Thursday, 19 December 2013

The last Post - a classy goodbye

The Liverpool Post closes today after 158 years. Once a thriving morning title, it is the biggest 'name' in regional newspapers to be a victim of the challenges facing the industry. It went weekly four years ago and now it is no more. It is a sad, but understandable, decision. Producing two titles from the same centre in the digital age is no easy task. Bristol, Leeds, Newcastle, Cardiff, Dundee, Aberdeen, Plymouth, Norwich and Ipswich continue to do so … and long may they succeed. Two radically different titles, one for the county and one for the city seems to still work … for now. There are now more than 30 daily titles in the UK now selling under 20,000 - many losing sale by 10 per cent year on year. More conversions to weekly seems to be inevitable. 
It is a sad day for Liverpool and for the newspaper industry. It is also a sad day  for editor Mark Thomas and his staff who marked it with a classy and stunning front page and a poignant piece on the website. I wish them well.


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