Friday, 5 December 2014

Time for the newsquiz ...

Been keeping up with the news this week? Then why not test yourself with the newsquiz. Last week quiz-demon Lydia Willgress, who won the Champagne as overall MailOnline quiz winner on the training course I ran in October, submitted the top score with a very impressive 18. I reckon this week 15 out of 25 will be a good score. Let me know how you get on.

George Osborne's Autumn Statement as reported by The Guardian (Question 1)

1. In the Autumn Statement Chancellor George Osborne raised the Personal Tax Allowance to how much?
Bonus: What will be scrapped for under 12s next year and under 16s the year after?
2. Jeremy Thorpe, former leader of the Liberal Party, died this week after battling which disease for three decades?
Bonus: Thorpe resigned as Liberal leader in 1976. Jo Grimond briefly took control of the party as acting leader but who succeeded him?
3. Speaking in an HIV campaign video Prince Harry revealed one of his biggest fears. What did he say made him ‘ridiculously’ nervous? 
4. Which father and son walked away practically unhurt when their Audi A6 was in a collision in Hertfordshire? (half point for each name)
5. The new James Bond movie was announced this week … what is it to be called?
Bonus: Which role will Ralph Fiennes play in the film?
6. Paedophile paediatrician Myles Bradbury was jailed for 22 years for the sexual abuse of boy patients. At which hospital was he working?
7. Gordon Brown announced his retirement from Parliament this week after serving how many years as an MP? 
Bonus: He was the longest serving Chancellor of the Exchequer since William Gladstone. For how many years did Brown hold the position?
8. Why was Stephanie Roche in the headlines? 
9. Chief executive Mark Fox implied it was unlikely his company would pay normal tax in Britain for the next three years. Which company?
10. A survey revealed that, despite a Government pledge that bins would be emptied once a week, households on average have their rubbish cleared how often?
11. The owner of which football club was asked to resign after he was found to have breached the Football League’s  ‘fit and proper’ ownership test? 
12. Madonna hit the headlines by posing topless in a magazine. How old is Madonna?
13. What, according to Stephen Hawking, could spell the end of the human race?
Bonus: What do scientists, including Richard Dawkins and Brian Cox, believe could wipe out the human race?
14. Former policeman James Glanville said ‘he would do it all again’ even though he got the sack for it. What did he do?
15. Why did 50-year-old George Prior, from Los Angeles, put on two stones in a month?
16. What were the last words of 43-year-old Eric Garner?
17. Footballer Jimmy Bullard was the first camp-mate to be voted off I’m a Celebrity. Bullard played Premier League football for Hull City and two other teams. Name them (half point each)
18. The Court of Appeal ruled that a brain-damaged seven-year-old girl was not entitled to compensation because her mother’s ‘reckless’ behaviour was not a criminal offence. What did the mother do that was reckless but not criminal?
19. Why was Father Dennis Higgins branded ‘mean’ after his sermon at St Thomas More Catholic School in Buxton, Derbyshire?
20. Who was awarded the Plain English campaign’s annual Foot in Mouth award for talking gobbledygook?

Answers here

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