Friday, 24 January 2014

20 years in exile: My North-South divide


At the end of 1993, I said goodbye to the editorship of The Northern Echo and to my native North-East and hello to an editorial executive role in Westminster Press and to Sussex. Twenty year later, we are now adopted Southerners. The locals no longer ask if we keep coal in the bath and my grown-up children all talk with Southern accents. It has been a great move for us. There are more journalism opportunities in the South and our businesses, the Editorial Centre and SMS, have thrived. There is plenty we miss though - including the beer, the pease pudding, the countryside and the football. The question I am most asked is which do we prefer and would we ever move back. So to try to answers those and to mark 20 years in exile I wrote this piece for today's Northern Echo on our own North South divide.

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  1. You are ALL softy southerners to we tough Scots!
    Interesting article though Peter, thanks. Congrats too on surviving 20 years without the blanket of a daily paper to wrap around yourself. Keep up the good work sir.