue Riband
16. Kate McCann, referring to the tenth anniversary of the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine
17. The crisis on the Korean peninsula
18. Ride a bike
19. He was the ex-Royal Navy officer who was killed as he tried to prevent thieves from stealing his car from his home in Manchester
20. Chocolate with milk
21. Las Vegas
22. Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN)
23. Jeremy Meeks (former felon turned model)
24. Hummus
25. A giant rabbit

Friday April 21 newsquiz answers

1. 13
2. Wales (Snowdonia)
3. Not taking part in televised election debates
4. Establishment
5. Sky editor-at-large Adam Boulton
6. Brenda from Bristol (Brenda Parsons in an interview with the BBC’s John Kay)
7. Mr Fish Finger
8. They are Labour MPs who announced they will not be contesting their seats in the General Election
9. The shooting of a police officer on the Champs Elysees
10. USS Carl Vinson
11. Lady Gaga
12. Stiff upper lip
13. Harry Redknapp (at Birmingham FC)
14. Sicily (Catania)
15. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan after winning a referendum giving him sweeping new powers
16. Jessica Ennis-Hill after becoming a dame
17. April the giraffe (at the Animal Adventure Park in New York)
18. The Sahara Desert (southern Morocco)
19. Snapchat.
20. The Seagulls (Brighton and Hove Albion)
21. Mangle (in Dalston)
22. Marks & Spencer and Debenhams
23. She finished the Boston Marathon 50 years after becoming the first woman to officially enter the race
24. Lidl 
25. ‘Donald Trump has been impeached.’

Friday April 14 newsquiz answers

1. Mother Of All Bombs
2. Chemical weapons 
3. Lucca
4. North Korea
5. Monaco
6. Chris Bevington
No 1 Daddy 

8. Chicago
9. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
10. He was appointed as the first male editor of British Vogue
11. One For Arthur
San Bernardino 
13. Gordon Ramsay
14. Target
15. Justin Rose 
16. The Hatton Garden Job
17. Tesco
18. Photograph and Amazing
19. Eight-month-old Charlie Gard
20. Derry (Londonderry)
21. Jaeger
22. She stared down English Defence League protester (Ian Crossland) at a Birmingham demo
23. Dunkirk
24. For posting comments (some of which were abusive) on a newspaper website about cases in which he had been a judge and a barrister (His real name is Jason Dunn-Shaw) 
25. Donna

Friday April 7 newsquiz answers

1. 59
2. In Florida (hosting Chinese president Xi Jinping)
3. Sarin
4. Cuckolded husband
5. Infanta Cristina
6. £490 million (accept £500 million)
7. A bomb exploded killing 13 people on the metro in St Petersburg

8. Vicki Sparks
9. She did not wear a headscarf
10. Stephen Belafonte (Mel B's estranged husband who is denying claims he physically and emotionally abused her)
11. Marmite
12. Ken Livingstone, after being suspended from the Labour Party for 'anti-semitic' comments
13. Pepsi (after its controversial advert featuring Kendall Jenner at a protest was widely criticised)
14. Brian Matthew
15. Diesel cars
16. Deliveroo (in a document to ensure that some workers are self-employed rather than staff)
17. Katie Walsh
18. (A bunch of) gangsters
19. She was the fifth victim of the Westminster Bridge attack who died after her life support machine was switched off
20. Cadburys and the National Trust
21. Mark Reckless
22. A Supreme Court ruling that parents who take their children out of school for term time holidays can be prosecuted  
23. Free school meals for every primary school child
24. Because they feared a father who booked in with his 13-year-old daughter was a paedophile
25. Singer Barry Manilow 

Friday March 31 newsquiz answers

1. Sir Tim Barrow
2. Blackmail
3. Lloyds of London
4. 69
5. The Daily Mail’s front page ‘Legs it’ picture showing her legs (and those of Nicola Sturgeon)
7. Bristol
8. Lioness
9. She is the wife of killer Khalid Masood who issued a statement saying: 'I am saddened and shocked by what Khalid has done.'
10. £10
11. Postman Pat
12. Daffodils (that they had picked from a grass verge)
13. Penelope Fillon (wife of French presidential candidate)
14. Mosul
15. Sunderland
16. Highgate
17. He was mauled to death by his own Staffordshire bull terrier
18. Milton Keynes
19. Madeira
20. Karen Millen
21. Coal
22. Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum And Dad
23. David Beckham
Heads Together (A
national conversation about mental health)
25. The new £1 coin

Friday March 24 newsquiz answers

1. London Mayor Sadiq Khan

2. Bournemouth East
3. Brighton
4. Charlton Athletic
5. Boxing
6. Antwerp
7. Bogside and Derry
8. Lord (Norman) Tebbit
9. Cherry-picking
10. George Galloway

11. US Vogue
12. My Ding-a-Ling
13. Thomas Gainsborough 
14. The white cliffs of Dover
15. Colin Dexter (the creator of Inspector Morse) who died this week age 86
16. £8.60
17. Mozambique
18. Google
19. Piers Morgan gagged (from Twitter for 24 hours) and in a Spurs shirt
20. Lukas Podolski (who scored for Germany in the friendly game against England)
21. Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia
22. Norway
23. Galaxy (Ultimate Marshmallow) hot chocolate 
24. Saturday Kitchen
25. Autism

Friday March 17 newsquiz answers

1. A second Scottish independence referendum
2. BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg
3. Remnants
4. The investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann 
5. Sicily (after an explosion on Mount Etna)
6. Wetherspoons
7. Presenting the Great British Bake Off
8. The Daily Mail
9. Former deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg
10. The re-election of Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte
11. He shot four people including the headmaster at his school in Grasse in France
12. A cheetah
13. 1974
14. Verbieron
15. Broke spending limits at the 2015 general election
16. Ruby Walsh
17. Trowbridge
18. Sergeant Alexander Blackman
19. Claims that President Obama used GCHQ to spy on Donald Trump during the election
20. Grizz
21. Pakistan
22. Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Manchester City
23. Ruby Wax 
24. McDonald’s
25. Cuntageddon

Friday March 10 newsquiz answers

1. Nine per cent

2. Brexit
3. Driverless vehicles 
4.The UK’s first black female Lord Lieutenant (in Bristol)
5. South Lakes Safari Zoo
6. Vince
7. Double cream
8. PSA
9. Michael Heseltine (by Prime Minister Theresa May after rebelling on the Brexit bill in the Lords) 
10. Hawaii
11. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell
12. Heroin
13. Knights Templar 
14. Dusseldorf
15. She was involved in a fracas at Los Angeles airport that led to the arrest of her boyfriend Louis Tomlinson Of One Direction
16. The bell from the Herald of Free Enterprise that sank off Zeebrugge 30 years ago killing 193 people.
17. Kenya
18. 27 (one behind the DUP on 28)
19. French presidential election candidate Marine Le Pen  
20. The BBC (which sent the pictures to Facebook as part of an investigation)
21. Arsenal v Bayern Munich (12 goals). Barcelona v Paris St Germain was 11 goals
22. Malta (Gozo)
23. George Michael
24. Budgens
25. Black Sabbath

Friday March 3 newsquiz answers

1. Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz
2. Manchester by the Sea
3. Bill Paxton

4. 102 (358 to256)
5. Lord (Norman) Tebbit

6. TUI
7. JoJo bows
8. 89
9. Rye, Southwold and Harpenden.
10. Gerald Kaufman who died aged 86 

11. Soft coup
12. Durham (outstanding) and Bedfordshire (inadequate)
13. £147
14. Crisps
15. Tommy Gemmell
16. Liverpool Lime Street
17. Red Under the Bed
18. £363million

19. Attorney General Jeff Sessions 
20. She kept a £20 note she found in a shop in Stoke
21. Sinn Féin in the Northern Ireland Assembly elections. (She replaced Martin McGuinness)
22. He was jailed for eight years for stealing £1million from the home of Simon Cowell
23. Team Sky and British Cycling 
24. Charm and rhetoric
25. Bagels 

Friday February 24 newsquiz answers

1. Gareth Snell
2. 1982
3. The House of Lords
4. Wolverhampton
5. Ronald Fiddler
6. Metropolitan Police Commissioner (Cressida Dick)
7. 34 years
8. They lost their Court of Appeal fight to get civil partnerships for heterosexual couples legalised
9. Rag ’n’ Bone Man
10. Album of the Year (for Blackstar)
11. 8/1
12. Montenegro
13. The steps of the Queen's throne in the House of Lords
14. Former Prime Minister Ted Heath
15. Kraft Heinz
16. Ben Stokes
17. Melbourne
18. David Cassidy
19. Badminton and wheelchair rugby
20. Sweden
21. Nightscape
22. Presenting the National Television Awards
23. Indesit, Creda, Swan and Proline
24. The sacking of manager Claudio Ranieri by Leicester City
25. A sun-like star that has seven earth-like planets orbiting around it, increasing the likelihood of alien life

Thursday February 16 newsquiz answers

1. No (the motion stated that the Commons had 'no confidence in the speaker’
2. CNN
3. The Russian ambassador
4. That heading a football was a potential cause of dementia (her father Jeff Astle died in 2002 from early dementia, which the coroner found was caused by heading footballs)
5. Aslef
6. Rolls Royce
7. Kuala Lumpur
8. Five (best film, leading actress, director, cinematography, original music)
9. Worcester Cathedral
10. Tignes
11. Top Gear
12. Co-operative Bank
13. Google chief Sundar Pichai replied in person to her job application
14. Ben Stokes
15. Prue Leith
16. (Lime) Green
17. Mistakes on UKIP leader Paul Nuttall's website claiming he had lost close friends at Hillsborough
18. Pakistan
19. Vauxhall
20. JK Rowling
21. Reading
22. Harrison Ford 
23. X Factor singer James Arthur
24. Pressing the wrong button and voting against a controversial report on homosexuality and same-sex marriage
25. A mammoth and an elephant

Friday February 10 newsquiz answers

1. 52
2. John Bercow, the Speaker, after he said Donald Trump should not address Parliament

3. Surrey
4. £500 million
5. 78
6. Bowling Green (Kentucky)
7. She is a French politician who has been sharing the Chelsea home of Nigel Farage
8. 59
9. The Dubs scheme - named after Lord Dubs, whose successful amendment introduced it
10. Steptoe and Son
11. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, socialite and TV personality, who died aged 45
12. New England Patriots
13. Gibraltar
14. JK Rowling
15. The delay by police and security teams in dealing wth the massacre on the beach at Sousse, Tunisia
16. Coke
17. Malawi
18. Moorside
19. Red Cross
20. Lady Gaga after her ‘pot belly’ at the Super Bowl was criticised
21. Sheffield
22. He was filmed burning a £20 note in front of a homeless man
23. Travel to Syria to join the fight against Islamic State
24. Blackmail (of former England rugby player Danny Cipriani)
Present Blind Date

Friday February 3 newsquiz answers

1. 114
2. March 9

3. Migraine
4. Enoch Powell
5. Sudan and Yemen
6. The Queen
7. Malcolm Turnbull, Australian Prime Minister

8. A petition calling on Donald Trump to be prevented from making a State Visit to the UK
9. She was the acting attorney general fired by Donald Trump after refusing to defend his order closing the nation’s borders to refugees and people from predominantly Muslim countries
10. 18
11. Actor John Hurt who died aged 77
12. Alexandre Bissonnette
13. Become the next Dr Who
14. Richard Branson and his family
15. Dragons’ Den
16. Rail Delivery Group
17. A photo of Beyonce showing her pregancy bump
18. Under the O2 Arena (Millennium Dome)
19. Cameroon and Egypt
20. His libel battle with Kate and Gerry McCann
21. Jane Austen College
22. Emmerdale 
23. HBOS
24. Safeway 
25. Washed his hair
Friday January 27 newsquiz answers

1. Theresa (it was spelt Teresa)
2. Piers Morgan
3. Trans-Pacific Partnership
4. #Fucking Wall
5. Opposition
6. Florida 
7. Eight,  three
8. Tulip Siddiq
9. 1984 by George Orwell
10. 14
11. Venus and Serena Williams
12. 80
13. Northumbria
14. Hull City footballer who was taken to hospital for emergency surgery after fracturing his skull
15. Formula 1
16. Booker Group
17. Tam Dalyell,who died age 84 this week
18. Mary Berry
19. Philip Schofield
20. Having his teeth knocked out by guards at HMP Belmarsh
21. British Vogue, after 25 years
22. It is on a list of foods which the Food Standards Agency’s new campaign has advised people not to eat
23. A sling, after breaking his arm falling on ice
24. Mischa Barton
25. Rooster

