Saturday, 18 September 2010

Busy trainees still read the papers. Do you?

Mail trainees Jennie Agg, Alex Richman and 
Dawn Wheatley studying the papers in detail
 outside the Manor in Howden

Anna Croall, Ben Winstanley and Fiona Roberts 
analyse the Mail's news agenda 

Trainers Mike Watson and Andy Drinkwater with Telegraph trainees Donna Bowater, Emily Gosden, Raf Sanchez, Josie Ensor, Sarah Rainey and Matthew Holehouse

Busy week in Howden with appearances by Daily Mirror editor Richard Wallace and Daily Telegraph digital editor Ed Roussel. Ed gave both Telegraph and Mail trainees an overview of the changing media landscape and told them in the digital age they would be their own brands - something they should carry with them throughout their careers. An intense week of subbing for the Mail trainees. We finished the week, as usual, with a newsquiz to make sure they are all reading the papers in detail. Congratulations to the Telegraph's Donna Bowater with 15.5 and Jennie Agg, top Mail trainee, with 14. See if you can do better. 


1. Which loyalist paramilitary leader was shot dead through negligence - and not through collusion between the state and Republican gunmen?
2. What was the name of the shop that George Michael ploughed into in Hampstead while spaced out on cannabis?
3. The Chairman of the BBC Trust and the BBC 1 Controller both resigned this week. A point for each of their names. 
4. Who is Tony McGuirk and why did he make the headlines?
5. Why was Eileen Nearne in the news? 
6. Lady Gaga dressed up in raw meat for which event?
7. Who is the Justice Secretary ?
8. The Pope is visiting Britain ... add the Roman numerals, that come after his name, to his age and give the total. (One trainee gave the answer in Roman numerals .. impressive).
9. Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre will be pleased to see the back of this man when he leaves office at the end of the month. Dacre described him as 'arrogant' and 'amoral'. He was also accused of using the Human Rights act to to create a "privacy law by the back door." Who is he?
10. A 33-year-old mother was given a suspended six-month sentence for allowing her dogs to starve and neglecting her two children, because she was obsessed with which online game?
11. Which famous tourist attraction was evacuated this week?
12. Which Silicon Valley based service had its first revamp in four years?
13. Oprah Winfrey is celebrating her last show by taking her entire audience where?
14. Bill Clinton presented Tony Blair with which award?
15. How much has PC David Rathband, a victim of Raoul Moat, been awarded as his weekly mobility allowance?
16. Jamie Oliver has finally produced a son and heir. What is his full name?
17. Three women executives are suing which bank, claiming they were forced out of their jobs by a boys' club culture of sex discrimination? 
18. Who is the current longest-serving editor of a British national newspaper (both daily and Sunday)?
19. What disease is to be tackled by a proposed cull of 5,000 badgers?
20. Who was Peter Connelly better known as?
21. What is the name of the hairdressers on the corner by the Manor House in Howden (I appreciate this is pretty tough if you have never been to Howden).


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