Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Sugary budget leads to some spicy front pages

George Osborne's sugar tax is certainly a gift for the headline writers. The Daily Mirror - Sugar and spite - and The Sun - Fizzy Rascal - lead the way for the tabloids. At the top end The Times and Telegraph have identical headlines - Osborne sugars the pill - with the i having a variation on the theme. The FT also goes for a sweetening headline with a clever illustration of the chancellor (or someone who looks vaguely like him) balancing a pound sign made of sugar cubes. I quite like City AM too - a simple idea of Osborne kicking a can down the road. The Independent and my old paper, The Northern Echo, go for a spoonful of sugar angle while Metro opts for a sweet and sour budget. Some nice headlines ... but for me it was the caricaturists that won it. Hat tip to Dave Brown of the Indie and David Wright of the Echo. Nice work. Here are tomorrow's fronts. 


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