Friday January 20 newsquiz answers

1. Punishment beatings
2. HSBC 

3. She will sing the National anthem
4. CNN
5. New York Jets 
6. Sasha
7. Martyr
8. Michael Gove
9. Melbourne
10. A WWII bomb was dredged up from the Thames
11. David Beckham
13. Meghan Markle’s brother Thomas
14. A bacon roll
15. It was buried under an avalanche
16. Switzerland
17. Walk on the moon
18. Six-time champion Novak Djokovic
19. Qatar
20. 1.6 percent
21. Gambia
22. Vogue (the US edition) 
23. Poland
24. Rachael Heyhoe Flint, the former England women's cricket captain, who died this week age 77
25. Cilla Black

Friday January 13 news quiz answers

1. Christopher Steele

2. January 20 
3. Jared Kushner (Donald Trump’s son-in-law)
4. Buzzfeed
5. Stevie Wonder
6. Presidential Medal of Freedom
7. Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex
8. She billed a friend £325 after her three-year-old daughter scuffed her shoes during a playdate
9. The heel of her shoe got stuck between paving stones
10. Ray J
11. Martin McGuinness
12. Aston Villa and Watford
13. Fort Lauderdale
14. The robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris
15. The number of teams will be increased to 48
16. He shot dead a truck driver who ran over Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem
17. Moonlight
18. Cecil B. DeMille award
19. He was the first British transgender man to announce he was pregnant
20. 249
21. The decision to hire a white actor, Joseph Fiennes, to play her father Michael Jackson in the comedy show Urban Myths
22. 1969
23. U2
24. Victoria and Albert Museum
25. David Beckham

Friday January 6 newsquiz answers

1. Tim Barrow
2. Reina nightclub
3. Oldham 
4. Jamie Oliver
5. The Dambusters (last member of 617 squadron)
6. 2.3 percent
7. Misogynistic
8. The leader of Unite union, Len McCluskey
9. M62
10. Hull City (Mike Phelan)
11. Mariah Carey
12. Scarborough
13. Janet Jackson (at 50)
14. A bookseller (Bloomingdales) which charges a 50p entry charge
15. 5 cms
16. Changed it to Hollyweed
17. He mocked Bournemouth footballer Harry Arter on Twitter over the death of his baby 
18. The Paris Metro (he was free-runner who co-founded the Brewman Parkour group
19. She was on trial at Ipswich Crown court accused of conspiracy to murder her former boyfriend by hiring a hit squad
20. Chelsea
21. Next  
22. Michael Fish
23. Living next to a busy road
24. A teddy bear (it was Campbell's mascot that floated to the surface after the crash) 
25. Bradley Walsh (Chasing Dreams)

Friday December 30 newsquiz answers

1. A nationwide ceasefire in Syria
2. 35 
3. Star Wars and Singin’ In The Rain (His sister’s character Princess Leia and his mother’s character Kathy Selden)
4. George Michael
5. Henry VIII
6. Acid House parties (raves)
7. Hillsborough campaigner Prof Phil Scraton 
8. The Calais ‘Jungle'
9. Ukraine
10. One Direction
11. Drive on motorways
12. Former England footballer Paul Gascoigne
13. Bristol
14. Kilburn
15. Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt, who died this week age 68
16. Heading the ball
17. Edinburgh
18. Life-long anonymity 
19. Reddit
20. The M40
21. Go to church
22. He was arrested for drink driving
23. 80
24. Richard Adams (author of Watership Down) who died this week age 96
25. Giant pandas  

Friday December 23 newsquiz answers

1. Breitscheidplatz 
2. Łukasz Urban
3. Blood on her hands
4. Milan
5. 22 
6. Zurich
7. Malta
8. Triathlete Alistair Brownlee (second) and equestrian Nick Skelton (third)
9. Michael Schumacher in his sick bed
10. They were hit by a tipper truck that had faulty breaks in Bath
11. He was jailed for life for murdering a woman he paid to be his escort
12. 25 
13. Marine A
14. Mary Poppins Returns
15. Two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova
16. Indiscriminate
17. Michelle Obama in an interview with Oprah Winfrey
18. Mexico
19. Lionel Rabbi Blue who died this week aged 86
20. Southern Rail services
21. For displaying poppies during World Cup qualifiers 
22. On the TV programme The Apprentice.
23. Unite
24. Nine (although by her own reckoning she was only married eight-and-a-half times - as one was annulled). 
25. Barbara and Conor

Friday December 16 newsquiz answers

1. Russia’s
2. National Action
3. James (Jim) Prior who died aged 89
4. Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen
5. Dublin
6. The US presidential election campaign (the Kremlin is alleged to have hacked the emails of the Democratic Party)
7. Yahoo
8. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
9. Lederhosen
10. 78
11. Karen Matthews (who was jailed for faking her daughter’s kidnapping and is seeking plastic surgery to build a new life) 
12. Besiktas and Bursaspor
13. Rio Ferdinand
14. Oldham
15. Sweden
16. Shergar in 1981 
17. Burton upon Trent
18. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (accept Rogue One)
19. She hit back after being mocked for her appearance by cyber bullies after her face was used in an internet meme
20. Love Actually
21. Boxer Amir Khan
22. The ‘liberation' of Aleppo (described by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad)
23. Lidl supermarket
24. £3million
25. He wore a multi-coloured woollen hat to raise awareness of a breast cancer charity

Friday December 9 newsquiz answers

1. 89
2. Bahrain
3. Students
4. Proxy
5. Austria
6. Matteo Ranzi
7. Pfizer and Flynn Pharma
8. Michelle Thomson

9. Tata Steel
10. HMS Illustrious
11. The Man in the Hat?
12. Thomas Bjorn
13. She is the 2016 Turner Prize winner
14. Operation Hydrant 

15. Maester Aemon (Game of Thrones) and Harry Grout or Grouty (Porridge)
16. Donald Trump (2016). They are the last four Time Magazine People of the Year
17. Greg Lake, who died age 69
18. 1962
19. 1. Conservative. 2. UKIP. 3. Lib Dems. 4. Labour
20. If Every Day Was Christmas
21. Jane Austen
22. The giraffe
23. Lord Sumption, at the Supreme Court hearing on Brexit
24. I’m A Celebrity contestant Martin Roberts (by fellow campmate Larry Lamb)
25. Mick Jagger

Friday December 2 newsquiz answers

1. Sarah Olney (Lib Dem)
2. Chelsea
3. Poof
4. Cuba (attending the funeral of Fidel Castro)
5. Announce he would not seek re-election
6. She is the parliamentary aide who walked down Downing Street with her handwritten notes revealing, apparently, the Government’s Brexit strategy ('have cake and eat it')

7. James Blunt
8. Chapecoense
9. Ohio State University
10. Disgraced former football coach Barry Bennell
11. Anorexia
12. Tranmere Rovers
13. Take an HIV test
14. Prime Minister of Poland
15. Kate Bush
16. Tallow
17. 89
18. Having a 'boob job’
19. Ed Balls after being voted out of Strictly Come Dancing
20. On the 2017 Pirelli Calendar

21. Lincolnshire (at Thornton Abbey, near Immingham)
22. Andrew Sachs (Manuel in Fawlty Towers) who died aged 86
23. Hull
24. He became Liverpool’s youngest ever goalscorer at 17 years, one month, 14 days
25. Tommy Tippee

Friday November 25 newsquiz answers

1. Autumn Statement (it is to be replaced by an Autumn Budget and Spring Statement)
2. Just about managing
3. 2.2 per cent
4. Affordable homes
5. Cowardice
6. Cardigan Bay
7. BBC Panorama
8. François Fillon
9. Barcelona
10. Heinz Beans
11. All the toilets on the plane were blocked
12. Crewe Alexandra
13. 2005
14. Kanye West
15. British ambassador to the United States
16. Tony Blair
17. Hamilton
18. Blackpool (he is a Strictly Come Dancing dancer)
19. Jurgen Klinsmann as football coach of the U.S. national team
20. £25million
21. Corona Beer
22. He was found guilty of the murder of four men he met using dating apps
23. Montpellier
24. India’s 
25. Beauty and the Beast 

Friday November 18 newsquiz answers

1. Whether there had been any official conversations regarding giving Nigel Farage a peerage
2. Marine Le Pen
3. Because of staff shortages after 10,000 prison officers walked out in a dispute over safety
4. The Rolling Stones' You Can't Always Get What You Want
5. Breitbart News
6. Hillary Clinton in her first speech since her election defeat
7. Post-truth
8. Alfred Dorris 
9. JS
10. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit New Zealand
11. Abu Dhabi (UAE)
12. Emily Bishop
13. Watford
14. She is the four-year-old girl who saved her mother’s life by ringing 999
15. 1948 
16. Walnut
17. (BBC) Wogan House
18. Dementia
19. The NHS
20. Hillsborough Untold
21. Ant and Dec
22. For protesting about the felling of eight 100-year-old trees in Sheffield.
23. Bob Dylan, who said he would not be attending the Nobel Prize award ceremony in Stockholm
24. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
25. Ripley's Believe It or Not museum

Friday November 11 newsquiz answers

1. 306 (Clinton got 232)
2. 45
3. Wounds of division
4. Mexico’s peso
5. Portland, Oregan
6. India
7. Croydon (in honour of the seven people who were killed in the tram crash)
8. Rupert Brook
9. Paris Masters
10. Damilola, Our Loved Boy
11. Doncaster
12. Fort George
13. The Netherlands (Holland)

14. Tesco Bank announcing that money had disappeared from 20,000 of its accounts
15. Jimmy Young
16. Pentonville Prison
17. Sports Direct
18. Toblerone bars
19. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
20. Operation Midland
21. 30

22. The Gentle Touch
23. Leonard Cohen, who died aged 82
24. He is the A-level media student who created a John Lewis Christmas advert that was mistaken for the real thing
25. Carol Vorderman announcing she will be a contestant in I’m A Celebrity

Friday November 4 newsquiz answers

1. The Supreme Court
2. Gina Miller
3. A General ­Election being held in 2017
4. Stephen Phillips, MP for Sleaford and North Hykeham 
5. The Battle of Orgreave during the 1984 Miners' Strike
6. Royal Clarence 
7. The Justice Select Committee
8. Toronto
9. Kim
10. Kempton
11. Simon Cowell and Louis Tomlinson at the Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain awards
12. The battle to reclaim Mosul. He is the US Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL
13. Andrew Parker
14. Scotland
15. He is the lorry driver who killed four people while driving and using a mobile phone
16. Croydon
17. Donald Trump (carrying Hillary Clinton’s head)
18. Bangladesh
19. None
20. Former New York congressman Anthony Weiner
21. A hi-viz yellow jacket and a hard hat
22. Bank of England governor Mark Carney
23. The arrival of his new grand-daughter, only to realise he hasn't got one
24. 12
25. Sting

Friday October 28 newsquiz answers

1. Richmond Park 
2. Bulldozers
3. The demolition of the Jungle in Calais
4. Estonia
5. Cueta
6. Thunder River Rapids 
7. PE teacher
8. Jimmy Perry
9. She is a porn star who accused Donald Trump of grabbing and kissing her and offering her money to go up to his hotel room a decade ago
10. Malta
11. Henry VI, Parts One, Two and Three
12. Justin Timberlake
13. Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker
14. The Sellout
15. X-Trail and Qashqai
16. Eight (Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez of Leicester; Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne of Man City; Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba of Man Utd; Dimitri Payet of West Ham and Hugo Lloris of Tottenham)
17. Michael Barrymore
18. Rurik Jutting
19. Sex
20. Italy (4-1)
21. Vine
22. North Greenwich
23. Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho  
24. Bobby Vee (who died aged 73 this week)
25. The Apprentice
Friday October 21 newsquiz answers

1. Dental X-rays to determine the age of migrants
2. Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker

3. Killing missing toddler Ben Needham
4. Chancellor Philip Hammond (over Brexit)
5. Beijing and Shanghai
6. Pantglas Junior School
7. An unpublished newspaper column in which he argued the case to remain in the EU
8. Mosul
9. Loose Women
10. 1987
11. Death spiral
12. In the Great British Bake Off final
13. Spalding, Lincolnshire
14. Tracy Brabin (a former Coronation Street actress) 
15. The decision on a third runway for London
16. Former goalkeeper Gary Sprake, who died aged 71 this week
17. Vogue
18. Bad and nasty 
19. None
20. Saudi Arabia
21. He was stabbed to death at Pentonville prison 
22. Sandra
23. Fencing
24. Pamela Anderson
25. Undiluted blackcurrant squash

Friday October 14 newsquiz answers

1. Nancy O’Dell
2. When they go low, you go high
3. #repealthe19th 
4. Shadow Attorney General 
5. Pariah
6. Penguin
7. David Cameron
8. Colchester, Essex
9. That inheritance should skip a generation
10. Karen Clifton

