Monday, 24 January 2011

The Evening Despatch: 25 years since it died

Here's a walk down memory lane for those who want remember newspapers the way they were. I have recently been in touch with colleagues from my old paper, the Evening Despatch in Darlington, where I was chief sub from 1981-1984. They were heady days when we didn't need to worry about revenues and digital platforms ... just producing a good paper every day. This is a promotional video from the time, featuring the editor Robin Thompson, who went on to be one of the country's leading media law experts and trainer. The exchange with old colleagues has led to a 'where are they now' post. Interesting for those who were there ... and a reminder that even hard-bitten hacks are sentimental when it comes to their memories. The Despatch closed in 1986, 25 years ago this year.  


  1. Fantastic..remember it well I was intervied by Robin Thompson and Mike at Andrews and ended up as a photographer with the Advertiser series..
    Those were the days!! PS I wouldn't dare call anyone Pet like Robin did in his interview, how things have changed

  2. I remember printing the last edition, sad day. I took some photos of the press with the last edition plates on. Hell, if I remember correctly I printed the last edition of every title from Priestgate. The last Echo was fun, a scratch crew and MD and co on the fly. Happy days.

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