Sunday, 24 February 2013

Capturing Swansea's glory in print

What an amazing day for Swansea. The journalists at the South Wales Evening Post were certainly among those who had a fantastic time - some of them at Wembley and some making sure the paper reflected the passion and joy of the city. Not only did Swansea FC win their first major trophy but they broke the record for the biggest scoreline in League Cup history. Well done to all concerned including designers Emma Bryant, Si├ón David and Mat Davies and photographer Rob Melen. Above is the front page and below are a couple of others. Hopefully the paper will sell like hot cakes tomorrow.
The Western Mail also inevitably splashed on the Swansea victory and most of the nationals led their back pages and sports sections on the 5-0 victory over Bradford. Here's a selection.

I am delighted that another team in black and white won today ... and scored four goals for the first time this season. It was a cracking day on Tyneside where Newcastle not only beat Southampton 4-2, and moved ahead of Sunderland, but also celebrated the influx of French players. Blaydon Races was sang in French, La Marseillaise was played and can-can girls graced the pitch. 

The Newcastle Journal certainly entered into the spirit, changing its name to Le Journal for the day and asking French midfielder Yohan Cabeye to edit the paper. Just to add the icing on the gateau ... Cabeye scored Newcastle's third goal. Great stuff.  


  1. "Not only did Swansea win their first major trophy," this isn't quite correct Peter.
    Swansea have won 10 Welsh Cups, the League Cup is Swansea's first major English trophy.
    It's disappointing how badly this has been reported but I certainly hope neither of the Welsh papers have got this wrong.
    Twm, Cardiff

  2. Can the Welsh Cup really be called a "major trophy" when it has been won by such luminaries as "South Liverpool" (how does Liverpool qualify as Wales?), and "Oswestry White Stars" from a place that the last time I looked was also in England.

  3. George,

    Can the (English)FA Cup really be called a "major trophy" when it has been won by such luminaries as "Clapham Rovers" (and how did Edinburgh side Queen's Park even qualify as England?), and "Cardiff City" from a place that the last time I looked was in Wales (and not England).

    Twm, Cardiff

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