Thursday, 14 July 2011

Forget the news ... let's write about romance

Back to this summer's topic ... drop intros. I have examples of good ones, bad ones and ones that just miss the mark. But I have never seen one quite like this before. I initially thought it was terrible but have concluded it is genius. You might have been tempted to write that 'A jilted boyfriend armed with a knife threatened to kill himself by jumping from a block of flats ..." But that is so yesterday, so News of the World, so easy. This story, from the Cannock Chase Post, is about unrequited love. And for all of you who doubt its brilliance, ask yourself what is the test of a great intro? To make the reader read on. I defy you not to. 
Hat-tip to Mike Lowe and Joanne Goodwin    


  1. But when you read on, you get a par that begins "such were the scenes". Ouch.

  2. That is GENIUS. No other word for it.