Friday, 29 April 2011

The Times gets the wedding bouquet

Here we go. The Times wins it hands down, a great decision and fabulous wraparound. It was the surprise and most natural image of the wedding. The kiss is a great picture too. It may be a bit safer, predictable and we've seen it before but, hey, it's an iconic image and this is all about thinking souvenir. The Northern Echo, Daily Mail, FT, The Sun, the Evening Gazette in Teesside, the Daily Express and the Daily Telegraph took that option. The Star's crop is on the tight side with the headline obliterating the dress. I like the Mirror's decision to leave in the bridesmaid too. I know she detracts a little from the main image but she does raise a smile. The Guardian left in two bridesmaids ... they balance the picture but the girl on the right adds nothing. And the FT cropped the wrong bridesmaid off. The Echo had a dilemma between the kiss and the car and went front and back. Good solution. As for the Independent, what can I say? Different, brave, original, not pandering to the mass hysteria, intelligent ... but really, what were they thinking? Pleased they scrawled The Kiss on it though, otherwise we might have struggled to know what we were looking at.


  1. Hi - great post, promptly produced! I agree with your comments except to add that (for once) I like what The Star has done - by tightly cropping into the kiss it gives it more power. Although the headline obscures the dress we can see more of that inside.

    Chris Henry

  2. Excuse me for asking but shouldn't an elipses be three dots or a em, en dash and should and end quote mark need a starting one? Sorry Mirror poor crop and headline too tight