Saturday, 13 March 2010

Print on the iPad certainly has the WOW factor

Apple has now said the iPad should be over here by the end of April. The rumoured price is £499. Exciting times ... but what will it really mean for journalists? A lot more work? Another platform that they will need to learn? It will be particularly interesting to see how the regionals respond. As Peter Preston said in The Observer: "This isn't a revolution, let alone salvation. And it will surely be more diffused – and costly – as competition ploughs along the same road." Nevertheless, it is a huge step on way to the genuinely portable newspaper. Take a look at these five iPad examples collated by The Guardian. We are particularly impressed by Sports Illustrated. Can't wait.


  1. This is typical of Apple, even though it doesn't do everything you want it to (no support for flash sites), they still make you want one... The Sports Illustrated demo is incredible.

  2. No Flash, no camera, £500 ... but bet you are still saving up!