Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Christina Lamb at war: watch and be inspired

Ever wondered what it is really like to be a war correspondent? This short film, Bringing the World to Britain, leaves you in no doubt. Sunday Times foreign correspondent Christina Lamb talks vividly of her experiences in the war zones of the Middle East - why she does it, what she takes with her and her most harrowing moments. I love the quote 'There is nowhere I haven't got into. No is a starting point for me'. She also tells of the most frightening experience of her life, trapped in a ditch in Afghanistan with the Taliban throwing mortars at her and bullets flying over her head alongside soldiers who all thought they were going to be killed. "I really, really didn't want to die in a muddy field in Helmand," she says.  Watch it ... and be inspired. 

The film is part of the excellent Sunday Times Unquiet Film Series. All of them are worth watching, especially those on Times New Roman and on Photojournalism

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