Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Forever Young ...

You may think this looks like a couple of desperate vagrants on the streets of London. But in fact it is two of Britain's best and most respected newspaper editors. On the left is Ted Young, editor of Metro, and on the right is Peter Barron, MBE, who has been editor of The Northern Echo for an astonishing 16 years. They were at the Emirates on Sunday to see Middlesbrough lose to Arsenal in the FA Cup. To add to the confusion Peter, a Teessider, is an Arsenal supporter and Southerner Ted follows Newcastle. Ted says the best bit was watching Peter being branded a southern softie by Boro fans queuing at Arsenal tube station. Peter says it was a momentous occasion: "Ted bought a round! Never seen that many moths." We were all on the Echo together 25 years ago. Nice to know their humour and their dress sense have stayed the same.

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