Friday, 23 March 2018

Can you beat Bhvishya's newsquiz score?

The MailOnline trainees had another busy week. They recreated the newsroom with former global editor Amy Marley, pitched stories to travel editor Ted Thornhill and had a session with former trainee Rod Ardehali. Editor Emeritus Peter Wright also talked through IPSO and the editors’ code. They covered a breaking news story, learned about Femail and Leigh McManus won a scratchcard for the best picture headline. There was a special 'well done' to Bryony Jewell whose story about dogs on the Tube was published on the site. Read it here.

As usual we finished the week with the newsquiz and the winner with 15.5 was  Bhvishya Patel. Last week’s newsquiz saw some high scores online. The pick of the bunch was Ellie Rewcastle with 19, narrowly ahead of Janet Boyle on 18. The top team was the Penman Partnership with 18.5. Gavin Devine and the Adam Batstone and Lucy Thorpe partnership all scored 17.5, the same as top trainees Bryony and Leigh. Here’s this week’s quiz, as usual 25 questions about the week. Give it a go and see if you can beat Bhvishya’s score.

1. TV personality Ant McPartlin was charged with drink driving at which London police station?
2. What two makes of car did Ant McPartlin’s car hit in the accident which led to his drink-drive arrest? Half a point for each
3. Ant McPartlin’s mother was his passenger when he crashed his car in London. What is her name?
4. The Russian ambassador in London Alexander Yakovenko reacted to Boris Johnson’s Hitler jibe by saying: ‘Nobody has the right to insult the Russian people, who defeated Nazism and lost more than ___  people, by comparing our country to Nazi Germany.’ What is the missing number?

5. A gunman was killed after taking hostages at a supermarket in which French town?
6. Nigel Farage joined fishermen to protest at the EU transition deal by dumping two crates of what type of fish in the Thames in front of Parliament?
7. Alexander Nix was suspended as CEO of which company?
8. The co-founder of WhatsApp Brian Acton posted to Twitter: 'It is time’ and added which hashtag?
9. How did 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg die?
10. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt revealed an increase in NHS salaries of between 6.5 per cent and ___ per cent over three years? What is the missing figure?
11. The pilot whose plane crashed in the Shoreham airshow disaster, killing 11 men, will be charged with the endangerment of an aircraft and which other offence?
12. Ireland beat England at Twickenham to remain undefeated in the rugby Six Nations to top the table with 26 points but which country was second with 15?
13. An engineer died after a Red Arrows jet crashed at RAF Valley on which island?
14. What is the name of the Franco–Dutch firm that has won the contract to print Britain’s post-Brexit blue passports?
15. Which country will the Pope visit on August 25 and 26 to attend the World Meeting of Families?
16. Vladimir Putin extended his rule of Russia for another six years winning what per cent of the vote, his highest ever?
17. England cricketers were skittled out in the first innings for their lowest ever score against New Zealand. What was the score?
18. Which Parliament is to debate proposals in May to change the law which would allow terminally ill adults with less than six months to live to choose assisted dying?
19. What has Californian Claire Ptak been commissioned to make?
20. 26-year-old British woman Anna Campbell died in which country?

21. Who said this week: 'I was really pleased to accept this. I'll be wearing it at breakfast'? 
22. 39-year-old mother Andria Zafirakou from London won £700,000 ($1million) after being voted the best what in the world?
23. Which High Street chain announced it will shut 60 stores and cut 980 jobs as part of a restructuring plan?
24. Sudan, a 45-year-old animal that was put down in a Kenyan wildlife reserve, was the last male of what subspecies in the world?
25. Why were husband and wife John and Sarah Lund in the headlines?

Answers here

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