Friday, 5 September 2014

Newsquiz is back. Lydia's 17.5 to beat

The Daily Mail/MailOnline graduate scheme for reporters started this week. There are 15 young journalists, ten from the UK and five from America, who are on the course, run by the Press Association, at the Mail’s London office. They have had a week which included sessions with the Mail legal team, MailOnline managing editor Rhiannon Macdonald, sketch writer Quentin Letts, senior reporters David Williams and Christian Gysin, former trainees Peter Campbell and Sam Creighton and a talk from Bob Satchwell, executive director of the Society of Editors. The trainees are off finding exclusive stories today, so we did the end-of-week news quiz early. Congratulations to Lydia Willgress who was a runaway winner with 17.5 points, well ahead of second placed Christopher Brennan and Hattie Sime. The quiz was also completed by the trainees on PA's foundation course in London where Toby Luckhurst and George Ryan were joint first with 15 points. The purpose of the quiz is to offer a little light relief at the end of a busy week and to ensure everyone is keeping up to speed with the news. The quiz will be running here for the next eight weeks. See if you can beat Lydia’s impressive 17.5.

World leaders at the Nato Summit this week ... but where was it held. Q7.
Picture courtesy of PA.
1. Why were William Pooley and Nancy Writebol in the headlines?
2. Gary Barlow has apologised for his tax errors. Which company did he invest in to avoid paying taxes?
3. Who was named as Philanthropist of the Year at the GQ awards?
4. Why were around 100 pupils at the Coseley School, Bilston, sent home on the first day back at school?
5. Migrants tried to force their way on to a ferry in Calais, hoping to get to England. Besides raising the ramp, what did the crew do to stop them boarding?
6. David Cameron said pictures of Ashya King reminded him of his own son, who died aged six. What was his son’s name?
Bonus: Ashya's parents want him to receive Proton Beam cancer treatment at a special hospital in which city?
7. Where is the NATO summit taking place?
8. Why were Henry McCollum and Leon Brown in the headlines?
9. Who will be standing for UKIP in the Clacton by-election?
10. Which sporting event this month will pit the United States against Europe? 
11. David Haines is being held hostage by the Islamic State. Which Non-Government Organisation does he work for? 
Bonus: Steve Sotloff’s friends and family challenged the leader of the Islamic State to debate the tenets of Islam. Who is the leader? 
12. In which country has Al Qaeda proclaimed a new terror group? 
13. Who said it is selfish to have kids? 
14. Vladimir Putin told EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso that he could ‘take Kiev’ in how many weeks?
Bonus: Which country cancelled the delivery of two warships to Russia?
15. Who did Sir Howard Davies, head of the Airports Commission, say was not telling the truth?
16. Scotsman Norman Calder was eliminated from what?
17. Which singer, famous in the 1970s, has pleaded guilty to drink driving in New York?
18. What reached a fourteen-and-a-half-year high on Wednesday? 
19. IPSO, a new regulatory body for the media comes into being on Monday. What does IPSO stand for?
20. How many female A-listers were said to have had nude pictures hacked from iCloud?

Answers here

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