11. Sir Roderick (Rod) Stewart after being knighted at Buckingham Palace
12. For health and safety breaches which resulted in actor Harrison Ford being crushed by a hydraulic door at Pinewood Studios
13. The murder of a 12-year-old girl
14. 27
15. Singer Lily Allen
16. Samsung (it withdrew the Galaxy Note 7 after battery fires)
17. Unilever
18. Bob Dylan, on receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature
19. £243 (£238 with a £5 booking fee)
20. 21
21. Queen Elizabeth II (of Britain)
22. AK47
23. Clowns
24. Derby County (Steve McClaren)
25. Kumbuka

Friday October 7 newsquiz answers

1. Seize the day
2. Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones 
3. 1,500
4. Hurricane Matthew
5. Hôtel de Pourtalès
6. 17-11
7. 18
8. Mike Hookem
9. Chief Whip
10. Durham
11. Physics
12. He was the British songwriter, who wrote Michael Jackson's Thriller and Rock With You, who died this week
13. Republican candidate Mike Pence and Democratic candidate Tim Kaine 
14. Cardiff Crown Court
15. Hungary
16. Bullying
17. Nothing. He remained silent and a not guilty plea was entered on his behalf
18. Human life expectancy
19. John Cleese
20. 15
21. The bombardment of Aleppo in Syria
22. Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson
23. Down’s syndrome
24. Former England manager Sven-Göran Eriksson
25. Blue and Lonesome

Friday September 30 newsquiz answers

1. Singapore and Hong Kong
2. Football agent Scott McGarvey
3. 67
4. Peaceful world
5. The Guardian
6. 84 million
7. Westminster Abbey
8. Arnold Palmer, who died this week aged 87
9. Merlin Attractions
10. To perform an operation (illegal in the U.S.) which led to the birth of the world’s first three-parent baby
11. Shimon Peres

12. Monarch
13. Therapeutic Use Exemption
14. Lily-livered
15. Alexander McQueen
16. Sharif Nazir
17. Hoboken
18. Tube Chat?
19. 58
20. Marks & Spencer
Really Good
22. Macy’s (Burlington, Washington)
23. The independent inquiry into child sexual abuse in England and Wales 
24. Minnesota
25. Our rainbow

Friday September 23 newsquiz answers

1. Actress Marion Cotillard
2. Maddox, Pax, Zahara
3. Farewell to soggy bottoms
4. Berry 81, Hollywood 50
5. Squirrels
6. Syrian president Bashar al-Assad
7. Annihilation
8. A bodyguard
9. Charlotte
10. The World Triathlon Series
11. Penguins
12. The 60th anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards
13. Gigi Hadid
14. He is a former panelist on BBC quiz show Eggheads who was arrested on a warrant for an alleged killing
15. Actor
16. The Bahamas
17. Nicolas Sarkozy
18. Perverting the course of justice
19. Rangers footballer Joey Barton after his latest training room bust-up
20. A bowl of Skittles
21. Cats
22. The new £5 note
23. Goa, India
24. Jose Mourinho: Up Close and Personal

25. He was too ginger

Friday September 16 newsquiz answers

1. 15
2. Batley and Spen, Yorkshire, (following the killing of Labour MP Jo Cox)
3. The plan to build Hinkley Point C
4. £25million
5. Love Productions
6. Name the French foreign minister (Jean-Marc Ayrault)
7. James Brown's I Feel Good?
8. 116/70
9. Rolf Harris
10. Crystal Palace
11. Middlesbrough  (top was Waverley)
12. Winston Churchill
13. He was photographed grinning at Ground Zero with an inflatable naked woman under his arm
14. County Durham
15. Coldstream Guards
16. Leamington Spa
17. Win gold medals in two sports at one Games (cycling and athletics)
18. She featured in the iconic kiss photograph in Times Square, New York, on VJ Day
19. Gary Younge
20. Fancy Bear
21. Ibiza
22. Konnichiwa
23. Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years
24. Club Brugge
25. They are new words that have been added to Oxford England Dictionary

Friday September 9 news quiz answers

1. Washing machine salesman
2. Leicestershire East
3. Home Affairs Select Committee   
4. The Archers 
5. He is the Bishop of Grantham who has announced he is gay and in a celibate relationship
6. Five years and six months
7. Grammars

8. On a dinghy
9. Hinckley
10. She was the first person to have a face transplant after a dog attack
11. Air China
12. Lee Pearson
13. 23
14. Keith Hellawell
15. Liberty Media
16. She made £48,000 by helping to give Chinese children English names
17. Luton
18. Bangladesh.
19. Hartsdown Academy in Margate
20. His photo was used in a feature calling for death to Westerners (it is an Isis magazine).
21. Bob Geldof’s eldest daughter Fifi
22. ISIS 
23. Mont Blanc
24. Pink
25. Braconid (a parasitic wasp)

Friday September 2 news quiz answers

1. Junior doctors
2. 22
3. Lord (Gus) O’Donnell
4. The Eden Project in Cornwall
5. Actor Gene Wilder 
6. OCS Group
7. Facebook 
8. Colombia
9. M20
10. A deep fat fryer
11. Virgin Gorda
12. Boots
13. United Airlines
14. Valetudinarianism
15. Amelia and Oliver
16. 444 (for 3)
17. President of Mexico
18. Comedian Stephen Merchant 
19. 11 years
20. Notting Hill Carnival
21. To discuss the European Commission’s decision to order Apple to pay back £11billion in tax and accusations that Ireland breached state aid rules
22. He took a selfie with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
23. Edinburgh
24. Sherbet
25. Footballer Jack Wilshere who left Arsenal for Bournemouth on transfer deadline day

Friday August 26 news quiz answers

1. 67
2. Kate Richardson-Walsh (captain of the Women’s Hockey Team)
3. VictoRIOus
4. Cirque le Soir
5. 6.2
6. The Apennines
7. Amatrice
8. Jackson, Mississippi
9. River Rocket
10. Newcastle
11. The result of the Brexit vote
12. Camber Sands
13. Yes, Minister
14. Airlander-10
15. Danny Dyer
16. Wearing a burkini
17. Ghana
18. Andre Gray
19. HRT
20. The number of people attaining C grade or above at GCSE
21. On BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing
22. It was the Turkish town where 54 people were killed at a wedding?
23. He was stabbed trying to save murdered backpacker Mia Ayliffe-Chung in an Australian hostel
24. Redhill
25. After my own heart

Friday August 19, news quiz answers

1. 11
2. Emma Trott, her sister
3. Kyrgyzstan
4. Jane Tomlinson Foundation
5. The Headhunter
6. New Zealand
7. Cheshire
8. Zombie
9. Should’ve
10. Harrogate
11. Ayia Napa
12. Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh
13. MeteoGroup
14. He was filmed looking dazed and alone in an ambulance after being rescued from a building in Syria 
15. Aston Villa, Ipswich Town, Sheffield Wednesday, Manchester City
16. Edina Monsoon (Edi) from Ad Fab
17. A portrait of Donald Trump
18. Nothing  (or more precisely a blank screen with the message 'We’ve gone running – why don’t you join us?’)
19. She used social media to accuse her fiancé, UKIP leadership contender Bill Etheridge, of cheating on her
20. Anjem Choudray
21. Asda 
22. On a train in Switzerland
23. Kanye West
24. Ant and Dec
25. Shake it Off

Friday August 12, news quiz answers

1. Women's 10m air rifle
2. Adam Peaty

3. Kayaking
4. 22
5. Boomer
6. Daniel Goodfellow’s mother (Sharon) who was upset her medal-winning son had been cropped off
7. Judge Patricia Lynch
8. Chelmsford Crown Court
9. The Duke of Westminster
10. Rat urine 

11. Verrueckt
12. The Rotherham abuse inquiry
13. Trots
14. Second Amendment people
15. Lloyds Bank
16. Kidz Fest
17. Junior Bake Off
18. Waving a white handkerchief
19. £89million
20. Coonan
21. Hua Hin
22. Ed Balls
23. Boris Johnson’s
24. Rail Maritime and Transport (Union) and Transport Salaried Staffs' Association
25. Butter

Friday August 5, news quiz answers

1. 0.25 per cent
2. 65
3. A knighthood. He was named in David Cameron’s honours list
4. Darlene Horton
5. Corsica
6. £225
7. Knauss
8. 17
9. Ban alcohol on early flights 
10. She was given the all-clear for her cancer and then her family won £61.1million on the EuroMillions
11. The British Airways i360
12. Belgium
13. Men only swimming
14. Birmingham Crown Court 
15. Doncaster
16. 16
17. A bouncy castle
18. Pussy
19. Enchantress
20. Counter-Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officers
21. Pants
22. Posting a joke photograph on Facebook with the caption 'ISIS training day'.
23. Nottingham
24. Helicopter pilot
25. Child Genius. The correct spelling of the word meant ten-year-old Rhea won the title  

Friday July 29 newsquiz answers

1. Father Jacques Hamel
Bonus: Adolf Hitler
2. The last minute postponement of a decision on the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station  
3. Party donor Michael Foster
Bonus: That he wanted to smash Theresa May back on her heels

4. Frank Field
Bonus: Lionheart

5. Philadelphia
Bonus: Nuclear weapons
6. Facebook

7. She is the Alton Towers crash victim who posed without her prosthetic leg in a sexy photoshoot
8. Former England captain Ray Wilkins
9. Because John Hinckley, who tried to assassinate her father Ronald Reagan in 1981, was released from the psychiatric hospital where has has been held for 35 years. 
10. Roger Moore (after his stepdaughter Christina Knudsen died of breast cancer)
11. She was kidnapped from her gated home in Sao Paulo
12. A private pool party in Headley, near Epsom, where a man was shot dead
13. Byron Burgers
14. Rabat Zoo in Morocco
15. Human crap
16. They are characters from Pokeman Go
17. The menopause 
18. Lloyds Banking Group
Bonus: Ryanair
19. 28
20. The birth of their 19th child
21. The Celebrity Big Brother House
22. 19 
23. To save a woman from drowning in the River Thames
24. Postman Pat
25. Her heart

Saturday July 23 newsquiz answers

1. Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande 
2. Wallasey
3. Mcdonald's. Bonus: Four. Bonus: Five
4. RAF Marham
5. Gender neutral. Bonus: Alright Now by Free
6. Primark
7. They were banned from wearing shorts when temperatures reached 32C
8. Pippa Middleton
9. Bitch. Bonus: Famous. Bonus: Lady Gaga
10. 13 and 14
11. August 5
12 Rupert Murdoch 
13. Missy Elliott
14. Lupo
15. David Moyes
17. He was the scooter rider who tried to stop the Nice truck killer
18. Lord Chancellor
19. Spalding
20. His wife. She was left at the airport after he thought she had already boarded the plane

Friday July 15 newsquiz answers

1. Promenade des Anglais
2. July 26

3. 31
4. Rihanna
5. Future once
6. Home Secretary
7. Andrea Leadsom
8. Larry and Palmerston
9. The Camerons’ move out of Downing Street
10. Owen Smith 
11. Dancing with women’s champion Serena Williams
12. Seven
13. Nico Rosberg
14. Moths 
15. Italy
16. He didn't go. He was stopped from travelling to Greece due to visa issues. His wife went with her inlaws and took photos which went viral
17. Mick Jagger
18. Playing Pokeman Go
19. It refers to the amount French president Francois Hollande pays to his hairdresser each month - €9,985
20. China - the court ruled it has no rights over the South China seas
21. Hull 
22. Prince Harry on having a HIV test 
23. 113
24. Mont Ventoux
25. It is the name of the Lynx that escaped from Dartmoor Zoo

Friday July 8 newsquiz answers

1. 46. Bonus: September 9. Bonus: A ‘bloody difficult woman’?

