Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas is over ... back to the newsquiz

It may be Christmas ... but there has still been a lot going on in the world. So, in between the shopping and eating, did you manage to keep up with the news? Test yourself with this week's newsquiz - as usual there are 20 questions, with five bonuses, so 25 points up for grabs. The highest submitted scores last week were by media law specialist David Banks and my old Northern Echo colleague Adam Batstone - both registering an impressive 17. A special mention to my friends from the Plough. After I publicly ticked them off for an average of 12 points over the last few weeks they raised their game with a collective 21 last week. There were six of them - but still not bad. Let me know how you get on. 

The Queen on the front of the Daily Telegraph (Q17)
1. She played the nanny in the Omen and Violet in the Krays. Who was she?
2. The Apprentice was won by Mark Wright for his digital marketing idea - what name did he give it?

Bonus: Nick Hewer quit The Apprentice after ten years. How old is he?
3. Cars were driven into pedestrians in Dijon and Nantes by drivers allegedly shouting Allahu Akbar. What is the English translation of the phrase?
Bonus: The French Prime Minister said there were no links between the attacks. Who is the French PM?
4. Singer Joe Cocker, who died this week, was born in which city?

Bonus: Cocker topped the UK charts in 1968 with which Beatles’ song?
5. The Beckham family, Ed Sheeran and David Walliams all attended an event in Windsor. What was it?
6. Burnley FC planned a minute's applause for former player Clarke Carlisle who is in hospital after being hit by a lorry. Name any other team he played for.
7. Where did former president George Bush (senior) spend Christmas?
8. In which Glasgow square were six people killed by a runaway bin lorry?
Bonus: What did thousands of people do at 9pm on Christmas Eve in memory of the victims?
9. Which high street company saw its shares slump by 25 per cent after it warned investors that annual profits will fall this year?
10. Footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic was upset at being second in the list of all-time sporting Swedes. Who was first?
11. According to a team of doctors at Harvard Medical School doing what in bed is likely to damage your sleeping and your health?
12. Sony Pictures' co-chairman Amy Pascal said she would like actor Idris Elba to play which role?
13. Islamic militants claimed to have shot down a fighter plane over Syria and captured the pilot. Which country did the plane belong to?
14. TV chef Lorraine Pascale is to become the Government's first what?
15. Police appealed to the public to return millions of banknotes taken after they were strewn over the road when a van carrying the cash crashed. Where?
16. The son of which singer was injured in a car crash in Shropshire?
17. In her Christmas Day speech the Queen said the only possible reaction to seeing something was to walk in silence. What was she referring to?
Bonus: Whose Christmas Day sermon was not delivered verbally but only released as a statement? 
18. Why was Antonio Martin in the headlines?
19. Which UK delivery company called in the administrators on Christmas Eve after 'years of substantial losses’?
20. What did no Premier League club do before Christmas for the first time since 1995/96?

Answers here 

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