Thursday, 13 June 2013

How to turn a routine anniversary into a splash

Here's a nice example of how to turn a wedding anniversary story into something else ... in this case the splash. The couple, Ron Everest and Eileen Campbell, were pictured as a carnival bride and groom 87 years ago, when they were four. Seventeen years later they married and yesterday they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. For many papers it could have been a down-page picture towards the back of the book. For today's Eastern Daily Press, with some great old pictures and anecdotes, it's a splash and a wipe-out of Pages 2 and 3. A first rate mix of nostalgia and human interest ... and only something local newspapers can do.  

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  1. wow its amazing article.. i must try it at my next anniversary.. i wish that my wife will be so happy to this splash..