2. The Rock. Bonus: Whatever. Bonus: Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond
3. Black Lives Matter 
4. James Martin. Bonus: Grand Tour
5. Kieren Fallon
6. B&M
7. Juno
8. Hawkeswood Metal, Birmingham
9. Harper’s Bazaar
10. Royalty
11. Italy
12. A celebrity Brexit Big Brother
13. George Bush
14. 52
15. That the Star Trek character Sulu, who he played in the TV series, will be openly gay in the forthcoming movie Star Trek beyond
16. T in the Park
17. Ryanair
18. Gem
19. The Deerhunter
20. Mrs White and Dr Orchid 

Friday July 1 newsquiz answers

1. Treasury Minister Andrea Leadsom, Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb and ex-Defence Secretary Liam Fox  

2. Stand tall in the world
3. Et Tu, Brute?
4. Ruth Smeeth
5. Shadow Education Secretary
6. Angela Eagle
7. Nigel Farage
8. Istanbul Atatürk Airport
9. Motherwell
10. Adele
11. He proposed to his partner while on duty at a Gay Pride parade in London
12. Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher
13. Why anyone would want the England manager’s job
14. Seven
15. She went on Twitter
16. He was the pioneering guitarist who featured in Elvis Presley’s first band
17. Because a sinkhole closed the northbound A1 
18. 60
19. Rylan Clark and his husband Dan Neal
20. Kate Moss
21. The Trumptonshire Trilogy (accept Trumpton, Camberwick Green and Quigley)

22. Fallujah
23. Donald Trump’s running mate
24. The Thiepval Memorial
25. A tattoo on her wrist that says Carpe Diem (seize the day)

Friday June 24 newsquiz answers

1. 52 (51.9) per cent. Bonus: 72 (72.2) percent
2. The Conservative Party conference in October. Bonus: Theresa May
3. That £350million a week would be spent on the NHS
4. Gibraltar
5. Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England
6. A Brexit campaign plane flying a banner over a memorial service to Jo Cox in Trafalgar Square. Bonus: Bernard Kenny. Bonus: Death to traitors, freedom for Britain
7. He was arrested for trying to shoot Donald Trump at a campaign event in Las Vegas
8. Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood talking about twins Gracie Jane and Alice Rose
9. Chesterfield 
10. The Year Six boys who held hands to allow their Down’s Syndrome classmate Rory Kettles to win 
11. Gloria Hunniford
12. No 2
13. Ben Butler who was jailed for life for murdering his six-year-old daughter Ellie
14. Robbie Brady. Bonus: Come on you boys in green
15. Bill and Hillary Clinton
16. He was pinned against a wall by his runaway jeep
17. Notting Hill Carnival
18. Gatwick airport
19. Astronaut Tim Peake
20. A charity duck race

Friday June 17 newsquiz answers

1. Pulse. Bonus: 29
Radical Islam. Bonus: Sky News Press Preview 

3. Birstall. Bonus: Gibraltar
4. Bob Geldof 
5. Norway (Erna Solberg)
6. David Guetta
7. €150,000 euro (£120,000). Bonus: MP and Russian Football Union executive Igor Lebedev. Bonus: Daniel Sturridge
8. He was killed by an alligator at Disney’s Grand Floridian resort 
9. Sir Philip Green at a Commons Select hearing into the closure of BHS
10. Live bait
11. Release graphic pictures of their daughter’s gunshot wounds
12. Clement Freud’s widow (Lady Jill Freud)
13. Loose Women
14. Attitude
15. Taurus, by American band Spirit
16. It is where ISIS supporter Larossi Abballa murdered a police commander and his wife
17. The beehive hairstyle
18. Ascot ... she presented the Gold Cup to the jockey who rode Order of St George 
19. Pimm’s and Pressed Windsor Apple Juice
Rhode Island

Friday June 10 newsquiz answers

1. Phoenix, Arizona. Bonus: Lennox Lewis and Will Smith (you could also have Mike Tyson who was named as a pallbearer after the quiz was published). Bonus: It coincided with his daughter’s graduation
2. The Cologne sex attacks and the possibility of them happening in Britain. Bonus: Python 
3. Hillary Clinton in her victory speech after securing the Democrat nomination
4. Premier League 
5. Daughter of a whore 
6. Prince Harry and Ellie Goulding
7. Mike Ashley of Sports Direct
8. Super Victor. Bonus: Chantilly. Bonus: Ex-Towie star Mark Wright
9. Leytonstone Tube station
10. Meryl Streep
11. 95
12. Sydney
13. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
14. Photograph
15. Tel Aviv 
16. Meldonium 
17. He sentenced Stanford University rapist Brock Turner to only six months in prison
18. Serving alcohol on the first day of Ramadan
19. He is the Tory MP for St Austell and Newquay who apologised for an affair with his 26-year-old married assistant
20. Orange. It fell into a vat of chicken tikka masala

Friday June 3 newsquiz answers

1. An Australian style points system. Bonus: Waffling
2. Harambe. Bonus: Cincinnati
3. Orkney (Kirkwall and Hoy). Bonus: Prince Philip
4. Butterflies, Bread, the Liver Birds, Bless this House, Solo, the Mistress, Luv, No Strings, I Woke Up One Morning, the Screaming, The Last Song, Leaving, Three Piece Suite, Going Going Gone, Searching. Bonus: Animal cruelty. Bonus: Sid Perks
5. Lego 
6. Vanity Fair
7. If passengers arrive later than 30 minutes before a flight the scanning machine at security will not let them through
8. The closure of 163 BHS shops with 11,000 lost jobs
9. Harry Kane
10. Dymchurch
11. Donating blood
12. The new plastic £5 note
13. For wearing an offensive t-shirt about the Hillsborough disaster.
14. Wayne Woodward
15. Reach 10,000 test runs
16. Taylor Swift
17. The Seine in Paris (the museum is the Louvre)
18. The Tavern in the Town and Mulberry Bush
19. Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood (at the age of 69)
20. The full stop

Friday May 27 newsquiz answers

1. Steve Hilton. Bonus: 333,000. Bonus: Clothing and footwear
2. Cato (the manservant in the Pink Panther series)
3. In France - the Confédération Générale du Travail (General Confederation of Labour) has been organising strikes and protest over the Labour Reform Act 
4. Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson. Bonus: Lisa and Phil Vardy (mother and stepfather of Leicester City striker James Vardy)
5. Hiroshima
6. Marks & Spencer. Bonus: Ryanair
7. Central and Victoria lines
8. Chocolate
9. Jose Mourinho (Manchester United have a watch endorsement deal in place with Bulova and Mourinho is an ambassador for Hublot. United have Chevrolet as their shirt sponsor and Mourinho is contracted to use a Jaguar).
10. Paris
11. Barron 
12. Bpop Live, a concert organised by Leave.EU 
13. Peanuts
14. Insect droppings (it has been invaded by an insect called Chironomus Calligraphus)
15. Sheffield. Bonus: Fallujah
16. A tomato
17. Hibernian
18. Double mastectomy 
19. Psychoactive Substances Act
20. A Chewbecca mask 

Friday May 20 newsquiz answers

1. Egyptair. Bonus: 66

2. HMPs Wandsworth, Holme House (County Durham), Kirklevington Grange (North Yorkshire), Coldingley (Surrey), High Down (Surrey) and Ranby (Nottinghamshire).
Bonus: A lift - instead of using the stairs
3. Bayeux Tapestry. Bonus: Lord Heseltine. Bonus: Vladimir Putin (Russia) and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Isis)
4. Angus MacNeil and Stewart Hosie
5. They were the names given to the celebrity couple who won the right, at the Supreme Court, for details of their sex life to be kept anonymous
6. A goat
7. The Lion of England
8. The Zika virus
9. 11
10. She was the first girl found in Nigeria, more than two years after she was kidnapped from a school in Chibok by Boko Haram
Tom Hiddleston (she was talking about his chances of becoming the next James Bond)
12. Muirfield
13. His company left a fake device after a training exercise at Manchester United's ground Old Trafford causing the game to be abandoned
14. Sevilla. 
Bonus: Hull City and Sheffield Wednesday
15. Toilets
They advertised for Saturday staff with the following requirements: No drama queens, no drunks, no drug addicts, no emotional wrecks, no mummy’s boys, no scruffs
17. Venezuela
18. Brazilian footballer Neymar
19. Cigarette packets
20. A 14.62 carat diamond known as the Oppenheimer Blue

Friday May 13 newsquiz answers

1. Demented. Bonus: Germany and Poland

2. Proposals to change the BBC including having a government appointed board of directors. Bonus: Thomas Cromwell in Wolf Hall. Bonus: Funny Girl
3. Newcastle United and Norwich City. Bonus: Everton’s Roberto Martinez. Bonus: An attack on Manchester United’s team bus
4. London's new mayor Sadiq Khan
5. He is Ian Brady's doctor who claims the Moors Murderer has revealed to him where one of his 12-year-old victims is buried
6. TV presenter Andrew Marr
7. They had a baby, Violet May, after losing their children Mo, Evie and Otis when flight MH17 was shot down in the Ukraine in 2014 
8. Grafing station
9. Sadiq Khan, London’s newly-elected mayor
10. The Philippines
11. Balmoral
12. She launched a petition calling for the law on dress code to be changed after she was told to wear high heel shoes while working at finance company PwC
13. You’re Not Alone by Joe and Jake
14. The Chilcot inquiry report into the Iraq war
15. Nigeria and Afghanistan
16. The Trafford Centre, Manchester
17. Kos
18. Orlando, Florida
19. Peggy Mitchell (played by Barbara Windsor) 
20. Mercury passing between the Earth and the sun

Friday May 6 newsquiz answers

1. 5000/1. Bonus: Opera star Andrea Bocelli. Bonus: Mark Selby, from Leicester, won the World Snooker Championship. Bonus: London Mayor hopeful Zac Goldsmith
2. UKIP. Bonus: Nicola Sturgeon on the third successive victory for the SNP
3. Heidi
4. Northumbria
5. Chanel
6. Bradninch
7. Hillary Clinton
8. She is the prostitute who named her British actor client
9. The Philippines
10. Air Galactica
11. Let Our Kids Be Kids
12. Sticking Plaster. Bonus: Hamas and Hezbollah
13. Django Unchained
14. Vogue
15. Mike Ashley, the billionaire founder of Sports Direct
16. Salford City who were promoted to National League North
17. Alison Phillips, editor of NewDay which closed this week
18. Sainsbury’s 
19. Celebrity astrologer Jonathan Cainer who died this week
20. Leaf blowers

Friday April 29 newsquiz answers

1. Unlawful killing. Bonus: David Crompton and Dawn Copley. Bonus: The Times 

2. Retail Acquisitions. Bonus: £400 million
3. Winston Churchill 
4. Minneapolis. Bonus: Prince Rogers Nelson
5. Team GB’s Olympic kit
6. Bradford West. Bonus: Mein Kampf
7. President of the National Union of Students
8. Hi-de-Hi
9. Aleppo
10. The Forth
11. Emma Thompson
12. Technical director for British Cycling
13. Lucifer
14. MPs voting down his amendment to take in 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children
15. Leicester City footballer Riyad Mahrez, who won Player of the Year
16. She had to dump 15 litres of breast milk at airport security
17. Gatwick airport 
18.  Natasha Argent - sister of reality TV star James Argent
19. Snapchat  
20. #EdBallsDay

Friday April 8 newsquiz answers

1. Mossack Fonseca. Bonus: Süddeutsche Zeitung (in Germany). Bonus: Blairmore Holdings Inc. Bonus: £30,000. Bonus: Iceland

2. Printing and distributing a 16-page glossy leaflet outlining the benefits of Britain’s continued EU membership
3. At 55 she became Britain’s oldest mother of triplets
4. Something In The Air (by Thunderclap Newman)
5. England cricketer Ben Stokes after being hit for four sixes in his last over in the T-20 final
6. Michaella McCollum (following her release from a Peruvian jail for drug smuggling)
7. Health secretary Jeremy Hunt
8. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (in a statement saying she was leaving the X Factor)
9. Bonnie Armitage, nine, who was killed while riding with the Cotswold hunt
10. Marks & Spencer. Bonus: The Co-op
11. Juventus
12. He died just before the case was due to go-ahead
13. The Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea
14. She was arrested on suspicion of stabbing her husband Rob in the Archers
15. A wooden chair in which she sat while writing Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets
16. Liberty House
17. Actress Anne Hathaway
18. £35.1m 
19. Windsor Castle
20. Watch Glastonbury

Friday April 1 newsquiz answers

1. Mumbai, India. Bonus: Stephen Kinnock. Bonus: Community

2. 1930. Bonus: Crystal Palace and Hearts. Bonus: Light four candles 
3. Lahore 
4. He posed for a photograph with an EgyptAir hijacker
5. London Olympic Aquatic Centre
Magician Dynamo … a mobile phoned trapped in a wine bottle failed to ring
7. Kolkata
8. Terminated a pregnancy (had an abortion)
9. Google
10. 12
11. West Indies
12. Wolf Hall 
13. Pinocchio
14. River Wey in Guildford. Bonus: Oklahoma
15. Gary Neville
16. £7.20
17. Prince William
18. Sainsbury’s 
19. Agony aunt Denise Robertson who died this week
20. Afia (which means 'Friday born child' in Ghanaian)

Friday March 25 newsquiz answers

1. Maelbeek. Bonus: Papa Noel. Bonus: Tihange nuclear station

Bonus: David Dixon
2. Muslim - a reference to presenter Mishal Husain
3. He was charged with social-media race hate charges after sending a tweet saying he had confronted a Muslim woman over the Belgian terror attacks. The charges were later dropped.
4. 88. Bonus: The Rolling Stones
5. Dead fish (to support the Fishlove campaign)
6. 12. Bonus: £50,000
7. For suggesting that the £200m polar research boat should be called Boaty McBoatface
8. Twitter
9. Women’s tennis. He was the CEO and director of the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament
10. Child marriages
11. South Africa
12. Stephen Crabb
13. The Queen
14. Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher (referring to singer Eddie Fisher)
15. Sports Direct
16. Fifty Shades of Grey
17. 14 (Cruyff's shirt number)
18. Mail on Sunday
19. Buncrana, County Donegal, Ireland
20. A large ancient stone in France

