Sunday, 29 August 2010

Page-turners keep rolling in

The novels based on newspapers continue to roll in and the list is now updated. Revel Barker, who republishes the excellent Waterhouse on style this Friday (see my last entry), has drawn my attention to his very useful Books About Journalism website. Although not all novels, there are some real gems here including books by former Mirror greats Cassandra and Hugh Cudlipp. There are also regular reviews on Gentlemen Ranters which bills itself as the last pub in Fleet Street and is certainly worth a visit. On the novels front, Craig Lewis recommends According to Bella by Milton Keynes Citizen journalist Sally Murrer and Philip Young asks how I could have missed the Accidental Time Traveller by my former Northern Echo colleague Sharon Griffiths. He cites his favourite as My Turn To Make The Tea by Monica Dickens which is reviewed on his blog Scoop! Journalists in Fiction. Looks like next summer's reading is well and truly sorted.

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