Friday, 17 July 2015

Test yourself with this week's newsquiz

Congratulations to Sophie Jamieson who submitted the highest score, 16, in last week’s newsquiz. She was narrowly ahead of The Subeditor who scored 15 and Alex Murphy with a consistent 14. Others in double figures included Frankie Taggart with 11. The top team effort was by the Batstones (Adam and Lucy) on 14. Here’s this week’s quiz … as usual 25 points to be had. Let me know how you get on.   

Pluto up close on the front of The Guardian (Question 12)
1. A vote which was due to be held in Parliament on Wednesday was shelved at the last minute. What was the vote on?
2. Eurozone leaders agreed a bridging loan of how much on condition the Greek parliament passed reforms on taxation increases and pension curbs? Bonus: The Greek Parliament voted for the measures by 229 votes to 64 but how many of the Government’s MPs voted against?
3. Who said: 'It is incredibly inefficient to have a service that cranks up on a Monday morning [and] starts to wind down after lunch on a Friday’?
4. Why was Robin Lee arrested while travelling from Hackney to Camden?
5. Announcing he was determined to tackle the gender pay gap, David Cameron said that for every £1 a man earns in Britain a woman takes home how much?
6. Holly and Willow will be the last in what line?
7. How many Wimbledon singles titles has Serena Williams now won? Bonus: To which song did Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams perform their victory dance?
8. Nine police officers were injured and a car was lifted off an injured 16-year-old girl as protests broke out in which city?
9. Why was model Victoria Xipolitakis led away by security guards during the Pope’s visit to Paraguay?
10. Iran and six nations led by the United States agreed to significantly limit Tehran’s nuclear ability in return for lifting international oil and financial sanctions. In which city was the deal agreed? Bonus: Who described the deal as a 'bad mistake of historic proportions’? 
11. The son of which rock star died after falling from a cliff in Brighton?
12. What was the name of the spacecraft that beamed back pictures of the surface of Pluto? Bonus: Pluto lost its ‘planet’ status in 2006 and was categorised as a _______ planet. What is the missing word?
13. What offence was actress Amber Heard charged with?
14. What sold more than 105,000 copies in its first day on sale in the UK?
15. Why was Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman in the headlines?
16. Around 7.9 million people watched whose funeral this week?
17. Who was taken to hospital only days after renewing his wedding vows after 60 years of marriage?
18. Daniel Craig, Dame Judi Dench, Sir David Attenborough, JK Rowling and Gary Lineker were among 29 celebrities who signed a letter to David Cameron saying that  ‘a diminished _____would simply mean a diminished Britain’. What is the missing word?
19. The second test against Australia began on Thursday at which ground? Bonus: The British Open also began on Thursday. At which golf course?
20. Grimsby Town football supporter Kenneth Meech was found guilty of assaulting a match steward with what?

Answers here

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