Friday, 3 February 2017

Time to tackle this week's newsquiz

There were some top scores in last week’s newsquiz. The pick of the bunch was Oliver Milne with 21, narrowly pipping Mike Lowe on 20.5. Liz Gerard, Janet Boyle and Dave Bromage, with his 'highest ever’, all scored 20. The Penman Partnership were the best team with 21. The father and daughter outfit tweeted: ‘We were 14/14 at one point and got quite giddy.’ Well played. I hope it’s a bit more of a challenge this week - but we’ll see. As usual there are 25 questions about the week’s events. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

The Mirror's view on Trump's proposed State Visit (Question 6)
1. How many MPs voted against triggering Article 50? 
2. What date has Theresa May set for launching the formal Brexit process?3. Friends of shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said she missed the Brexit vote after developing a 'really bad ______’. What is the missing word? 
4. Veteran Conservative Kenneth Clarke told Parliament that even a former politician would be surprised how Eurosceptic and anti-immigrant the Tories had become? Which politician was he referring to? 
5. Donald Trump barred nationals from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and which other two countries from entering the US for 90 days? Half point each.
6. According to Lord Ricketts, David Cameron's former national security adviser, who has been 'put in a difficult position' by the official state invitation to Donald Trump?
7. Donald Trump called a conversation 'the worst by far' of his calls with world leaders and cut it short. Who was he talking to?

8. What was created by Graham Guest?
9. Why was Sally Q Yates in the headlines?
10. Roger Federer’s Australian Open victory means that he now has how many Grand Slam titles?

11. He played Quentin Crisp in The Naked Civil Servant, the title role in The Elephant Man and Mr Ollivander in the Harry Potter films. Who is he?
12. What was the name of the 27-year-old man charged with six counts of murder and five of attempted murder after the Quebec Mosque shootings?
13. Ben Wishaw, Richard Ayoade, Rory Kinnear and Olivia Colman are among the favourites to do what?

14. Who did the Obamas have lunch with on the Caribbean Island Anegada?
15. Nick Jenkins and Sarah Willingham left which television programme?
16. The RDG said it was determined to 'overhaul the system to cut out red-tape, jargon and complication to make it easier for customers to buy fares they can trust, including from ticket machines’. What does RDG stand for?
17. What became the most-liked picture ever on Instagram? 

18. A Blue Peter time capsule has been accidentally dug up 33 years earlier than planned. Where was it buried?
19. Which two teams will meet in the African Nations Cup final? Half a point each
20. What did Goncalo Amaral win?
21. What was the name of the Norwich school where a 12-year-old boy died after falling down a stairwell?
22. Joanie Wright caused an online stir after dying from a heart attack in which programme?
23. Lynden Scourfield and Mark Dobson were jailed for their part in orchestrating a £245 million fraud that siphoned off money from struggling businesses. Both were former bankers for which company?
24. Sir Ken Morrison, who died this week, took his family supermarket into the south of England and made it the UK’s fourth largest grocer when he bought which rival chain in 2004?
25. Singer Gary Barlow claimed to have done something for the first time in 14 years. What was it?

Answers here

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