Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The iPad and Tracy Island - same old ploy

Christmas 1992: My kids and the rare Tracy Island. Now where's my iPad lads?

Arggh! The iPad is delayed by a further month - until the end of May. Apple says it is because it can't keep up with the mad rush but I wonder if this is just that old marketing tactic - create the illusion of scarcity and accelerate demand. As a father-of-four I have been through this most Christmases - from Tracy Island, through to the Furby and on to the Wii. I am sure there were many others. What's the betting pre-orders, being taken from May 10, will now soar? Note to kids (and wife), having done my bit to search high and low to deliver Tracy Island etc, thought I would point out that the new pre-order date is just in time for my birthday.


  1. God only knows when they'll release them here in deepest darkest Ireland... Hoping to pick one up in NY in June, that's if they haven't shipped them all to UK to cover the demand!!

  2. You will definitely get one in NY. If not, I will send you one!