Friday, 17 April 2015

Have a crack at this week's newsquiz

Here's this week's newsquiz. Last week's questions were clearly a bit tougher as the excuses were certainly flowing - 'distracted by the Grand National', 'sleeping', 'spent the week abroad' etc. The best collective score, for the first time ever, went to my drinking pals at the Plough who clocked up 17. The top individual score was 15 - by Alex Murphy, James Restall and Michael Owens. Chris Lennon equalled his personal best of 14 for the fourth time in the last five weeks, the same score as the Batstone collective. Blaise Tapp, who scored a highly impressive 20 a couple of weeks ago, slipped back to a disappointing ten. Try your hand at this week's questions. As usual there are 25 points for the taking. Don't forget to let me know how you get on.

The Independent reports on Lord Jenner
(Question 18)
1. Which of the parties, apart from Labour and the SNP, taking part in the BBC election debate had the most seats in the last parliament? 
Bonus: What did Nick Clegg (who was not at the debate) call the potential rightwing alliance of Ukip, the Democratic Unionists and the Conservatives?
2. The owner of which two daily UK newspapers gave Nigel Farage ‘one of his best birthday presents ever’ with a £1.3m donation to Ukip? Half a point each for each paper.
Bonus: Polish prince Janek Zylinski challenged Farage to what?
3. A memorial service is to be held in Castleford for a woman who during her life was deported from Malta for punching a policeman, became a Jehovah’s Witness and posed on the sleeve of a single by the Smith’s. Who was she?
4. Why was Nimrud in the headlines?
5. Christopher Eccleston revealed the reason he quit the role of Dr Who. What was it?
6. How were Shout by Lulu, Young Americans by David Bowie and I’ll Be There by Niles and Chic Rodgers connected?
Bonus: Percy Sledge, who died this week, had a No 1 in 1966 with his debut single. What was it called?
Bonus. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry revealed that the biggest selling album in the world in 2014 sold 10 million copies (4 million more than second placed 1989 by Taylor Swift). What is it?
7. Which country voted to continue the spring hunting of quail and turtle doves, an activity that is banned across Europe?
8. Why is a candlelit vigil planned for tonight (Friday) in St George Square, Glasgow?
9. Jordan Spieth was crowned the youngest Masters winner since Tiger Woods - how old is he?
Bonus: Spieth’s final score equalled Woods’s 1997 tournament record at how many strokes under par?

10. Whose headstone was vandalised at Washburn Street Cemetery, Scranton, Pennsylvania?
11. Why were all flags on New South Wales government buildings and establishments including, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, lowered to half-mast?
12. How did Zipporah Lisle-Mainwaring upset her exclusive neighbourhood?
13. Who wrote: 'This morning, someone suggested they’d like to see me burn to death. All of which goes to say that I am off Twitter for a bit. Love and peace x.’?
14. There was a reported 'flurry of excitement’ among Premier League football clubs when coach Jurgen Klopp announced he would be leaving which club in the summer?
15. Why was Joshua Leakey in the headlines?
16. Who was accused by the European Union of formally violating antitrust laws?
17. What is the name of the spacecraft that was launched to deliver more than 4,300lbs of supplies, including an espresso maker, to the International Space Station?  
18. Which police force, which interviewed more than 2,000 people and submitted a file of evidence to the CPS, condemned the decision not to prosecute Labour peer Lord Janner on child sex charges?
19. Which supermarket announced it is to cut up to 720 head-office jobs while recruiting 5,000 shop floor staff as part of a plan to focus on customer service?
20. A maths question, which asked High School students in Singapore 'What date is Cheryl’s birthday?’, went viral. What is the answer to the puzzle, i.e. when is Cheryl's birthday?

Answers here

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