Monday, 27 February 2012

Shop not open till later - shock

Here is a cracking non-story from the Mid Sussex Times to add to our growing list. Apparently early morning shoppers who turned up at Boots in Hayward Heath today found the shop hadn't opened. There was a note on the door saying there was no pharmacist available and the store would open as soon as a locum arrived. What we really want to know, of course, is what misfortune has befallen the chemist. Meanwhile I have just realised the shop in my village had a note on the door today saying 'Gone for lunch, back in 30 minutes'. What a missed opportunity. I'm just off to take a picture and call the newsdesk ...  
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Hat-tip to Daily Mail City reporter @Petercampbell1 for this.

Since I posted this, former Telegraph crime correspondent @richdjedwards has sent me this picture. He says he popped into his bank at Clifton and spotted this sign. He is now awaiting a commission from the Bristol Evening Post ... 

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  1. This seems the perfect cover for a bank job. No one is suspicious about the bank being closed, the thieves clean out the vault and have even told people when the crime will be completed by.