Friday, 31 March 2017

Time to tackle this week's newsquiz

The runaway top scorer in last week's newsquiz was Faye White with a massively impressive 22. The top team score was 18 by the Penman Partnership, narrowly ahead of Adam Batstone and his Amsterdam gang  Other good scores were 17 by Janet Boyle and 14 by Steven Silk and Len Copland. A special mention goes to Ian McCulloch who does the quiz each week and delivered a personal best of 11.5. Here is this week's quiz. As usual there are 25 questions about the week's events. Give it a go and let me know how you get on. 
Adieu: Metro says goodbye to Europe (Questions 1-5)
1. Theresa May’s letter triggering Article 50 was handed to EU president Donald Trusk by Britain’s permanent representative to the European Union. What is his name?
2. Guy Verhofstadt, chief negotiator for the EU, said of the Brexit letter: ‘I tried to be a gentleman towards a lady so I didn’t even use or think about the use of the word _______’. What is the missing word?
3. Which company announced that it is to establish a new European subsidiary in Brussels to avoid losing business when the UK leaves the EU?
4. How many members of the Scottish Parliament voted in favour of seeking permission to hold a second referendum on independence?
5. What was Theresa May referring to when she said: ‘If people want to have a bit of fun … then so be it’?
6. Westminster Bridge killer Khalid Masood sent a message to a mystery contact on which messaging service, prompting police and politicians to criticise internet companies over their encryption policies?
7. At which university have five students apparently committed suicide since the beginning of the academic year?
8. Claire Blackman, who campaigned against the conviction of her soldier husband for murder, was described by his QC as 'the______ who inspired us throughout’.  What is the missing word? 
9. Why was Rohey Hydara in the headlines?
10. According to the former managing director of Waitrose, Lord Price, how much do you have to pay for a bottle of wine to ‘hit the sweet spot of quality against cost’?
11. Professor Brian Cox has landed a part in which children's television programme?
12. What were confiscated by police from two young sisters in Nottingham as they were on their way to visit their grandmother on Mothering Sunday?
13. Who was charged in France with complicity in the abuse of public funds - a charge that could see her jailed?
14. Where, according to a United Nations study, have at least 307 civilians been killed since February 17?
15. Five-year-old Bradley Lowery, who led England out on to the pitch for their World Cup qualifier against Lithuania, supports which football team?
16. Andrew Ridgeley and select family and friends attended the funeral of George Michael at which cemetery?
17. How was drug addict Mario Perivoitos killed during the filming of a BBC documentary?
18. A Twin Squirrel helicopter crashed on its way to Dublin killing all five people on board. Where did it set off from?
19. Which airport - complete with a controversial bronze bust - was named after footballer Ronaldo?
20. Which fashion designer was declared bankrupt over unpaid tax of £6million?
21. US President Donald Trump signed an executive order this week and said: 'My administration is putting an end to the war on _____’. What is the missing word?
22. Footballer Rio Ferdinand appeared in a moving BBC documentary about losing his wife Rebecca at the age of 34. What was the programme called?
23. Who was pictured with grisly scars and yellow teeth for a cameo appearance in the film 
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword?

24. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry released ten specially-commissioned films as part of which campaign?
25. David Pearce, who won a competition at the age of 15, is the designer of what?

Answers here

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