Saturday, 28 April 2012

Spot the editor

This old Northcliffe football team picture, supplied by the Oxford Mail's Simon O'Neill,  features no fewer than eight current or recent regional editorial executives. I remember them playing The Northern Echo side while on tour ... and, boy, were they brutal. The only team our side ever refused to drink with afterwards. See how many you can name. Answers here. 


  1. Peter - that's the Derby Telegraph team from the early 90s ... and we weren't brutal. We just liked to win. Which we often did. Modesty forbids me from saying who scored the goal in the 1-0 win against the Northern Echo that day, but I do remember it involved nutmegging John Dean who was playing in goal for you. The same tour made it to the Dog column in Press Gazette after a particularly fractious game against the Hull Daily Mail erupted when, it was claimed, a young sub editor from Hull (now an editor) bit the then editor of the Telegraph, Mike Lowe. Ah, those were the days ... when a newspaper had enough staff to field an 11-a-side team!

  2. It was indeed the Derby Evening Telegraph. So many talented people passed through there that it was a veritable editor factory. Apart from those in the picture, there were at least half a dozen more who made it to the top. Happy days!