Monday, 14 June 2010

Post script on Saturday's debacle

Gloomy night on Saturday. Whatever the positive spinners might say, England didn't look good. Even forgetting the Green blunder, the defence was all over the place failing to win the ball on just about every corner and free kick. And Carragher and Terry looked far too slow. Dawson should start on Friday. And to add it all we had friends round to watch it on HD, so missed Gerrard's goal. Argentina, by contrast, look sensational and the Germans don't look too bad either. I fear we won't get past either of them. Anyway, to cheer you up here are a couple of post-match newspaper funnies.
First watch this recreation of the game in lego by The Guardian - far more entertaining than the original.
And then there's this headline from the New York Post that just about puts everything into context. 

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  1. Another classic world cup headline from the NY Post here...