Saturday, 27 November 2010

Something for your wall ...

... a splendid typography poster from This is an old but good list too, showing the most popular ten typeface families used by American newspapers. The list isn't too different from those in UK newspapers - Franklin, Helvetica, Utopia, Times, Nimrod, Interstate. But the top US family, Poynter, is barely used in the UK, which is a shame. The family was designed 13 years ago by the Poynter Institute after consulting the newspapers themselves. It is designed specifically for newspapers - robust, readable and distinctive - with a complimentary range of sans and serif. I guess it's unlikely in the current climate that newspaper managements will be looking to buy in new fonts - in fact some groups are purging their systems of excess fonts. But even if you are not looking to buy in new fonts, take a detailed look at your current fonts list. There are a lot more usable faces than Helvetica, Century and Times. 
Poynter Old Style Text

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