Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sports reporters - don't you just love 'em

Bob Cass - radio star
I enjoyed this piece by former Sunday People journalist Harold Heys on the Gentleman Ranter's web site.
He has some great anecdotes about old sports reporters including the North-East legend that is Bob Cass. Harold writes:
Bob Cass left the Mirror Manchester subs table to become a sports reporter on The Journal and was invited to do a report on the Sunderland match for BBC Radio Newcastle. Just before the game got under way the studio linkman cut to Bob. ‘And what’s the weather like at Roker Park, Bob?’ All fairly straightforward, you might think. Except that Bob, new to all this radio stuff, thought the chap was just calling for a chat. 'It’s fuckin’ pissin’ down,’ he said. 
More Cass…: when Sunderland played Newcastle the studio man said: ‘And now, let's see what's happening in the big North East derby. At Roker Park… Bob Cass.’
Bob: ‘Thirty minutes in and still goalless as Tommy Cassidy… 35 yards out…(Pause) … It's a long way out if that's what yer thinkin', bonny lad… (Pause)… Fer fuck's seark. It's gan in!’
Sports reporters. You have to love ’em 
Great stuff. Hat tip to George Dearsley

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