Friday March 18 newsquiz answers

1. £520m. Bonus: Annual ISA limit 

2. Boris Johnson, after the US president had urged Britain to stay in the EU
3. Looking in the mirror. Bonus: Chris Evans for the Top Gear Cenotaph stunt. Bonus: Gipsy Boy
4. Lady Penelope (Thunderbirds)
5. By a bomb that killed 37 people in Ankara, Turkey
6. Sitting on the left
7.  Right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011
8. AFD (Alternative Fuer Deutchland/Alternative for Germany 
9. Beating his wife
10. Four
11. Florida and Ohio
12. Ruby Walsh. Bonus: Northampton Town and MK Dons
13. Hotel du Lac
14. It ‘could not move freely’. (It had a sloping back and was said to be deformed). Bonus: West Highland Terrier (Westie)
15. Chris Gayle (West Indies)
16. Prince Andrew (Duke of York)
17. Paul Daniels’s son Gary 
18. Admiral
19. Nefertiti (in Luxor, Egypt)
20. Manchester

Friday March 11 newsquiz answers

1. Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England. Bonus: Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO)

2. Courchevel. Bonus: The Press Association
3. To relax Sunday shopping laws
4. Meldonium
5. Victoria Derbyshire
6. Moonpig
7. Nancy Reagan 
8. Zaman. Bonus: United Nations. Bonus: The Atlantic 
9. Sunderland FC chief executive Margaret Byrne who resigned over the Adam Johnson affair
10. Thank you. Bonus: Forensic
11. Ellie Goulding
12. £30 
13. The at symbol - @. He was the man who invented email.
14. George Martin, producer of the Beatles, who died aged 90 this week
15. For blogging about a Muslim surgeon who refused to remove her hijab ahead of an operation 
16. Michigan
17. Trunki (owned by Magmatic - which sells children's ride-on cases decorated to look like animals or insects)
18. 2,400 jobs 
19. On Amazon
20. A baby girl

Friday March 4 news quiz answers

1. Vladimir Putin. Bonus: No Borders 

2. Boston Globe. Bonus: Chris Rock. Bonus: That he was the first openly gay man to win an Oscar. Bonus: Cool Hand Luke
3. Seven. Bonus: Alaska, Oklahoma, Texas (Ted Cruz) and Minnesota (Marco Rubio)
4. 50p
5. Wincanton
6. Berlin
7. Sinn Féin
8. 92nd
9. Barclays
10. 24
11. One of its driverless cars hit a bus
12. Murdering 29 people in Omagh in 1988 (Omagh bomb)
13. Morrisons
14. Sunderland manager Sam Allardyce, talking about Adam Johnson
15. Space - they came back to earth after 340 days on the International Space Station
16. She was the nanny who beheaded a four-year-old child in Moscow
17. Tackling in rugby matches
18. 18 years
20. We Didn’t Start The Fire, by Billy Joel

Friday February 26 news quiz answers

1. Voting in the General Election. Bonus: Michael Howard. Bonus: Whitbread

2. Global Success
3. Paul Daniels, who was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour
4. Super Tuesday. Bonus: Marco Rubio
5. Jacob Rees-Mogg
6. Eighteen-year-old Marcus Rashford scoring twice on his debut for Manchester United against FC Midtjylland
7. Kalamazoo 
8. Matthew Perry (he was preparing for a play in London)
9. To open the new Elizabeth Line - which will be purple on the Tube map
10. Stacey Flounders. Bonus: £60,000
11. She went missing and was then found in Thailand
12. £4.2 million. Bonus: The National Railway Museum in York 
13. Didcot A power station, which collapsed this week
14. 55
15. Run over and kill a stray foxhound
16. They had the decorators in (so didn’t want people coming round to their house)
17. Cleansed
18. 73
19. Gorilla
20. Benidorm, where she performed an x-rated magic show

Friday February 19 newsquiz answers

1. 5am. Bonus: Czech Republic
2. Donald Trump, reacting to criticism from The Pope
3. Ben Nevis
4. America
5. Warrington. Bonus: Wings and Waterslides
6. She is a junior doctor who is missing from a Torbay Hospital who left a note mentioning health Secretary Jeremy Hunt
7. Rochdale
8. £10,000
9. Cilla Black
10. Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em
11. A laser blinded one of the pilots
12. 89
13. Heroes. Bonus: Duncan (Zowie Haywood) Jones. Bonus: Chris Martin’s (Coldplay). Bonus: Mad Max: Fury Road
14. They have all been dropped by Nike
15. Vellum (calf skin)
16. First class 64p, second class 55p
17. Libya
18. The Falkland Islands
19. Cake-filled
20. Hairy panic 

Friday February 12 newsquiz answers

1. Le Touquet. Bonus: Pegida (accept Fortess Europe coalition)

2. 11.5 per cent. Bonus: Canada
3. They were the two men who were killed in the Dublin gangland shootings
4. Tumble dryers
5. For blowing up a bus on Lambeth Bridge in London
6. George Galloway
7. Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who won with 60.4 per cent of the vote. Bonus: Third
8. Six 
9. Deepcut
10. Formation
11. 77th minute. Bonus: Jamie Carragher
12. Health secretary Jeremy Hunt (referring to  the morale of junior doctors)
13. BBC presenter Alex Jones. Bonus: Scalpel
14. Downton Abbey 
15. A broken leg
16. Mary
17. Eagles
18. Hong Kong
19. Save stranded bird (gannets)
20. Judy Murray (after the birth of her Andy Murray and Kim Sears’s daughter)

Friday February 5 news quiz answers

1. Donald Tusk. Bonus: Negotiator
2. Limerick. Bonus: Terry’s Old Geezers and Gals. Bonus: Chris Evans
3. He was a helicopter pilot shot by poachers in Tanzania 
4. The condition of Michael Schumacher who is receiving treatment for head injuries caused in ski accident
5. £7billion ($10billion)
6. Actor Frank Finlay
7. Tea and coffee
8. Dislocating her shoulder on Channel 4’s The Jump
9. By the toss of a coin. Bonus: Telling Donald Trump not to use their music
10. Co-presenting Top Gear 
11. Blood donations
12. Legless
13. Thailand
14. Gary Neville after Valencia’s 7-0 defeat to Barcelona. Bonus: Manchester City. Pep Guardiola is to replace Manuel Pellegrini as manager at the end of the season
15. Sandra Rivett
16. Google (Alphabet)
17. Six years
18. Junior doctors (in a bid to avert the strike)
19. They beat 600,000  other code-breakers to crack GCHQ's Christmas card 'impossible puzzle'.
20. Its spelling. There is a proposal to change 2,400 French words including changing oignon to ognon.

Friday January 29 newsquiz answers

1. A bunch of migrants. Bonus: Dunkirk (Grande-Synthe)

2. The Hague
3. She was stabbed to death while looking after child refugees in Molndal, Sweden
4. 2002 
5. Slide one ski in front of the other 
6. Storm Jonas
7. Liverpool and Manchester City. Bonus: Longford AFC

8. 84. Bonus: Disgraced
9. Doris
10. Three whales that were washed up on Skegness beach
11. A pornographic video was accidentally played during the service
12. Black (singer who had a hit with Wonderful Life) 
13. Tesco. Bonus: £130million
14. Zika
15. They were covered up for the visit of Iranian president Hassan Rouhani
16. Wearing pyjamas, nighties and slippers on the school run
17. £33million lottery winnings after claiming she put her ticket in a washing machine
18. Kit
19. Catherine Zeta-Jones in Dad’s Army. Bonus: Michael Jackson
20: Berlin

Those who died in 2015 answers

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Friday January 22 newsquiz answers

1. The Dublin Regulation. Bonus: Prime Minister of Holland. Bonus: (Civilised) Flirting. Bonus: The Jungle
2. Davos (Switzerland)
3. The teapot that Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko used in a London hotel (a becquerel is a unit of radioactivity)

4. Places where job losses were announced by Tata Steel
5. Bacha Khan. Bonus: Tajikistan
6. They were charged with the murder of businesswoman Sadie Hartley
7. It is the district of Middlesbrough where refugees are living in houses with red doors
8. The BBC - referring to the Jimmy Savile scandal
9. His Millennium Falcon
10. American singer Don McLean 
11. 'Terrorist house’ instead of 'terraced house'.
12. She sold up and travelled the world after being jilted before her wedding
13. Five
14. Transgender pupils 
15. Oven gloves
16. Scurvy 
17. Billy Connolly. Bonus: Ant McPartlin
18. Poppers (alkyl nitrite or amyl nitrite)
19. Worcester 
20. Glenn Frey (Eagles guitarist)

Friday January 15 news quiz answers

1. Backstar. Bonus: Howard Donald (Take That)
2. We are not afraid. Bonus: Joko Widodo. Bonus: Ten
3. Tim Kopra. Bonus: The Union Jack
4. Rennes
5. Canada
6. Alan Rickman, who died age 69
7. Four. Bonus: Genette Tate
8. 84 and 59
9. Celine Dion
10. Jeb Bush
11. Her divorce from Gary Lineker was announced
12. Huffington Post (UK)
13. Les Deux Alpes
14. £33 million
15. Somalia
16. Birthday cake
17. Hot water with a slice of lemon
18. Labour peer Lord (Greville) Janner
19. Basil
20. Charlotte Rampling

Friday January 8 newsquiz answers

1. 47. Bonus: Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. Bonus: Bouncy castles

2. Cocktail. Bonus: Circuit-breaker
3. Kevan Jones, Jonathan Reynolds and Stephen Doughty. Bonus: Culture (and Media and Sport). 
4. Frankie Pierre
5. How many sugar cubes are in each product
6. 10,000 characters
7. He asked a TV interviewer out for a drink 
8. He was given asylum after walking the 31 miles through the Channel tunnel
9. Crossing a giant puddle
10. Six or 
11. The Big Brother House (he is on Celebrity Big Brother)
12. South Africa cricket captain (immediately after his side drew the second Test against England)
14. Scoring more than 1,000 runs in a single cricket innings 
15. Next Tuesday (January 12)  
16. Chief executive of Marks & Spencer
17. Sandringham
18. Sharon Osbourne
19. Cologne. Bonus: Dusseldorf is Watching
20. He ate an entire water melon (rind and all) at the Melbourne Cricket Ground 'Big Bash derby’

Saturday January 2 newsquiz answers

1. A bus. Bonus: Tadcaster
2. Ian (Fraser) Kilmister. Bonus: Stoke-on-Trent. Bonus: The Specials
3. The 7/7 London bombings 
4. He carried his disabled mother down 15 flights of stairs at the burning Address hotel in Dubai
5. Alcohol
6. Tel Aviv
7. Unforgettable
8. Valence. Bonus: Munich
9. Ramadi
10. He was charged with shooting his dementia-stricken wife Rita in an Essex care home
11. Newcastle United. They were asked to sing 'Pavel is a Geordie'. Srniceck died of a heart attack age 47
12. The 1985 Broadwater Farm riot 
13. Brussels
14. Virgin Australia
15. Labour MP Simon Danczuk after bombarding a 17-year-old girl with sexual text messages
16. Ann Summers. Bonus: England women's football team coming third at the World Cup in Canada
17. Turkey
18. On £2 coins
19. Apple
20. Riding a hoverboard during a mass (and attempting 'to get the attention of the people in a personal manner')

Friday December 18 newsquiz answers

1. Kazakhstan. Bonus: Major
2. Nurofen
3. Hoverboards
4. He fell off a hoverboard in London and was killed after being hit by a bus
5. (Kemal) Ataturk. Bonus: 34
6. Four
7. The Great British Bake Off final
8. Nelson’s Column. Bonus: Gary. Bonus: While reading the weather forecast on Channel 5. She dropped in lines such as 'the Force is strong for northern Scotland’, 'tonight the weather strikes back’, ‘if you Luke father west' and a 'Leia of cloud covering the UK'
9. A teenager punched him
10. A Sahara dust cloud (sand)
11. Downton Abbey actress Michelle Dockery (after the death of her fiancé John Dineen) 
12. Donald Trump
13. Russia and Slovakia
14. Stuart Hall
15. Kidney
16. Kellingley
17. Rooftop solar panels
18. Npower 
19. None
20. For saying winner Louisa Johnston was was the only contestant besides Leona Lewis to make such a great impression on the public  (ignoring previous winner Murs who was standing next to her). Bonus: Bob Dylan

