Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rupert's empire laid bare

‘ … the red-tops were sliding into a frenzy of junk journalism unparalleled in the industry’s history.’

It's good to see my old boss, David Kernek, keeping his writing skills as sharp as ever with an excellent review of Dial M for Murdoch in today's Irish Examiner. David's feature concludes:
'Watson and Independent writer Matthew Hickman have not set out an open-and-shut case proving that Rupert has corrupted Britain. If he has, he’s found no trouble recruiting home-grown accomplices who ought to have known better. He has contributed to the debasement and dumbing down of Britain’s media and politics. If the consequence is a statutory privacy law, then we’ll know that it was Rupert wot done it.'
The book, by Tom Watson and former Hull Daily Mail journalist Hickman, is essential reading of course. But if you haven't found time yet you could do worse than catch up with David's synopsis.
* If the time is fast-approaching when you start thinking about your beach reading for the summer, take a look at my list of newspaper novels.

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