Sunday, 13 March 2011

Stunning reporting of tsunami

The reporting of the Japanese tsunami has reached new levels. A mix of live footage, social media, Skype, interactive graphics and, of course, old-fashioned print has told the story of the unfolding disaster like never before. Some of the most stunning treatments include this graphic in The New York Times which uses Flash and amazing photographs to put it all into a geographical context. ABC News in Australia has adopted the JQuery plug-in to show before and after aerial pictures. This simple but hugely effective software was used by to tell the before and after story of the Christchurch earthquake. The Guardian has kept on top of the story well with graphics, blogs and a collection of astonishing videos. And this amateur video shows what it was like to be in the thick of it. In print, I was impressed by the Mail on Sunday's picture essay today. And here are 18 of the strongest front pages with comments by American graphics designer @charlesapple. Meanwhile Fonts Aid V is being organised by Typophile to raise money for the victims of the disaster. They are looking for type-based ideas. Fonts Aid IV raised money with an ampersand project for Haiti. If anything else catches your eye, please let me know.


  1. Great pull-together Peter. Have sent it on to Megan to show at her school in Oita

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