Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday tabloids looking sharper

After last week's lukewarm reaction to the Sun on Sunday, the popular titles seem to fare much better with their front pages this week. The SoS is a little more like the NOTW with a world exclusive on Whitney Houston's affair with Jermaine Jackson. You can read it on its website and Mail Online has also put the tale up here. Inside the SoS has an interview with MPs Eric Joyce's teenage girlfriend, a classic QTWTAIN asking if Hitler lived until old age in Argentina and a woman who is in love with the Statue of Liberty. The token-collect blurb for free Alton Towers tickets should be enough to persuade many to part with their 50p.
The Mail on Sunday has a picture guaranteed to raise the hackles of many of its readers - the Libyans smashing up the graves of British World War II soldiers. How ungrateful can they be? Strong blurbs too. A far more appealing front than last week's interview with bruised MP Stuart Andrew.
The Sunday Mirror's two showbiz exclusives cover both ends of the popular music spectrum. The man who broke Adele's heart (maybe) and Bee Gee Robin Gibb in remission. Much more interesting (to me at least) than the ubiquitous Kerry Katona seeking yet more publicity which the paper splashed last week. The 'Pack your Baggies' headline on the seemingly doomed Chelsea manager made me smile. 
I was ticked off by @MattChorley for not mentioning the IoS last week (not really at the popular end was my argument) so here it is. It's International Women's Day on Thursday so the Indie has carried out an investigation on the best and worst places in the world to be a woman. Good piece of forward planning ... and it sounds like a must read. Can't say I'm that fussed about the Jason Donovan story or Bill Granger telling me to eat my greens, but that's probably just me. 
Whatever I pick up at the newsagents though, the Sunday Times will be a must. The first person account on how Paul Conroy escaped from Homs could well be the best read of the day. 
Thanks, as always, to @suttonnick.

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