Thursday, 2 September 2010

Try your hand at this week's news quiz

Delivered a newsquiz to the Daily Mail trainees at the end of today's session. Bit of fun but the serious side is to ensure they read newspapers in detail, not just as scanners. Scratch cards to Lydia Warren and Laurie Whitwell who were top, each with 14 out of 21. Try it - no cheating - and see if you can beat them!

1. Who are the publishers of Tony Blair's book A Journey?
2. What was the name of Blair's constituency throughout his entire time in parliament?
3. Which former footballer's son-in-law was killed by standing on a sea urchin.
4. Spell Willam Hague's wife's name.
5. What is Paul McKenna interested in buying? 
6. Why was St Endellion in the news?
7. Who is the Works and Pensions Secretary?
8. Name the Irish Taoiseach.
9. James Harding edits which national newspaper?
10. Why was the owner of non-league football club Croydon FC in the news? 
For a bonus ... name him.
11. Julie Burchill writes for which national newspaper?
12. Which model car has been recalled after bursting into flames? 
13. Michael Douglas has cancer of the what?  
14. What is the name of Ben Collins' book that seeks to reveal the name of the Stig? 
15. How old is Elisany Silva, the Indian girl who has reached a height of 6ft 9?
16. Which newspaper this week threw its weight behind David Miliband in the Labour leadership contest? 
17. J.K. Rowling gave £10m to research into which disease? 
18. Who is Wendy Chapman ... and why was she in the news?
19. Which desert are the 33 Chilean miners trapped under? 
20. Two dozen cars were burnt out in a carpark. Where?

The answers.

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