Friday, 9 January 2015

Test yourself with this week's news quiz

Last week everyone was so partied out that there were no newsquiz scores worth mentioning. Tsk, tsk, Since then, we have had another grim news week with one horrific story dominating. Dark days. It has not been easy viewing or reading this week ... but here's the quiz anyway. As usual there are 20 questions, with five bonuses, so 25 points in all. Let me know how you get on.

The Independent's front page on the Charlie Hebdo atrocities (Q1)
1. What was the name of the murdered editor of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo?
Bonus: What does Hebdo mean?
Bonus: Who was branded a moron after tweeting: 'If the people so violently shot down in Paris had guns, at least they would have had a fighting chance'?
2. On the same day as the Paris attack a suicide bomber killed 33 police cadets by driving a minibus packed with explosives into a police academy in which country?

3. Verlin Rainwater Solutions and Nando’s threatened to withdraw their support from what?
4. Ed Miliband said: 'We will win this election, not by buying up thousands of poster sites, but by having millions of ...' What?
Bonus: The Conservatives launched a poster featuring a road to recovery. Where was the original photograph of the road believed to have been taken?
5. What was the dominant colour at the third day of the Australia v India test match in Sydney?
6. Tesco announced plans to close how many unprofitable stores?
7. Northern General Hospital in Sheffield asked which charity to operate two ambulances amid 'unprecedented pressure’ in its A&E department?
Bonus: Labour's shadow health secretary said a co-ordinated plan was urgently needed to address a 'rapidly deteriorating position in the NHS’. Who is the shadow health secretary?
8. What did Virginia Roberts say happened to her 13 years ago?
9. What happened to Hoegh Osaka?
10. Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has signed an 18-month contract with which football club?
11. Accusations of rape against the Tory MP for Wrekin were dropped as there was ‘insufficient evidence’. Name him.
12. Which country’s elections, which saw armed policemen at every polling station, resulted in a surprise change of president?
13. Aldi withdrew Choceur Treasures after what was found in a batch of chocolate bars?
14. Thousands of passengers faced delays at which airport after people arriving on a Ryanair flight went through an exit door which was 'left open in error'?
15. What will traffic police in Manila be required to wear when the Pope visits the Philippines next week? 
16. Ray McFall died this week. Which famous music venue did he once own?
17. Why was Elliott Spencer in the headlines? 
18. Gary Anderson became World Champion at what?
19. What was 14-year-old Ben Azarya given by a man he helped on a train in Cumbria?
20. Why did 16-year-old Adam Greenwood tweet to Virgin Trains while he was travelling from Euston to Glasgow?

Answers here

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