Friday, 15 February 2013

This week's news quiz. Kieran's 13 to beat

The Mail Online trainees had a good week. They spent Monday with publisher Martin Clarke at Northcliffe House who gave them an insight into the way Mail Online works and what will be expected of them. The eight trainees then took the long journey up to PA's training headquarters in Howden. They settled into their temporary homes, braved heavy snow and concentrated on writing stories, captions and headlines in Mail style. Today they have been talking features with Fiona Webster.
As usual we finished the week with the news quiz. Kieran Corcoran won the scratch card again with 13 points out of a possible 23. Mia de Graaf was second with 11. See if you can do any better. 

Benedict XVI (Q1)

1. Pope Benedict XVI has announced his resignation. What was his pre-papal name? For a bonus, the last Pope to resign before Benedict XVI was Gregory XII. In what year?
2. Why was Marine Kimberley Sherri Ponting in the headlines?
3. Which Italian magazine published beach photos of William and Kate?
4. Three people, including the parents, are facing charges of the manslaughter of the six Philpott children. At which court is the trial taking place?
5. There was major disruption to train travel in South Yorkshire due to a landslip from which mine?
6. Why has Denny Dolan been in the headlines?
7. Antony Jenkins has announced job losses of around 3,700 at which company this week?
8. Which two teams are in the Super Six final this weekend (half a point for each)?
9. Who is giving away a £15,000 diamond to a newspaper's online readers?
10. Oscar Pistorius has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend. In the summer, he complained about the length of whose blades when he was beaten in the Paralympic 200m final? For a bonus, name Pistorius's girlfriend who died.
11. It's 20 years since the murder of Jamie Bulger ... from which shopping centre in Liverpool was he abducted?
12. Name the painkiller that has been found in horses slaughtered in the UK. You get an extra point if you can spell the full name of the drug correctly.
13. The editor of the Independent on Sunday is to leave after it was announced that the daily and Sunday papers are to merge. What is his name? 
14. In a poll organised by Love Film, Love Actually was voted the most romantic movie. Which film was second? 
15. Who tweeted: 'A bit worried about Home Secretary, she is looking a bit thin these days. A new diet or pressure of work?’
16. The outgoing Governor of the Bank Of England has accused the Government of scoring an own goal over green taxes and tuition fees. Who is he? 
17. How many British teams are left in the Champions League?
18. Ed Miliband wants to introduce a mansion tax on homes valued above what amount?
19. Choirmaster Michael Brewer was convicted of abusing a violinist at which school?
20. The actor who plays Coronation Street's Kevin Webster has been charged with 19 child sex offences. What is his real name?

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