Thursday, 4 July 2013

Lincolnshire Echo's murder wrap

Here's a cracking idea from the Lincolnshire Echo which is bound to win friends with its growing Eastern European community. Today the Echo has published a four-page wrap around the main paper ... and set it in Russian, Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian. More than 800 copies are being given away in the city. The bold innovation follows the murder of Latvian Vasilijs Ransevs who was found dead in his city centre flat on Sunday June 16. A post-mortem revealed he had died of head injuries. 

The wrap also carries information about the local community police officers who have the difficult job of engaging with the Eastern European community. Reaction this morning has been excellent with people saying they can speak and understand English ... but not always read it. 
Echo Editor Steven Fletcher (@stevenfletcher1) says: “I just thought we needed to do something different. The Echo has trust and loyalty within the community, and this is a way of getting the message across to thousands of potential witnesses in a different way.
“By giving it away for free, we can put the special edition in outlets which wouldn’t usually stock the Echo, and so get the witness appeal across to as many people as possible. Production costs have been covered by the police, so we are in a win-win situation.”

Publishing wraps is not something new at the Echo. An eye-catching and bold campaign to save Lincolnshire Prison carried a paid-for wrap by a law firm in support ... and helped the paper win Midlands Newspaper of the Year last month. 

And in the last six weeks the Echo has run other paid-for wraps including this one for a steakhouse. Definitely some creative thinking going on in Lincoln.

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