Saturday, 23 February 2013

Newsquiz: Kieran and Mia's 14 to beat

The Mail Online trainees have had a break from me this week as I have been in Bristol interviewing for Local World and then attending its Future Fit conference. Instead they have had sessions at PA Training's Manor in Howden from Mike Watson, David Banks and Fiona Webster. As usual they finished the week with the newsquiz and I am pleased to say the top scores are slowly getting better. This week Kieran Corcoron and Mia de Graaf shared top spot with 14 points each. It's the third consecutive week that Kieran has had the highest score, so well done to him. The rest will need to up their game if they are to prevent him from achieving a clean sweep and winning the overall prize next week. The trainees on the Press Association foundation course in Newcastle also had a crack at this week's quiz and Martin Flynn was top with 13. Reckon you can do better? There are 23 points up for grabs this week.  
A barefoot David Cameron ... but where was he? (Q7)
Photo by the Press Association
1. A Surrey newspaper ran the headline 'Surbiton's most famous fictional resident dies' this week. To whom did it refer?
2. Who caused a disturbance when she spoke at the Cambridge Union Debating Society?
3. Coronation Street actress Catherine Tyldesley received 'a lot of stick' on Twitter after donating her £10,000 Family Fortunes' prize to a charity that supports the families of prisoners. What is it called?
4. David Cameron revealed he had been ticked off by his wife over the shortage of women in the Cabinet. There are four. Theresa May is the Home Secretary and Maria Miller is the Cuture Secretary but, for a point each, name the other two.
5. Reeva Steenkamp's funeral was held in which South African City?
6. Hilary Mantel made her controversial remarks about the Duchess of Cambridge at the London Review of Books Lecture. Where was it held?
7. David Cameron went barefoot and expressed remorse for the massacre of hundreds of Indians at the Golden Temple in which city?
8. Who won best British Female Solo Artist at the Brits? And for a bonus who won best International Female Solo Artist?
9. Who designed this year's Brit award trophy?
10. The 4G auction raised £2.34bn for the Treasury, which was less than forecast.  How much was it hoping to raise?
11. Michael Jackson's son appeared as a presenter/correspondent on which US show?
12. What is Kelly Hoppen's new role?
13. When does the Eastleigh by-election, to find a replacement for Chris Huhne, take place?
14. The jury in the Vicky Pryce trial sent the judge three diferent notes containing a total of how many questions? For a bonus what was the breakdown of men and women on the jury?
15. What was the name of the British pub in Lyon where two Spurs fans were attacked?
16. Where will former Australian captain Ricky Ponting play cricket this coming season?
17. Which country was Prince Philip referring to when he told a nurse 'your country must be half empty'?
18. Three would-be suicide bombers who plotted 'murder on a horrendous scale' were found guilty at which court?
19. Prince Harry made the front pages hugging his girlfriend during a skiing holiday in Verbier. What is her name?
20. Former Tory party chairman Lord McAlpine is to drop his defamation claims against Tweeters who have fewer than how many followers?

Answers here 

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