Thursday, 2 August 2012

Local newspapers show their Olympic style

I have looked in detail at the front pages of the nationals during the Olympics but the local papers are also using the Games to show what they can do.

Here is today's Cornishman, with a powerful wraparound. The front shows Helen Glover, born in Truro and educated in Penzance, with Heather Stanning on the back. None of the nationals splashed the picture of the Olympians in their boat, so this is a fresh, confident and up-to-the-minute approach by the weekly paper. Other weekly newspapers have also been keen to capitalise on the Olympic fervour. 

With 40 British athletes training in and around Bath, the Chronicle gave most of its news and sports pages to an Olympic special in the run-up to the Games. The front was winter Olympian Amy Williams with her face painted with the Union Flag.

Meanwhile the Kent and Sussex Courier featured pages and pages of Olympic logos designed by primary school children. As editor Ian Read says, some are better than the original. He will no doubt be hearing from Locog.
Any other regionals doing something special for the Olympics? Send your pages to and I will feature the best. 

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  1. Don't mean to be churlish, but where's the original Bath Chron front with the horrible 'free pizza' promo on a gold medal hanging from the masthead? And 32 faces but no names? Pointless.