Saturday November 21 news quiz answers

1. Boko Haram
2. Radisson Blu
3. Diesel
4. Saint-Denis
5. Run Hide and Tell
6. Jihadi John
7. Pope Francis
8. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
9. Mark Clarke
10. The death of former teammate Phillip Hughes 
11. Brothel owner Cynthia Payne (Madam Cyn) who died aged 82 this week
12. Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
13. Katy Perry
14. Till Death Us Do Part
15. Dulwich
16. Perth (Cottesloe beach)
17. 55
18. Music
19. Jonah Lomu
Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews
21. She claimed to have regular unprotected sex with Charlie Sheen, even though she knew he was HIV positive
22. Her white cane (she is blind)
23. Cold Feet 
24. Political Animal Lobby (PAL)
25. Warren Beatty 

Friday November 13 news quiz answers

1. World Anti-Doping Agency. Bonus: Lamine Diack. Bonus: Fourth
2. Storm Abigail
3. She died at Dignitas, Switzerland, after her daughters organised a fundraiser
4. The National League for Democracy (NLD)
5. Ripon, North Yorkshire. Bonus: The National Anthem (God Save The Queen). Bonus: The ‘poppy hijab’
6. Former Chelsea FC doctor Eva Carneiro
7. Apple
8. Shauna Hoare. Bonus: Bristol Crown Court
9. Pat Eddery who died aged 63 this week  
10. So that they could get a pass into the CBI conference and heckle David Cameron over Europe
11. Menthol cigarettes (supposedly anticipating an EU ban on flavoured cigarettes)
12. Former Prime Minister John Major in a London lecture which attacked George Osborne’s position on tax credits
13. Penn
14. Oxfordshire County Council
15. Black Friday 2015
16. England Rugby Union team head coach
17. CBE
18. Brighton
19. Rolls-Royce
20. People who allow their dogs to make a mess in public places under the cover of darkness

Friday November 6 newsquiz answers

1. 9286. Bonus: 224. Bonus: Checked (hold) baggage

2. Million Mask March. Bonus: A pig’s head
3. £12.50 per person if booked 24 hours in advance
4. Two (there are seven men). Bonus: Architect Elisabeth Scott and mathematician Ada Lovelace.
5. She is recovering from 'incurable' leukaemia after doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital gave her treatment that had been tested only on mice
6. Seattle
7. 0.5 percent
8. Reddit
9. Zafira B
10. Age UK. Bonus: Noel Gallagher (Oasis) 
11. Eva Carneiro (former club doctor at Chelsea who is suing Jose Mourinho)
12. France
13. Maghaberry
14. He tried to smuggle a four-year-old Afghan girl into Britain
15. Bedfordshire
16. Real Madrid
17. DJ Neil Fox
18. Tom Graveney who died this week, aged 88
19. Food beyond its 'best before' date
20. The 'favourite' star icon to a heart and calling it 'like'

Friday October 30 newsquiz answers

1. £4.4billion. Bonus: 307 to 277. Bonus: Lord (Andrew) Lloyd Webber  

2. 50g. Bonus: Human DNA
3. Long Road To Hell: America In Iraq (accept Long Road to Hell)
4. Leviathan II
5. Royal Albert Hall. Bonus: Jenny Packham
6. Roar and Firework
7. The Bodyguard 
8. Derek Wilton 
9. Lady Kitty Spencer 
10. Juan Manuel Fangio (Arg), 5; Alain Prost (Fra) and Sebastian Vettel (Ger), 4. Bonus: A cap
11. She is a 26-year-old transgender woman who was sent to an all-male prison in Bristol for assault
12. M&S and British Gas
13. Apple 
14. A modern gentleman
15. Hindu Kush
16. Cults Academy, Aberdeen
17. 29
18. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Parts 1 & 11)
19. Phil Collins
20. Use motorways

Friday October 23 newsquiz answers

1. The Plough Inn in Cadsden. Bonus: Nancy
2. Oldham West and Royton
3. Oxford. Bonus: Canadian
4. Lisbon and Dublin. Bonus: 80
5. Ataturk, Instanbul (half point for each)
6. He was the South African rugby referee who sprinted off the pitch after making controversial decisions in the Scotland v Australia World Cup quarter-final
7. York
8. Neville Chamberlain
9. Kevin Brennan
10. A white Christmas somewhere in the UK
11. £5.1bn. Bonus: Jamie Oliver
12. He is suing a Chinese toymaker which has produced a Nazi doll,  Bastian, that looks like him
13. St George, Ontario
14. Wentworth
15. Manchester Stock Exchange. Bonus: Angels
16. Trollhättan
17. Talk Talk
18. They are things predicted to have happened by October 21 2015 in the movie Back To The Future … that didn’t.
19. Akrotiri

20. 51

Friday October 16 newsquiz answers

1. 320. Bonus: £4,327. Bonus: 1.77 million
2. Seek larger divorce settlements
3. The Care Quality Commission
4. Sandi Toksvig
5. Royal Free (in London)
6. Dridex
7. Sevenoaks, Kent 
8. Touch rugby/street rugby in Tokyo
9. Claude Littner
10. Worst bowling figures for a Test debutant, 0-for 163. Bonus: Scotland
11. Hugh Scully and Gordon Honeycombe
12. In a Las Vegas brothel
13. She tweeted about Jeremy Hunt's Chinese wife 
14. £12.6m 
15. Bewick 
16. Buk 
17. This year's Man Booker prize? 
18. The Islam Tea House. Bonus: Rage. Bonus: Cup of tea
19. Hamble
20. The world's biggest Charleston

Saturday October 10 newsquiz answers

1. Life expectancy in London. Bonus: Crusties with nose rings. Bonus: Justice Secretary. Bonus: Albert Einstein
2. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Metropolitan Police commissioner. Bonus: West Bromwich East
3. 32 minutes (half mark for 30 minutes)
4. 250 full-time employees. Bonus: VAT
5. He drove a bus that crashed into Sainsbury’s in Coventry, killing two people
6. Phoenix to Boston
7. 13.4 million (average). 14.5 million (peak). Accept either 
8. Sacramento
9. Indecent assault. He is the former Bishop of Gloucester who groomed young priests
10. Sisters Uncut
11. Stoke City
12. She was the babysitter who was spared jail after being found guilty of having sex with an 11-year-old boy
13. Kings Canyon (also accept Kestrel Falls)
14. Jurgen Klopp, on taking over as the new manager of Liverpool FC 
15. Frimley Park
16. Great Heck
17. Aston Martin
18. Denis Healey, who died this week. 
19. La Brague
20. Shag a Ginger

Friday October 2 newsquiz answers

1. Richard Heller. Bonus: GMB (General, Municipal, Boilermakers and Allied Trade Union). Bonus: Move to China
2. 150,000. Bonus: Sally-Anne Jones (Umm Hussain Britaniya or Mrs Terror)
3. Redcar
4. 1.2 million  (1,189,906)
5. She was jailed for life by Norwich Crown court for running an 'utterly depraved' sex abuse ring
6. Cereal Killer Cafe
7. Conspiring to pervert the course of justice. Bonus: Political editor
8. Sombrero
9. Four youngsters were killed when a quad bike and sports car crashed
10. Blindness
11. Margate
12. Peppa Pig
13. Uruguay. Bonus: Borussia Monchengladbach and Wolfsburg
14. Pupils have to run or walk a mile a day
15. La Fontana delle Naiadi
16. Cathriona White (girlfriend of Jim Carrey)
17. The most deprived English neighbourhood
18. Umpqua Community College
19. Ronnie Pickering
20. His body was found strapped to a shopping trolley in the Regent's Canal

Friday September 25 quiz answers

1. Call me Dave. Bonus: Isabel Oakeshott. Bonus: Piers Gaveston Society Bonus: Glee Club

2. Alex Ferguson
3. The devil. Bonus: Iran
4. World In Union. Bonus: South Africa 32 Japan 34
5. 84
6. 20
7. Martin Winterkorn, as CEO of Volkswagen following the diesel emissions scandal
8. Bay City Rollers
9. Somerset
10. £18,000
11. Bob Geldof
12. Game of Thrones
13. New Democracy
14. Novelist Jackie Collins, who died this week
15. Paint a kitchen wall
16. Watermelon
17. The world's longest glass-bottomed suspension bridge
18. Drying her travel top
19. They were quizzed by police following the death of a burglar at their £1.5million family home on the Algarve in Portugal
20. For setting off sirens at a primary school to resolve an ‘important' debate about whether they go nee-nah or woo-woo

Friday September 18 quiz answers

1. Hilary Benn. Bonus: He said he would like to go back to the 80s and assassinate Margaret Thatcher. Bonus: Brighton. Bonus: Manhole covers
2. Ice (for their water jugs)
3. Anna Freud Centre in North London
4. Mexico. Bonus: Queen Rania of Jordan
5. 20. Bonus: Macarena
6. The BBC wrongly accused him of sleeping during a Commons debate
7. Photograph 51
8. BBC's Bargain Hunt?
9. Arnold Schwarzenegger
10. Kings Cross, London
11. First Direct
12. Pylons
13. Brown Panther
14. Malcolm Turnbull
15. They were convicted of outraging public decency by performing sex acts on a train
16. They are the family who have been told to demolish a Wendy house in their front garden
17. It served liquid nitrogen in a cocktail to an 18-year-old who had to have her stomach removed
18. Irwell
19. Chile
20. Vladimir Putin (and his press secretary Dmitry Peskov) in a hoax call to Elton John.

Friday September 11 quiz answers

1. Chris Henkey. Bonus: Pub landlord
2. LinkedIn. Bonus: Mr Carter-Silk is 57, Miss Proudman is 27
3. 63 years and 217 days (23,226 days, 16 hours and approximately 30 minutes). Bonus: Edinburgh to Tweedbank. 
4. Morning Star
5. Denmark. Bonus: Ikea
6. Homo naledi
7. University College London. Bonus: 80 per cent 
8. A Buried Alive stunt nearly cost the escapologist his life
9. Reapers (MQ-9 Predator B)
10. Writing’s on the Wall. Bonus: 20 
11. £22 million
12. Khat
13. A stylus/pencil
14. Thynn
15. Harry Kane
16. She was a Hungarian TV camera woman who was filmed kicking and tripping over fleeing migrants
17. Arlene Foster
18. They are among 26 politicians named by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority for not paying back outstanding expenses of up to £500 last year - forcing them to be written off
19. Wales
20. He shot a brown bear

Friday September 4 quiz answers

1. Galip. Bonus: Kobane. Bonus: Bob Geldof. Bonus: Luxembourg

2. Faslane
3. Caroline Flint, Ben Bradshaw, Tom Watson, Anna Eagle and Stella Creasy
4. She refused to issue marriage licences to gay couples
5. A 23-year-old woman found a hidden camera in the shower
6. They are the Vice News Journalist who were arrested in Turkey on terror charges.
7. The Naked Rambler
8. Clover. Bonus: His bees
9. President Obama on a trip to Northern Alaska with Bear Grylls
10. A lost Nazi gold train in Poland
11. McBusted’s Tom Fletcher - to announce that his wife Giovanna is expecting their second child
12. He was tricked out of £35,000 by scam firms after the charities he supported passed on his details
13. Monaco. Bonus: 48
14. Actress Tori Spelling
15. Net-a-Porter
16. He died after being stung to death by hundreds of wasps
17. Katie Derham
18. Beaulieu
19. Sunderland
20. Wildest Dreams

Friday August 28 quiz answers

1. Hawker Hunter. Bonus: Andy Hill. Bonus: Worthing United FC

2. Amsterdam. BonusLegion d’Honneur. BonusArras. BonusThe Schengen Agreement
3. Alison Parker
4. Former MP Harvey Proctor
5Smoke with a passenger who is under 18
6. Queen Victoria
7. Greg Rutherford (Men's long jump), Jessica Ennis-Hill (Heptathlon), Mo Farah (Men's 10,000m) 
8. He was released after being held hostage in Yemen for six years
9. Outgoing Fifa President Sepp Blatter
10. He was hit by debris at an Indy Car race in Pennsylvania
11. Manspreading
12. The Celebrity Big Brother House
13. Katrina
14. Yuan
15. It's Hans free
16. People who were born abroad
17. David and Samantha Cameron
18. Pull his hair (to prove it was real)
19. Facebook
20. Sunderland footballer Jermain Defoe

Friday August 21 quiz answers

1. Faithful One. Bonus: St Mary’s Church, Woolton
2. The Impact Team. Bonus: Michelle Thomson. Bonus: A Twitter account named @DadSecurity 
3. Erawan Shrine
4. An ice cream seller
5. Avon and Somerset
6. Dismaland
7. September 12
8. Darwinism. Bonus: CEO Jeff Bezos (
9. Storm Flower Noir
10. Gene Simmons, frontman of Kiss
11. Poland
12. Four years
13. The 23-year-old rugby player died a month after being tackled during a match
14. Seb Coe  
15. Paprika Pringles
16. Dorret Conway
17. Answer certain questions in court.  He was the driver of the bin lorry which crashed in Glasgow
18. Phil Neville
19. Ultimo. Bonus: 43
20. The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep

Friday August 14 quiz answers

1. Yvette Cooper

2. Tianjin
3. They have all signed up as contestants on Strictly Come Dancing
4. Former boxer 
Chris Eubank

5. Chelsea first team doctor Eva Carneiro
6. Ecuador's decision to 'harbour' Julian Assange in its London embassy
7. Liver. Bonus: 90
8. The New Clarkson, Hammond and May Car Show
9. He drowned in a kayaking accident on the Hudson, New York (the boyfriend of Annie Lennox’s daughter) 
10. Lettuce
11. Alphabet
12. David Beckham
13. Bedfordshire
Blakey in On The Buses
15. Moustaches, hessian
16. Zimbabwe
17. The Co-operative Bank
18. Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins
19. Magaluf. Bonus: 
West Midlands
20. He starred in the film The Artist
21. Oscar Pistorius 
22. Havana
23. Miley Cyrus

Friday August 7 quiz answers

1. Myra (Ling-Ling) Forde. Bonus: Salisbury

2. Estepona. Bonus: 72
3. 14. Bonus: London Inter Bank Offered Rate

4. An Instagram account showing his migration from Senegal to Spain was revealed to be fake (a campaign to promote a photography festival).
5. Brighton
6. Hamlet
7. Mustique. Bonus: Professional Association of Diving Instructors 
8. 14. Bonus: All 8.
9. Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
10. Miss Piggy (who announced her split with Kermit the Frog)
11. Vietnam
12. Chili peppers
13. Cheshire
14. Debris found on Reunion island believed to be from missing airliner MH370 
15. Enola Gay
16. She ended her life at a Swiss suicide clinic, even though she had no serious health problems, because she did not want to end up as a 'hobbling old lady’.
17. Zayn Malik of One Direction
18. A Greek island (said to be worth €50m)
19. 4,000 Syrian refugees.
20. Actor George Cole (most famous as Arthur Daley in Minder) who died this week aged 90.

