Thursday, 7 February 2013

Newsquiz is back. Kieran and Lizzie's 12 to beat

I have been in Northcliffe House all week working with trainee journalists on Mail Online. The trainees have had an intense week with talks from Quentin Letts, chief reporter David Williams, senior reporter Christian Gysin, business correspondent Becky Barrow, video journalist Melanie Edgar, Online night editor Elizabeth Hammond and former trainees, now established seniors, Ben Bailey and Peter Campbell. There were also forensic copy and headline sessions and a newsroom tour. They managed a brief break when they met former trainees in the Greyhound for drinks on Tuesday evening. For the next three weeks they are at PA's Howden training centre and then off for their regional newspaper placements. Tomorrow they are out finding exclusive stories so we finished today with the news quiz, just to ensure everyone is reading the paper and the website. Congratulations to Kieran Corcoran and Lizzie Edmonds who were joint top with 12 out of 22, narrowly pipping Wills Robinson with 11. I expect to see a higher set of scores next week. If you think you can do better … here are the questions. 

Chris Huhne (Q1-3)
 Richard III (Q4)
1. Chris Huhne has been the big story of the week but what constituency did he represent?
2. What motorway was Huhne travelling on when clocked for speeding?
3. And what position did Huhne most recently hold in the Cabinet?
4. Richard III died in which battle in 1485? And for a bonus, Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain, is used to remember the colours of the rainbow. What is the word that defines this type of learning aid?
5. How many MPs voted in favour of the introduction of gay marriage? And for a bonus, how many Tory MPs voted against?
6. Who scored England's goals in the 2-1 victory against Brazil?
7. Dale Cregan, charged with the murder of PCs Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone, appeared in which court?
8. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, watching television for more than three hours a day causes what to be cut in half?
9. Who won the Super Bowl?
10. Staff from which company tweeted: “We're all being fired! Exciting!!”?
11. From which year must all dogs be microchipped in England?
12. Which troubled celebrity flew to Phoenix, Arizona?
13. Who posed as a 'caller from Islington' during a phone-in to Nick Clegg?
14. Which kitchen item has been listed as the 'biggest dust gatherer' in a top 10 unused kitchen gadget list compiled by Direct Line?
15. Which Dragon has quit the Den?
16. What did Liberty Global buy?
17. Who or what was fined £390m for 'widespread misconduct'?
18. The Education Secretary Michael Gove announced a U-turn on replacing GCSEs with EBCs. Spell the word that the B stands for.
19. Sir David Nicholson was in the headlines. What is his job title?
20. A cat is to replace which 'token' in Monopoly? 


  1. The top score was 11 out of 10? That's pathetic. Have your students actually been reading any papers (or websites) this week? No wonder you expect to see higher scores next week. I was disappointed to get only 18

  2. To be fair, 11 out of 10 is pretty good...