Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Examiner wins Premier award for football

Spent the last ten days working on the Irish Examiner's end of season Full Time football supplement which is published today. It's 56 pages of quality writing, analysis, great photography and plenty of humour. Every Premiership club has a page dedicated to its performance with stats and speculation about next year. There are pages on the SPL, the funniest quotes, the best and worst moments, the top 20 goals, the pictures of the season and some first class graphics by my colleagues Paul Wick and Mike Brough. It's a real commitment to sport from the Examiner, by far surpassing anything on this side of the water. And the bonus is, after promotion, I get my job back as Newcastle United correspondent. It would undoubtedly sell as a stand-alone magazine ... but is free with today's paper. Little wonder Irish people still buy newspapers.


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