Friday, 26 May 2017

Here's this week's newsquiz - give it a go

Last week’s top scorer in the newsquiz was Toby Brown - who ‘danced a little news jig’ - with 19. It was the same score achieved by my mates from my student days at our 40-year reunion. Simon O’Neill and Liz Gerard continued their strong runs with 18. The Batstone Collective scored 17 as did Janet Boyle. This week’s quiz is obviously dominated by the terrible events in Manchester. As usual there are 25 questions. Let me know how you get on.  

1. The bomb attack at Manchester Arena was at the end of a concert by which American singer?
2. The suicide bomber's father Ramadan Abedi and brother Hashim were arrested in which country?
3. After the attack the UK threat level was raised from ’severe’ to which category?
4. Tony Walsh's poem at a vigil in Albert Square to remember the victims of the Manchester terror attack was greeted with cheers and applause. What is the poem called?
5. Which comedian quit Twitter after being trolled for sending a supportive tweet to the singer whose concert was targeted by the Manchester bomber?
6. Manchester police stopped passing information about the bombings to American intelligence after photos of the attack were apparently leaked to which newspaper?
7. The Queen met child victims of the Manchester Arena suicide bomb on a visit to which hospital?
8. Who dedicated Manchester United’s Europa Cup victory over Ajax to 'England, Manchester and the people who died’?
9. Who was heckled and booed at the UKIP manifesto launch after saying it 'sounds as if you are near as damn it blaming the Prime Minister for this attack and the circumstances that led to it’?
10. In an interview with Theresa May, BBC’s Andrew Neil said the hastily-announced cap on social care costs sounded ‘uncosted and ________’. What is the missing hyphenated word?
11. A YouGov poll published this week said that the Conservative lead over Labour had fallen to how many percentage points?
12. Who described Jeremy Corbyn as being on 'the right side of history’?
13. Seventy-three-year-old Isabella Jackson from Fife was jailed for 45 months for making death threats to whom?
14. Whose solicitor suggested his client’s approach of seeking witnesses to his alleged crime was the actions of an innocent man or an idiot?
15. One Premier League manager saved his team from relegation and then quit. Another two failed to save their teams from relegation and quit. Name two of the managers. Half a point for each. 
16. What was bought at a car boot sale in Middlesex 30 years ago and is expected to riase £350,000 when it is auctioned at Sotheby’s next month?
17. Which TV drama by David Lynch returned for a third series - 26 years since its last episode?
18. US president Donald Trump met the Pope at the Vatican and presented him with a large box filled with books written by whom?
19. Which country's Prime Minister did President Trump push out of the way to be in the front row of a group photo of world leaders at the Nato summit in Brussels?
20. Why was Giles Deacon in the headlines?
21. Appeal court judges ruled that doctors should be allowed to stop life-support treatment for an ill baby. What is his name?
22. How many times did Roger Moore, who died aged 89 this week, play James Bond?
23. Five people from Romania were killed when a car crashed into a lorry on which motorway?
24. Former TV weatherman Fred Talbot has been found guilty of historical sex offences. On which TV programme did he present weather reports from a large floating map of the British Isles?
25. Who indavertently posed with pictures of Fred West, Peter Sutcliffe, Adam Johnson, Stalin and Harold Shipman?

Answers here

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