Friday July 31 quiz answers

1. Swarm. Bonus: Nine. Bonus: M20

2. The Sun on Sunday. Bonus: Orange
3. Win the Tour de France twice
4. Turkey. Bonus: 2013
5. Prostate cancer
6. Walter Palmer. Bonus: Zimbabwe
7. Sainsbury’s
8. Unison
9. To mark the death of ‘the voice of racing’ Sir Peter O’Sullevan
10. Ricin 
11. Burglary
12. Bobbi Kristina Brown (Whitney Huston’s daughter)
13. Réunion (in the Indian Ocean)
14. Stuart Baggs
15. Six
16. Jack the Ripper
17. India
18. Centrica (owners of British Gas)
19. Amazon
20. Radhiohead

Friday July 24 quiz answers

1. Liz Kendall. Bonus: A transplant.  Bonus: Taken recreational drugs

2. River Nile 
3. Hong Kong International Airport
4. She is the new political editor at the BBC, replacing Nick Robinson
5. Anaconda. Bonus: Beyonce, Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Kendrick Lamar 
6. South African Louis Oosthuizen and Australian Marc Leishman. Bonus: 15
7. Zurich
8. Doing a bungee jump 
9. Turkey 
10. Donald Trump
11. Nice. Bonus: 17
12. IKEA
13. Manchester (Royal Eye Hospital)
14. Toshiba
15. The Koran
16. The Financial Times newspaper group
17. JK Rowling
18. A Down’s syndrome boy in a washing machine
19. Earth 2.0
20. Life is short. Have an affair

Friday July 17 quiz answers

1. Relaxing the fox hunting ban
2. €7bn. Bonus: 38
3. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt (who is reviewing doctors’ contracts so that they work at weekends)
4. For charging his iPhone using an electric socket on a train
5. 81p
6. The Queen’s corgis (she isn’t going to breed any more as she does not want to leave any behind)
7. Six. Bonus: Night Fever by the Bee Gees
8. Belfast
9. She wasn’t wearing a bra
10.Vienna. Bonus: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 
11. Nick Cave
12. New Horizons. Bonus: Dwarf
13. Smuggling dogs into Australia (she is Johnny Depp’s wife)
14. Harper Lee’s novel Go Set A Watchman
15. He is the Mexican drugs cartel boss who escaped using a tunnel under prison showers
16. Deirdre Barlow’s (Coronation Street)
17. Archbishop Desmond Tutu
18. BBC
19. Lord’s. Bonus: St Andrews 
20. An inflatable shark

Friday July 10 quiz answers

1. £7.20 (£9 by the end of next parliament). Bonus: Iain Duncan Smith. Bonus: Defence. Bonus: The inheritance tax threshold (IHT)

2. Carli Lloyd. Bonus: 1-0 to England
3. Greek Finance Minister. Bonus: Oxi
4. Presenting Radio 4’s Today programme
5. Tom Selleck
6. Sandringham 
7. Police were chasing immigrants who had jumped from a lorry
8. The Tour de France - after a crash involving more than 20 riders
9. Brighton
10. Some of us
11. Richard Gasquet (France)
12. Jersey
13. A leprechaun
14. 75
15. Rochdale
16. Go to university
17. 134
18. The number of Boris’s Bikes that were hired
19. Because of the death of Simon Cowell’s mother
20. Damon Albarn (Blur)

Friday July 3 quiz answers

1. Imperial Marhaba. Bonus: Luton

2. Harmondsworth, Longford and Sipson. Bonus: Boris Johnson
3. Majorca
4. Alton Towers

5. 102. Bonus: Showed a black bar strap. Bonus: Andy Murray’s wristband
6. 36.7C (98F) 
7. BP - for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010 
8. Singer Val Doonican 
9. €60. Bonus: Sunday
10. Kauto Star
11. She scored the own goal that put England’s women football team out of the World Cup
12. 61. The 'leap second’ was added to the official time set by atomic clocks 
13. William Tell (Guillaume Tell) 
14. Primark (and Penneys)
15. BBC
16. Sesame Street 
17. Prague
18. Skirts
19. Operation Strong Tower
20. A ‘vicious’ fox

Friday June 26 quiz answers

1. Myferrylink. Bonus: Uber. Bonus: Singer Courtney Love
2.  A painting depicting her as a child on a blue horse
3. Confederate flag merchandise 
4. Afghanistan
5. Three. Bonus: Serena Williams
6. 1989
7. He was filmed snorting cocaine
8. Skinny jeans
9. Devil's Helmet (Aconitum - also known as Monkshood)
10. Sir Chris Woodhead, the former head of Ofsted, who died aged 68
11. A cat
12. He was in court for beheading 82-year-old Palmira Silva
13. My Heart Will Go On. Bonus: The Avengers
14. Kingsley
15. Eight
16. Auschwitz
17. Tom Bradby
18. They are among 500 words which have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Bonus: First Lady Of The United States
19. A Rhea
20. Glastonbury festival

Friday June 19 quiz answers

1. By a suicide bomb … he was the teenager from Dewsbury involved in car bombings near Baiji, north of Baghdad. Bonus: Thomas Evans. Bonus: Bradford

2. Protaras
3. Nuneaton, a marginal seat Labour failed to win at the election.
Bonus: Changing the party rules in order to make it easer for MPs to get rid of a failing leader
4. Brother
5. Tbilisi, Georgia
6. Jack Wilshere. Bonus: Six 
7. Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw
8. Players Rory Burns and Moises Henriques collided on the field while trying to take a catch and were taken to hospital
9. They were all killed off in the final episode in series 5 of Game of Thrones
10. Ten (from 49 to 59)
11. The New York Times - which said students travelling to Berkeley on J-1 visas, like those that died in the collapse, were 'not just a source of aspiration, but also a source of embarrassment for Ireland'
12. 0.1 per - up from -0.1% in April
13. 100g of chocolate
14. He is Mo Farah’s coach and is facing doping allegations
15. Through clues in The Times cryptic crossword on Tuesday (he arranged for puzzle editor Richard Rogan to place the message in the clues)
16. Charleston. Bonus: Dylann Storm Roof
17. They are the five favourites to take over as Chris Evans’s co-presenters on Top Gear, according to bookmakers William Hill
18. She faced criticism for portraying herself as black, even though she was born white
19. €1.6bn (£1.1bn) 
20. Florence + the Machine 

Friday June 12 quiz answers

1. The European Union Referendum Bill. Bonus: Gloating. Bonus: Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

2. She is facing jail in Malaysia for stripping on the ‘sacred' mountain Kinabula
3. Royal Bank of Scotland 

4. Barn owl
5. James Last, who died this week aged 86 
6. Twitter
7. Lance Armstrong 
8. Six months. Bonus: Jose Mourinho
9. HSBC. Bonus: Boots
10. Snoop Dogg
11. West Ham United and Newcastle United
12. Christopher Lee, who died this week aged 93
13. The most time in space on a single mission by a female astronaut (200 days)
14. The National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire
15. Sky TV presenter Kay Burley’s interview with Nick Varney, the chief executive of the company which owns Alton Towers 
16. Dixons Kings Academy
17. 408. Bonus: Matt Prior, who was forced to retire from all forms of cricket this week
18. David Miliband
19. The four-fingered KitKat
20. One Direction

Friday June 5 quiz answers

1. 1998 (France) and 2010 (South Africa). Bonus: Thierry Henry’s infamous handball which saw France progress to the 2010 World Cup and Ireland knocked out

2. The Smiler
3. Chase
4. She wrongly tweeted that the Queen had died.
5. Accra (Ghana)
6. It would have caused too much paperwork. Bonus: Solihull
7. Call me Caitlyn - over a picture of the newly transformed Bruce Jenner
8. Southampton
9. Japan

10. Ross, Skye and Lochaber. Bonus: 1999
11. Royal Mail. Bonus: Urban seagulls
12. Pont des Arts
13. Complete a full marathon (the Rock n Roll Marathon In San Diego with a time of 7:24:36)
14. She was killed by a lioness that jumped through a car window in a South African safari park
15. Rafael Nadal
16. Skull and scalp
17. Labour leader contestant and shadow health secretary Andy Burnham
18. Yangtze  
19. Edinburgh. Bonus: Scottish MSP Tommy Sheridan
20. Abby Clancy and Peter Crouch

Friday May 29 quiz answers

1. Loretta Lynch. Bonus: Former FIFA vice president Jack Warner. Bonus: Visa  
2. 2017. Bonus: £23,000. Bonus: Applaud (when Westminster leader Angus Robertson delivered his response to the Queen’s Speech)
3. He took his family to Switzerland before killing himself by assisted suicide at Dignitas
4. Didcot
5. Delia Smith (to celebrate Norwich City's promotion to the Premier League)
6. Watched television
7. United Cabbies Group
8. Punting on the River Cam in Cambridge (and meeting Stephen Hawking)
9. Give birth to quads
10. Mersey (the flag ships of the Cunard Line to mark its 175th anniversary)
11. Fat
12. Taylor Swift (25) who was number 65. Bonus: German Chancellor Angela Merkel 
13. Aer Lingus
14. Head coach of the England cricket team
15. Never Mind The Buzzcocks
16. He beat a baby rabbit to death with a bicycle pump (then skinned and ate him)
17. Take Prince George to a football match
18. Heatwave (temperatures reaching 48C/118F)
19. Mayor of London
20. Hashtag 

Friday May 22 quiz answers

1. Tristram Hunt. Bonus: 35 
2. Galway. Bonus: 1979
3. Vienna. Bonus: Still In Love With You
4. It refused to make a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan 
5. 4.2
6. £1.53 billion (accept £1.5 billion)
7. Bessie (a cow which escaped from a field and was said to pose a 'significant risk' to the public) 
8. They were among the eight men remanded in custody accused of carrying out the £60m jewel heist at Hatton Gardens
9. Palmyra. Bonus: A bazooka
10. Thomas Cook (it was the Corfu bungalow where two children died from carbon monoxide poisoning during a 2006 holiday)
11. They are all phone-hacking victims who received compensation payments from Trinity Mirror
12. The official Scrabble dictionary
13. Net migration to the UK
14. Jeremy Clarkson, in his first interview (with Chris Evans) since being dropped from Top Gear
15. Liverpool footballer Raheem Sterling. Bonus: Norwich City and Middlesbrough
16. Stockport
17. Magnox 
18. Same-sex marriage
Not wearing high heels (she is an amputee)
20. Erectile dysfunction

Friday May 15 quiz answers

1. Sajid Javid. Bonus: Energy Secretary.
2. The Guardian. Bonus: 27. Bonus: The Patagonian Toothfish - because its demise is causing problems for the albatross, which is Prince Charles’s real concern
3. The influx of foreign workers from the EU. Bonus: Seven
4. Barcelona and Juventus
5. Philadelphia
6. The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies. Bonus: Radio Times Audience Award
7. Grand Union Canal in London 
8. He was charged with treason, including disobeying Kim and falling asleep at a military event 
9. Lyndsey Vonn (Olympic skier)
10. Bank Holiday Monday (May 25) 
11. Dogs belonging to Johnny Depp who arrived into the country on a private jet and were not declared to Customs
12. Announce she was standing for the Labour leadership
13. Sexual harassment
14. 355 not out
15. Prince Charles
16. BB King who died this week aged 89
17. Charlotte Church to Katie Hopkins
18. Nigel Farage
19. Steven Gerrard’s final game for Liverpool at Anfield (v Crystal Palace)
20. 331

