Friday, 25 August 2017

The newsquiz: Can you beat Danny's score?

The MailOnline trainees finished their third week of the course today. Congratulations to Kate McGreavy who had her second story published. It was a look at who might join Wayne Rooney in the 200-club after he scored for Everton on Monday night. You can read it here

Among the speakers this week were digital specialist Adam Tinworth, assistant editor Richard Hartley-Parkinson, travel editor Ted Thornhill, MailOnline news-editor Marianna Partasides and Editor Emeritus Peter Wright. We finshed as usual with the newsquiz. Last week’s top scorer online was Ellie Rewcastle with 20. This week’s top trainee was Danny Hussain with a healthy 18 points. Second was Dianne Apen-Sadler on 16. Give it a go and see if you can beat Danny's score.
I'm throo - Metro reports on Wayne Rooney quitting England
(Question 14)
1. On Wednesday the pound fell to its lowest rate against the Euro since which year?
2. Theresa May said that when Britain leaves the European Union it will be leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. Which court did she say would be the 'ultimate arbiter' of British laws’?
3. The family of seven-year-old Julian Cadman, who was killed in the Barcelona terror attack, said: 'We are so _______ to have had him in our lives and will remember his smiles and hold his memory dear to our hearts.' What is the missing word?
4. British paramedic Hassan Zubier was stabbed four times as he tried to save women from a knife-wielding attacker who killed two people in which country?
5. President Donald Trump is likely to increase US troop numbers in Afghanistan. According to the Pentagon how many US troops are currently there?
6. Labour MP Stephen Pound was photographed dabbing his eyes while saying: 'It is a desperately sad moment and you don't know what you have got until it has gone.’  What was he referring to?
7. Who said in an interview that he was ‘disorientated, dizzy… and very confused. I remember just feeling completely numb’?
8. Which police force’s chief constable, Simon Byrne, has been suspended over claims of gross misconduct?
9. Advertisers including the National Trust and are among those threatening to stop using which website, blaming 'offensive' language?
10. The manager of the England women’s football team is alleged to have told one of his black players to make sure her relatives did not bring what to a game at Wembley?
11. TV producer Amy May Shead was left brain-damaged and wheelchair-bound after eating a dish containing peanuts in which city?
12. Why was 52-year-old Toby Robyns in the headlines?
13. Cyclist Charlie Alliston was cleared of manslaughter but convicted of what obscure offence? (Full name please)
14. Wayne Rooney retired from England duty after 53 goals in how many games?
15. The founder of America’s annual Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy telethon, which raised more than $2.45 billion, died this week. He was also nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 1977. Who is he?
16. Former cricketer Geoffrey Boycott came under fire after suggesting he would be more likely to be given a knighthood if he did what?
17. Where did Stickle Bricks, Meccano, The Merrythought Bear, Fuzzy Felt, Sindy, Action Man, Hornby Train sets, Spirograph, Heron Trojan Warriors and a Space Hopper all appear this week?
18. Former England rugby captain Matt Dawson underwent heart surgery after contracting Lyme disease from what?
19. Two former BBC executives who used government cash to set up a production company paid themselves £1.4million despite making a loss. Name the company.
20. Which London district was named one of the world’s top ten neighbourhoods by travel experts Lonely Planet?
21. Andrew Neil is giving up his BBC current affairs show. What is it called?
22. Who sent a message to Russell Brand suggesting she could do with a ‘jolly good rogering’?
23. Pewsey firefighters were thanked by a farmer who gave them sausages made from the piglets they rescued during a barn blaze. How many piglets were rescued?
24. What is the highest grade that can be achieved in the new GCSE system?
25. Ken Cheng won the funniest joke at the Edinburgh Festival 
Fringe  with 'I’m not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate all ______.’ What is the missing word?

Answers here

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