Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The old subs room: Pipes, spikes and cardigans

My old colleague, Ted Young, posted this picture of The (Manchester) Guardian subs room from the 1950s on Twitter yesterday. It shows his late father, Eric, top left with the chief sub (Katz?) looking over his shoulder. I joined my first daily subs room in the 1970s and it didn't really look much different from that. As Ted, now digital editor of the New York Daily News, says: "I love the pipes, pots of glue, spikes, different colour paper for foreign wires and, of course, cardigans." It's all a far cry from what remains of the subs rooms of today of course. If anyone has any other old newsroom pictures, please share them. 
Footnote: If newsroom nostalgia is your thing, take a look at this ... modern journalism students having a crack at producing a paper without technology.

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