Friday May 8 quiz answers

1. Andrea Jenkyns (Conservative). Bonus: Morley and Outwood
2. Mark Williams. Bonus: Eat his hat
3. Labour’s Douglas Alexander. Bonus: Labour 1, Lib Dems 1, Conservatives 1
4. Esther McVey
5. Sunderland Central
6. Fourth. Bonus: 8lb 3oz
7. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho referring to those who criticised Chelsea after winning the Premier League title
8. Ruth Rendell who died this week aged 85
9. Pikey - whether its use was racially offensive to Gypsies and Travellers.
10. So You Win Again
11. She is the right-wing blogger who organised the 'Draw Muhammad' event in Texas that was targeted by two gunmen
12. Deliberately driving their car into an embankment at 80mph on the M1 in Leicestershire
13. Rome
14. Bollywood Star Salman Khan, found guilty of hit & run and drink driving
15. The Who
16. China. Bonus: HSBC
17. Prince Harry after she asked if he would marry her
18. Facebook
19. 17th-Century Scottish pirate Captain (William) Kidd
20. Black players he selected for the national team 

Friday May 1 quiz answers

1. 100,000. Bonus: Ed Balls. Bonus: Leeds
2. His execution in Bali
3. AFC Bournemouth’s promotion to the Premier League

4. €500,000 (£357,953)
5. She reported builders to the police for wolf-whistling at her
6. Emirates
7. 24-hour drinking
8. She was caught on video slapping her 16-year-old son to stop him rioting in Baltimore
9. Five (till 2020). Bonus: Russell Brand
10. 7.8. Bonus: Four months. Bonus: Department for International Development
11. Drawing pictures of the prophet Mohammed
12. Claude Littner
13. Orville (the duck partner of Keith Harris who died this week)
14. England
15. He killed 12 people and wounded 70 others at a showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, in 2012
16. Have I Got News For You
17. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao
18. Airbus
19. Mercury
20. Tattoos

Friday April 24 quiz answers

1. John Major. Bonus: #milifandom. Bonus: His Wikipedia entry - removing all criticism. Bonus:
2. £6.4 billion. Bonus: Wonga
3. Italy’s dedicated search and rescue mission in the Mediterranean 
4. He allegedy stopped a fire engine on its way to a 999 call
5. Jamelia
6. 383
7. It is the chemical in diet pills that killed 21-year-old Eloise Aimee Parry
8. Anzac Day (commemorated on April 25 in memory of Australian and New Zealand soldiers who have died in war).
9. Drove a tractor on to the motorway
10. He shot American president Ronald Reagan in 1981
11. Saudi Arabia, saying it was ending its airstrikes in Yemen and seeking a political solution 
12. Aston Villa and Arsenal. Bonus: Liverpool 
13. 89
14. Teddy Houlston, who became Britain’s youngest organ donor. 
15. Avengers: Age of Ultron
16. This weekend’s London Marathon
17. Me at the Zoo
18. Everybody Loves Raymond
19. Rhodes
20. The hole drilled by the thieves into the vault at the Hatton Gardens Safe Deposit company 

Friday April 17 quiz answers

1. Plaid Cymru (3). The SNP had 6, Ukip 2 and Greens 1.

Bonus: Blukip.
2. Daily Express and Daily Star. Bonus: A sword fight in Hyde Park
3. Viv Nicholson (the 
'Spend Spend Spend' pools winner)
4. Ancient Iraqi city destroyed by Islamic State
5. He was asked to drop his Northern accent
6. They were all included in the UK's first weekly vinyl singles chart, launched by the Official Charts Company. Bonus: When A Man Loves A Woman. Bonus: 
Frozen soundtrack
7. Malta
8. As a show of support for the family of murdered student Karen Buckley
9. 21. Bonus: (Minus) 18
10. Hillary Clinton’s father (Hugh Rodham)
11. To mark the death of Australian cricket commentator Richie Benaud
12. She painted her Kensingtom town house in red and white stripes
13. Sue Perkins
14. Borussia Dortmund
15. He was awarded the Victoria Cross by the Queen at Windsor Castle
16. Google
17. The Dragon
18. Leicestershire
19. Morrisons
20. July 16

Friday April 10 quiz answers

1. Defence Secretary Michael Fallon. Bonus: The non-domicile (non-dom) rules that allow British residents, whose permanent home is outside the UK, to not pay tax on foreign income. Bonus: Change the Tune

2. Grimsby. Bonus: A porn star (under the name of Johnny Rockhard) and promoter of adult films 
3. Georgia. Bonus: Niall Horan (One Direction)
4. Ten years
5. Queen Victoria, aged 10
6. Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd
7. Barry Manilow
8. Oil
9. Have I Got News For You
10. American Pie
11. Milan
12. South Carolina police officer charged with murder for shooting an unarmed black man in the back 
13. Toby Jones (Marvellous) and Jason Watkins (The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies). Bonus: House of Fraser
14. Blackpool
15.  A First Great Western driver who joined a train at Banbury and headed for London instead of Reading
16. The English word that foreigners said they found the hardest to pronounce (according to submissions to Redditt)
17. Tikrit
18. To allow England to retake a penalty after the referee made a mistake in the original game
19. Alderney
20. Win the Grand National

Friday April 3 quiz answers

1. He was the 17-year-old student who asked the first question from the audience. Bonus: Salford
2. £3,000. Bonus: Institute for Fiscal Studies
3. Martin Freeman. Bonus: The Daily Telegraph. Bonus: Being HIV Positive
4. They were all subjects of April Fool jokes. Cowell’s face to be on £5 note (Sun); Clarkson to support Guardian’s climate change campaign; Ant & Dec to join forces with Anton Du Beke to become a trio called Ant & Dec & Anton Du Beke (Radio Times) and Longleat to wrap cars in bubble wrap to save them from monkeys (Daily Mail)
5. Borneo
6. Prince William
7. B&Q 
8. Alice
9. British couple found shot dead in their villa near Benidorm
10. Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari
11. Nigeria
12. They won £1 million in the Lottery for the second time
13. Joni Mitchell who was taken to hospital in LA
14. At least 147 students were killed and others taken hostage by masked gunmen (it’s in Kenya)
15. £53 million (£53,193,914)
16. Tottenham (Andros Townsend) and Southampton (Graziano Pellè)
17. The International Criminal Court (ICC)
18. Majorca. Bonus: The toilet
19. He boasted he had fathered 40 children by 20 different women
20. Coronation Street

Friday March 27 quiz answers

1. Dusseldorf. Bonus: Andreas Lubitz. Bonus: Wolverhampton Wanderers (Molineux)
2. Zero-hour contracts. Bonus: Vladimir Putin
3. Shredded Wheat. Bonus: May 27
4. Neighbours
5. Singapore (Lee Kuan Yew)
6. Wales (61) 
7. Nigel Farage (and his family)
8. A Government bid to change the rules on electing the Commons speaker
9. Downton Abbey
10. Firing squad
11. A non-beating heart. The first transplant of a heart that had stopped functioning was carried out at Papworth hospital 
12. Fans blame her for Zayn Malik leaving One Direction (the same charge that was levelled at Yoko Ono when John Lennon left the Beatles)
13. It is the gene that’s mutation has led to Angelina Jolie's decision to have her ovaries removed 
14. The cost of living
15. Prince Charles
16. Their game was postponed last September when UEFA ruled that no matches would be played in Israel during the conflict with Hamas 
17. Rest and Be Thankful
18. Desertion (and misbehaviour in the face of the enemy)
19. The reburial of Richard III. Bonus: Carol Ann Duffy
20. The next presenter of Top Gear

Friday March 20 quiz answers

1. 1p. Bonus: £10,800. Bonus: 12. Bonus: Agincourt and Waterloo 

2. £6.70
3. Danny Alexander
4. Vladimir Putin when asked about his ten-day ‘disappearance’ from public life
5. Headlining at Glastonbury
6. Bardo National Museum. 
Bonus: Sally Adey
7. None
8. Cyril Smith
9. Pam
10. Synthetic 
11. Deputy Mayor of London
12. Israel
13. Sainsbury’s. Bonus: Aldi
14. Michael Green.
15. Sunderland (Ellis Short is the owner of Sunderland AFC who sacked Gus Poyet as manager and appointed Dick Advocaat)
16. Jersey
17. Viewing porn via their official accounts
18. April 8
19. Attacked by a polar bear
20. Sparrow
Friday March 13 quiz answers

1. Jagger. Bonus: Thendara Satisfaction

2. David Duckenfield, police commander on the day of the Hillsborough disaster, admitting to the inquest that he lied about opening the gates at the stadium
3. Got to Give It Up
4. The Dancing Man 
5. The Rotherham sex scandal
6. Poldark
7. €1.40. Bonus: North Korea
8. Nancy. Bonus: Grey Coat Hospital School in Westminster
9. Scotland
10. 2 percent
11. Rona Fairhead
12. Fly around the world without fuel
13. Electro Velvet
14. He was struck by a horse at the Cheltenham festival. 
15. St Paul’s Cathedral  
16. Out of respect to the ten people, including three French sport stars, who died in a helicopter crash in Argentina
17. He is the producer who was involved in a 'fracas' with Jeremy Clarkson
18. The End. Bonus: 66
19. £1.9 million. Bonus: Forest Green Rovers
20. A washing machine 

Friday March 6 quiz answers

1. Cage. Bonus: M1. Bonus: Science teacher

2. He was charged with the murder of 16-year-old Becky Watts
3. The end of the miners’ strike 
4. Peppa Pig (via a malfunctioning 'fun and learn' tablet)
5. £106,000
6. Bert. Bonus: Alfred
7. Eurostar
8. 5.2 inches or 13.12cms (or 5.16 inches to be more exact)
9. Free banking 
10. A photograph of a kingfisher flying in flight carrying a weasel on its back
11. Musketeers
12. Stopped eight landmark clocks in Swansea at midnight for ‘safety reasons’ when he learned his job wasn’t being replaced
13. Seven. Bonus: Sunderland
14. K-cup coffee pods (which he says are bad for the environment, expensive and encourage addiction)
15. Syria
16. New Zealand and India
17. William Shatner (Captain Kirk), explaining why he did not attend Leonard Nimoy’s funeral
18. The eighth hole. Bonus: 72
19. Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff talking about his depression
20. Christian Grey

The Northcliffe Editors XI - how many did you name?

So, how many editors did you spot? They are Back Row: Fidler (former ad manager at Derby) Kevin Booth (editor at Burton Mail, formerly at Yorkshire Evening Press), Jeremy Clifford (editor at Sheffield Star, formerly at Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph) Keith Perch (formerly editor of the Leicester Mercury, Derby Telegraph and South Wales Echo), Lewis Panther, Mike Lowe (editor of Cotswold Life, formery editor at Bristol and Derby), Mike Sassi (editor at the Sentinel, Stoke, and previously at Lincoln), Unknown, Simon O'Neill (editor at the Oxford Mail, previously at Swindon). Front: Dave Welford (Derbyshire Times), Richard Bowyer (deputy editor at Stoke), Ruddy Brooks (sport), Cattermole, Mel Cook (editor at Nottingham Post, previously at the Scunthorpe Telegraph and deputy at Hull Daily Mail), Neil Manship (reporter). If you have any details on the non-editors, let me know.


  1. The group played around small Toronto-area clubs for a few years before eventually signing with BMG Canada and Arista Records for the rest of the world, and releasing their debut album See The Light in 1988, which featured the top charting hits "Angel Eyes" and "See The Light".

  2. Mark S Berry is presently at the helm of the Attack Group of companies, an independent media company. His Canadian productions have included I Mother Earth, two platinum albums for The Headstones, The Killjoys, Nothing In Particular, Fence, Burton Cummings (The Guess Who) platinum solo effort, and Up Close & Alone.
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  3. Mark S Berry is presently at the helm of the Attack Group of companies, an independent media company. His Canadian productions have included I Mother Earth, two platinum albums for The Headstones, The Killjoys, Nothing In Particular, Fence, Burton Cummings (The Guess Who) platinum solo effort, and Up Close & Alone.

  4. Mark S Berry is presently at the helm of the Attack Group of companies, an independent media company. His Canadian productions have included I Mother Earth, two platinum albums for The Headstones, The Killjoys, Nothing In Particular, Fence, Burton Cummings (The Guess Who) platinum solo effort, and Up Close & Alone.
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