Saturday, 1 March 2014

No butts ... back pages giving me a headache

I'm afraid there is only one story dominating the back pages tomorrow. Newcastle win away 4-1, the first time in six years that they have scored four away goals in the Premier League, and it barely warrants a mention. As a Newcastle supporter for more than 50 years I am no longer shocked by anything the club does. But at least it gave the headline writers some fun. I have to say the Express's 'No butts: Pards must leave' is the pick of the bunch. I quite like 'Pard nut' too. Tonight the club issued a statement that said Pardew would be fined £100,000 and it was drawing a line under the matter. It was a bit of a fuss about nothing really, handbags in the heat of the moment. That said, as someone who ran a kids' football club for 18 years, I despair at a 52-year-old manager behaving like a petulant schoolboy. Anyway, there wasn't much to laugh at in all of this ... except maybe Jeff Stelling's reaction on Gillette Soccer Saturday. Watch it here


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