Thursday, 24 January 2013

Newspaper bills: the good and not so good

Here's an interesting location for this Jessops bill from the Leicester Mercury ... right outside the Jessops store. It certainly reinforces the relevance of the story. This is just one of several examples that have been sent my way following my pieces on the art of newspaper bill writing (here and here). Some are good, some not so. 

This one from the Hackney Gazette perfectly demonstrates the danger in leaving old bills behind the new ones. Unfortunate - not least for the unluckiest man in London.

The sole purpose of the bill is, of course, to make the reader pick up the paper - so you be the judge as to whether these ones work. 

There are certainly some here that would tease the reader to buy. If you have any bills that have worked (or didn't), please let me have them on

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