Friday, 16 January 2015

Try your hand at this week's newsquiz

Last week’s top submitted score was a modest 14 by Charlie Taverner. Here’s this week’s newsquiz - as usual there are 25 points up for grabs. Let me know how you get on.

Today's Daily Mirror on the Belgian shootout (see Question 1)

1. What were the three words above the image on the front cover of this week’s Charlie Hebdo magazine?
Bonus: Name the French comedian who has been charged with glorifying terrorism after making a Facebook comment on the Charlie Hebdo attacks?
Bonus: Two suspected jihadists were killed in an anti-terror operation in which Belgian town?
2. On a visit to the Philippines Pope Francis, arguing that freedom of expression had its limits, said if someone said curse words against __ __ he could expect a punch. What are the missing two words?
3. Why were the neighbouring towns of Doro Baga and Baga in the headlines?
4. What is the name of the Pub Landlord’s party that declared it will stand in South Thanet?
Bonus: In his manifesto the Pub Landlord promised to do what to the Channel Tunnel?
5. Liverpudlian Matthew Doherty started a petition to complain about changes to the recipe for what?
6. According to researchers at Cambridge University, doing what every day could cut the risk of premature death by a third?
7. A man wielding a machete attacked a shopper in a Tesco supermarket in which town?
8. Who was caught on CCTV having an altercation with a man in a back street in Hampstead?
9. A car, loaded with gas canisters, was driven into the offices of which council?
10. Which currency soared by up to 30 per cent after the cap on its value against the Euro was abandoned?
11. The Oscar nominations were announced this week. Two films shared the most nominations, nine each. One was The Grand Budapest Hotel. What was the other?
Bonus: Which actress has been nominated for her 19th acting Oscar (best supporting actress for Into The Woods) breaking her own Academy Awards record?
12. Which football club sacked its European scout Torben Aakjaer for ‘offensive' posts on Facebook?
13. Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell scaled the Dawn Wall on El Capitan peak in which American national park?
14. Which author was taken to hospital after suffering a stroke?
15. The Education Secretary said children must learn to be bored and entertain themselves. Who is the Education Secretary?
16. Who said: 'It was banter in an odd situation, but I understand entirely I've upset a lot of people from everywhere in the world... I am not a racist. Never have been.’?
17. Snooker player Ronnie O'Sullivan scored his 776th career century to break whose all-time record?
18. Teacher Stuart Kerner was found guilty of sexual activity with a 16-year-old pupil. What sentence was he given?
19. Former Premier League footballer David Ginola announced his intention to stand for which position?
20. The European Court of Human Rights rejected a complaint over an article which accused who of being 'bloodthirsty cannibal'?

Answers here

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